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S. 10 (113th): Agriculture Reform, Food, and Jobs Act of 2013

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The summary below was written by the Congressional Research Service, which is a nonpartisan division of the Library of Congress.

1/22/2013--Introduced. Agriculture Reform, Food, and Jobs Act of 2013 - Repeals, but continues for crop year 2013: (1) direct payments, (2) countercyclical payments, and (3) the average crop revenue election program (ACRE).

Establishes the agriculture risk coverage program through crop year 2018 for covered crops to make payments to producers for each planted crop when actual farm or county-wide crop revenue is below the agriculture risk coverage guarantee (89% of historical revenue).

Requires producers to choose individual or county coverage.

Authorizes: (1) nonrecourse marketing assistance loans, (2) loan deficiency payments, (3) payments in lieu of loan deficiency payments for grazed acreage, (4) programs for upland cotton and extra long staple cotton, (5) assistance for peanuts, (6) recourse loans for high moisture feed grains and seed cotton, and (7) programs for sugar and sugar beets.

Establishes a dairy production margin protection program under which participating dairy operations are paid: (1) basic production margin protection program payments when production margins are less than threshold levels, and (2) supplemental production margin protection program payments if purchased by a participating dairy operation.

Provides for a transition period under which the dairy production margin protection program and the milk income loss program shall both be in existence and producers may participate in either program.

Establishes a dairy market stabilization program to assist in balancing the supply of milk with demand when participating dairy operations are experiencing low or negative operating margins.

Terminates the production margin protection and stabilization programs on December 31, 2018.

Repeals: (1) the dairy products price support program, (2) the milk income loss contract program, and (3) the dairy export incentive program.

Extends: (1) the dairy indemnity program, (2) the dairy forward pricing program, and (3) the dairy promotion and research program.

Provides assistance for livestock losses caused by: (1) adverse weather or attacks by federally reintroduced animals, including wolves; and (2) drought or fire.

Provides assistance for orchardists and nursery tree growers for commercial losses caused by natural disasters.

Suspends permanent price supports for covered commodities, cotton, sugar, and milk through 2018.

Revises payment limitation provisions.

Extends the conservation reserve program and the farmable wetland program through FY2018.

Revises the conservation stewardship program.

Extends the environmental quality incentives program through FY2018.

Establishes the agricultural conservation easement program for the conservation of eligible land and natural resources through easements or other interests in land. (Combines the purposes and coordinates the functions of the wetlands reserve program, the grassland reserve program, and the farmland protection program.)

Extends through FY2018: (1) the conservation of private grazing land program, (2) the grass roots source water protection program, (3) the voluntary public access and habitat incentive program, and (4) the small watershed rehabilitation program.

Establishes a terminal lakes assistance program (in lieu of the desert lakes program) for the purchase of eligible land impacted by flooded or terminal lakes and their associated watershed or riparian resources.

Authorizes appropriations through FY2018 for: (1) the conservation reserve program, (2) the agricultural conservation easement program, (3) the conservation stewardship program, and (4) the environmental quality incentives program.

Repeals: (1) the conservation enhancement program, (2) the emergency forestry conservation reserve program, (3) the wetlands reserve program, (3) the farmland protection program, (4) the grassland reserve program, (5) the agricultural water enhancement program, (6) the wildlife habitat incentive program, (7) the Great Lakes Basin program, (8) the Chesapeake Bay watershed program, (9) the cooperative conservation partnership initiative, and (10) the environmental easement program.

Extends specified programs under the Food for Peace Act and the Agricultural Trade Act of 1978 through FY2018.

Extends through FY2018: (1) the food for progress program, (2) the Bill Emerson humanitarian trust, and (3) the McGovern-Dole international food for education and child nutrition program.

Establishes the Donald Payne Horn of Africa food resilience program.

Extends the supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP, formerly food stamps) through FY2018. Revises provisions regarding participant eligibility, retail stores, and food assistance security.

Extends through FY2018: (1) the food distribution program on Indian reservations, and (2) commodity purchases for emergency food assistance.

Extends through FY2018: (1) the commodity distribution program, (2) the commodity supplemental food program, (3) distribution of surplus commodities to special nutrition projects, (4) purchases of fresh fruit and vegetables for schools and service institutions, and (5) the senior farmers' market nutrition program.

Revises the hunger-free communities program.

Establishes the healthy food financing initiative.

Restructures agricultural credit program provisions under the Consolidated Farm and Rural Development Act.

Extends through FY2018: (1) guarantee authority for rural electrification or telephone bonds and notes, and (2) expansion of 911 access.

Extends the distance learning and telemedicine program through FY2018.

Establishes a rural energy savings plan to provide consumer loans to implement energy efficiency measures.

Extends the National Agricultural Research, Extension, Education, and Economics Advisory Board until September 30, 2018.

Establishes a grant program to develop and sustain veterinary services.

Authorizes appropriations for agricultural and food policy research centers.

Extends through FY2018: (1) grants and fellowships for food and agricultural sciences education, (2) education grants to Native Alaska Native Hawaiian serving institutions, (3) the nutrition education program, (4) animal health and disease research programs, (5) grants to upgrade agricultural and food sciences facilities at 1890 land-grant colleges, (6) grants for Hispanic-serving institutions, (7) grants for international agricultural science and education, and (8) assistance for extension, aquaculture, rangeland, and biosecurity programs.

Authorizes appropriations through FY2018 for: (1) sustainable agriculture technology, (2) the genetics resource program, (3) the agricultural weather information system, (3) high priority and organic agriculture research, (4) farm business management, and (5) assistive technology for farmers with disabilities.

Establishes a comprehensive food safety training network.

Authorizes the prioritization of regional centers of excellence for specialized agricultural commodities.

Authorizes appropriations through FY2018 for: (1) wheat disease research, (2) youth organizations, (3) specialty crop research, and (4) the Office of Pest Management Policy.

Authorizes appropriations through FY2018 for activities under the Critical Agricultural Materials Act.

Revises "1994 Institutions" (Equity in Educational Land-Grant Status Act of 1994) provisions.

Establishes four regional integrated pest management centers.

Authorizes appropriations through FY2018 for: (1) the Agricultural Biosecurity Communication Center and agricultural biosecurity grants and local capacity development, (2) activities under the National Aquaculture Act of 1990, (3) activities under the Renewable Resources Extension Act of 1978, and (4) the beginning farmer and rancher development program.

Extends the grazing lands research laboratory through September 30, 2018.

Revises budget submission and funding provisions under the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008.

Authorizes appropriations through FY2018 for: (1) the natural products research program, and (2) the sun grant program.

Establishes the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research.

Repeals: (1) the forest land enhancement program, (2) the watershed forestry assistance program, (3) the Hispanic-serving institution agricultural land leadership program, and (4) the tribal watershed forestry assistance program.

Authorizes appropriations through FY2018 for: (1) the forest stewardship program, (2) the forest legacy program, (3) the community forest and open space conservation program, (4) urban and community forestry assistance, (5) rural revitalization technologies, (6) the Office of International Forestry, (7) insect infestation treatment areas, and (8) the healthy forests reserve program.

Authorizes stewardship contracting projects with private persons or other public or private entities to perform land management services for national forests and public lands.

Authorizes appropriations through FY2018 for: (1) the biobased marketing program, (2) the bioenergy program for advanced biofuels, (3) the biodiesel fuel education program, (4) the rural energy for America program, (5) biomass research and development, (6) the feedstock flexibility program for bioenergy producers, (7) the biomass crop assistance program, and (8) the community wood energy program.

Repeals: (1) the forest biomass for energy program, and (2) the program encouraging biorefineries to replace fossil fuel operating systems with renewable biomass systems.

Authorizes appropriations through FY2018 for: (1) the specialty crop market news program, (2) the farmers market and local food promotion program, (3) organic production and market initiatives, (4) national organic program upgrades, (5) food safety initiatives, and (6) specialty crop block grants.

Repeals the specialty crop movement-to-market program.

Establishes the national clean plant network for pathogen elimination services.

Amends federal crop insurance provisions regarding: (1) a supplemental crop insurance coverage option; (2) catastrophic risk protection premiums; (3) enterprise units for irrigated and nonirrigated crops; (4) stacked income protection for upland cotton producers; (5) revenue crop insurance for peanuts; (6) administrative provisions; (7) research and development; (8) whole farm risk management insurance; (9) swine, poultry, and organic crop protection; (10) margin coverage for catfish; (11) a weather insurance pilot program; (12) beginning farmers and ranchers; (13) crop protection on native sod; and (15) income-based premium subsidy limits.

Authorizes appropriations through FY2018 for outreach and assistance for socially disadvantaged or veteran farmers and ranchers.

Establishes: (1) the wildlife reservoir zoonotic disease initiative, and (2) a program to improve the U.S. sheep industry.

Authorizes appropriations through FY2018 for: (1) the national aquatic animal health plan, and (2) the trichinae certification program.

Authorizes a feral swine eradication pilot program.

Establishes the position of Military Veterans Agricultural Liaison.

Authorizes appropriations through FY2018 for grants to improve agricultural labor force supply, stability, safety, and training.

Prohibits an individual from attending, or causing a minor to attend, an animal fight.