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S.Res. 151 (113th): A resolution urging the Government of Afghanistan to ensure transparent and credible presidential and provincial elections in April 2014 by adhering to internationally accepted democratic standards, establishing a transparent electoral process, and ensuring security for voters and candidates.

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7/9/2013--Passed Senate amended. Affirms that the electoral process in Afghanistan should be determined and led by Afghan actors, with support from the international community.

Supports credible, inclusive, and transparent presidential and provincial elections in April 2014.

Urges the government of Afghanistan to conduct the elections in full accordance with the Constitution of Afghanistan, to include maintaining the constitutionally-mandated allocation of seats for women's parliamentary participation.

Honors the sacrifice of U.S., coalition, and Afghan service members who have been killed or injured since October 2001 in defense of the democratic rights of the Afghan people.

Recognizes: (1) the substantial investment made by U.S. taxpayers in support of Afghanistan, (2) the commitment of the government of Afghanistan to hold presidential elections in 2014 and the current president's commitment not to seek a third term, and (3) that credible elections will safeguard the legitimacy of the next Afghan government and will help prevent future political violence.

Urges the government of Afghanistan to recognize the independence and impartiality of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC).

Urges the IEC to adopt measures to better mitigate fraud, include marginalized groups, and improve electoral transparency.

Urges continuing communication between the IEC and the Afghan National Security Forces to provide security for vulnerable areas of the country during the election period.

Urges the President to ensure that all U.S. government efforts in Afghanistan are well-coordinated and are fully consistent with American taxpayers' longstanding commitment to stability, democracy, and the rule of law in Afghanistan, including efforts to end public corruption.

Urges the Secretary of State to condition financial, logistical, and political support for Afghanistan's 2014 elections on the implementation of political and election reforms in Afghanistan.