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H.R. 85 (113th): To create the Office of Chief Financial Officer of the Government of the Virgin Islands, and for other purposes.

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Requires the Governor of the Virgin Islands to appoint a Chief Financial Officer, with the advice and consent of the Legislature of the Virgin Islands, from a list required by this Act. States that, if the Legislature has not confirmed a nominee within 90 days, the Governor shall appoint an Acting Chief Financial Officer until the Legislature consents to a Chief Financial Officer. Requires the Virgin Islands Chief Financial Officer Search Commission to appoint an Acting Chief Financial Officer from the list, until a Chief Financial Officer is appointed, if one has not been appointed within 180 days. Requires any Acting Chief Financial Officer serving in that capacity for 180 consecutive days to become the Chief Financial Officer.

Sets forth the Chief Financial Officer's duties.

Directs the Board of Elections of the Virgin Islands, as part of the regularly scheduled, islands-wide election in the Virgin Islands closest to the expiration of the fourth year of the five-year term of the Chief Financial Officer, to hold a referendum to determine whether the position of Chief Financial Officer shall be made a permanent part of the executive branch of the government of the Virgin Islands.

Establishes the Virgin Islands Chief Financial Officer Search Commission to recommend at least three candidates for the Chief Financial Officer position. Terminates the Commission upon the nomination and confirmation of the Chief Financial Officer.