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S.Con.Res. 8 (115th): A concurrent resolution clarifying any potential misunderstanding as to whether actions taken by President Donald J. Trump constitute a violation of the Emoluments Clause, and calling on President Trump to divest his interest in, and sever his relationship to, the Trump Organization.

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The summary below was written by the Congressional Research Service, which is a nonpartisan division of the Library of Congress, and was published on Mar 2, 2017.

Finds that the promised actions outlined by President Trump at his January 11, 2017, press conference are inadequate and insufficient to ensure compliance with the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution.

Calls upon President Trump to: (1) follow the precedent established by prior Presidents and convert his assets to conflict-free holdings, adopt blind trusts, or take other equivalent measures; and (2) not use the powers or opportunities of his position as President for any purpose related to the Trump Organization.

Declares that in the absence of express affirmative authorization by Congress, Congress regards dealings that President Trump may have through his companies with foreign governments or entities owned or controlled by foreign governments to be potential violations of such clause.