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H.R. 2615 (116th): United States-Northern Triangle Enhanced Engagement Act

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The summary below was written by the Congressional Research Service, which is a nonpartisan division of the Library of Congress, and was published on Jul 15, 2019.

United States-Northern Triangle Enhanced Engagement Act

This bill authorizes foreign assistance to El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras (the Northern Triangle), and requires the Department of State to devise strategies to address economic development, corruption, and other issues in those countries. It also requires reports on various related topics, including factors that drive migrants from those countries to the United States.

A portion of the assistance authorized for the Northern Triangle shall be conditioned upon the receiving country taking various actions, including (1) informing its citizens of the dangers of the journey to the United States, (2) fighting human and drug trafficking, and (3) combatting corruption.

The State Department shall devise strategies directed at the Northern Triangle region to (1) promote inclusive economic growth that addresses the underlying causes of poverty and inequality, (2) combat corruption, (3) strengthen democratic institutions and rule of law, and (4) improve security conditions through means such as the professionalization of security services.

The State Department shall designate a Senior Rule of Law Advisor for the Northern Triangle.

The State Department shall also devise a strategy to work with Mexico to strengthen its southern border.

The President shall impose sanctions on foreign persons determined to be involved in a significant act of corruption in a Northern Triangle country. Individuals who engage in such corruption shall be subject to property-blocking sanctions and barred from entering the United States.