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S. 3479 (115th): Department of Veterans Affairs Expiring Authorities Act of 2018

S. 3479 extends authorizations for various authorities at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) related to health care, benefits, homeless veterans, and other matters, improves health care from the Department of Veterans Affairs, and addresses matters of education and leasing obligations. A full section-by-section of the bill, with additional background information, can be found here.

Major provisions of the bill include:

Title I – Extension of Authorities

In four subtitles, Title I extends authorizations for authorities at VA relating to health care, benefits, homelessness, and other matters. For a full description, see the section-by-section above, or here.

Title II – Improvement of Health Care from Department of Veterans Affairs

Title II improves health care received from VA by modifying contracts under the Veterans Community Care program, expanding coverage of Veterans Care Agreements, and modifying authorities to correct overpayments. In addition, the title addresses mental and behavioral health care as well as access to drug monitoring programs. Finally, the title expands health care assessments to all territories of the United States, makes technical amendments to the VA Mission Act of 2018, and authorizes funding for a major medical facility project at Department of Veterans Affairs West Los Angeles Medical Center.

Title III – Other Matters

Title III approves higher education training and rehabilitation courses geared towards veterans with service-oriented disabilities, takes corrective action for certain VA employees for conflicts of interest with educational institutions operated for profit, and modifies certain compliance requirements for particular leases relating the Department of Veterans Affairs West Lost Angeles Campus.

Last updated Sep 25, 2018. Source: Republican Policy Committee

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