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H.Res. 447 (113th): Supporting the democratic and European aspirations of the people of Ukraine, and their right to choose their own future free of intimidation and fear.

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2/10/2014--Passed House amended. Values the close relationship the United States has established with Ukraine.

Supports the democratic and European aspirations of the people of Ukraine.

Calls on the United States and the European Union (EU) to work together to support a peaceful resolution to the political crisis in Ukraine.

Condemns all acts of violence, and calls on the government of Ukraine to bring to justice those responsible for violence against peaceful protesters and to release and drop criminal charges against those detained for peacefully exercising their democratic rights.

Welcomes the repeal by the Ukrainian parliament of most of the anti-democratic measures adopted on January 16, 2014, and urges President Yanukovych to engage in substantive talks with opposition leaders and to take additional steps to de-escalate tensions.

Urges the United States and the EU to make clear to Ukraine's leaders that those who authorize or engage in violence against peaceful protesters will be held personally accountable.

Supports Department of State measures to revoke the visas of several Ukrainians linked to the violence and encourages the Administration to consider additional targeted sanctions against those who authorize or engage in the use of force.

Urges all parties to engage in constructive dialogue to find a peaceful solution to Ukraine's current political and economic crisis.