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H.R. 2132 (115th): Traveler Redress Improvement Act of 2017

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The summary below was written by the Congressional Research Service, which is a nonpartisan division of the Library of Congress, and was published on Jun 20, 2017.

Traveler Redress Improvement Act of 2017

(Sec. 2) This bill directs the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to ensure the availability of the Department of Homeland Security Traveler Redress Inquiry Program (DHS TRIP) redress process to adjudicate inquiries for individuals who:

are U.S. citizens or aliens lawfully admitted for permanent residence, have filed an inquiry with DHS TRIP after receiving enhanced screening at an airport security checkpoint more than three times in a 60-day period, and believe they have been wrongly identified as being a threat to aviation security. TSA shall review and update the Privacy Impact Assessment for the Secure Flight programs for accuracy and make such assessment available to the public on TSA's website.

TSA shall also review its intelligence-based screening rules, notify specified federal agencies of any rule changes, and ensure such rules are incorporated in the risk analysis conducted during the Federal Air Marshal mission scheduling process.

The Government Accountability Office shall:

study the effectiveness of such rules in identifying and mitigating potential threats to aviation security; and examine coordination between the TSA, DHS, and other relevant partners relating to changing, updating, implementing, or suspending such rules as necessary.