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H.R. 475 (114th): GI Bill Processing Improvement Act of 2015

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The summary below was written by the Congressional Research Service, which is a nonpartisan division of the Library of Congress, and was published on Jan 22, 2015.

GI Bill Processing Improvement Act of 2015

Directs the Secretary of Veterans Affairs (VA) to alter the information technology system of the Veterans Benefits Administration to ensure that: (1) all claims for post-9/11 educational assistance are electronically adjudicated, to the maximum extent possible; and (2) rule-based processing is used to decide such claims with little human intervention.

Changes from July 1, 2015, to July 1, 2016, the effective date of the requirement that the Secretary disapprove, for purposes of the All-Volunteer Force and the Post-9/11 Educational Assistance programs, courses of education provided by a public educational institution of higher education that charges veterans living in the state higher tuition and fees than it charges in-state residents, regardless of the veterans' state of residence.

Allows individuals to elect to convert their educational assistance to the post-9/11 veterans' educational assistance program if, as of August 1, 2009, they meet specified conditions with respect to their entitlements and elections under the all-volunteer force educational assistance program or certain other educational programs for professional military, selected reserve, or reserve component members. Conditions such post-9/11 program eligibility on the individual meeting the requirements for the post-9/11 program as of the date of election.

Sets forth transitional rules with respect to the transfer or revocation of entitlements from a previous assistance program after an election to convert to the post-9/11 program. Requires certain assistance to remain available to individuals under their previous program if it is not available under the post-9/11 program.

Authorizes the Secretary, if an individual submits an election that the Secretary determines is against the interests of the individual, to make an alternative election on the individual's behalf. Allows such individual, during a specified period, to modify or revoke the Secretary's alternative selection.

Requires individuals and educational institutions participating in the post-Vietnam era and post-9/11 veterans' educational assistance programs, in addition to those participating in the VA's other educational assistance programs, to report to the Secretary such enrollment and any updates on interruption or termination of the education (thereby making the enrollment reporting requirements for the post-Vietnam and post-9/11 programs consistent with other veterans' educational programs).

Defines "educational institution" to permit the inclusion of groups, districts, or consortiums of separately accredited educational institutions in the same state that are organized in a manner facilitating the centralized reporting of enrollments.

Directs the Secretary to make available to educational institutions, through an Internet website, information on the amount of educational assistance to which their students are entitled under the all-volunteer force, post-Vietnam era, post-9/11, and survivors' and dependents' educational assistance programs.