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S.Res. 199 (115th): A resolution designating June 2017 as “Great Outdoors Month”.

The text of the bill below is as of Aug 2, 2017 (Resolution Agreed to by Senate).



1st Session

S. RES. 199


June 22, 2017

(for himself, Mr. Peters, Mr. Gardner, Mrs. Shaheen, Mr. Risch, Mr. Heinrich, and Ms. Hirono) submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary

August 2, 2017

Committee discharged; considered and agreed to


Designating June 2017 as Great Outdoors Month.

Whereas hundreds of millions of people in the United States participate in outdoor recreation annually;

Whereas Congress enacted the Outdoor Recreation Jobs and Economic Impact Act of 2016 (Public Law 114–249; 130 Stat. 999) to assess and analyze the outdoor recreation economy of the United States and the effects attributable to the outdoor recreation economy on the overall economy of the United States;

Whereas regular outdoor recreation is associated with positive health outcomes and better quality of life;

Whereas outdoor recreation is part of the national heritage of the United States; and

Whereas June 2017 is an appropriate month to designate as Great Outdoors Month to provide an opportunity to celebrate the importance of the great outdoors: Now, therefore, be it

That the Senate—


designates June 2017 as Great Outdoors Month; and


encourages all people of the United States to recreate in the great outdoors in June 2017 and year-round.