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H.R. 3684 (117th): Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

The text of the bill below is as of Jul 1, 2021 (Passed the House).



1st Session

H. R. 3684



To authorize funds for Federal-aid highways, highway safety programs, and transit programs, and for other purposes.


Short title

This Act may be cited as the Investing in a New Vision for the Environment and Surface Transportation in America Act or the INVEST in America Act.


Table of contents

The table of contents for this Act is as follows:

Sec. 1. Short title.

Sec. 2. Table of contents.

Sec. 3. References.

Division A—Federal Surface Transportation Programs for Fiscal Year 2022

Sec. 101. Definitions.

Sec. 102. Extension of Federal Surface Transportation programs.

Sec. 103. Additional amounts for the Federal-aid highway program and member designated projects.

Sec. 104. Federal Transit Administration.

Sec. 105. National highway traffic safety administration.

Sec. 106. Federal motor carrier safety administration.

Sec. 107. Member designated project authorizations.

Sec. 108. Report on progress of DBE program.

Division B—Surface Transportation

Sec. 1001. Applicability of division.

Title I—Federal-Aid Highways

Subtitle A—Authorizations and Program Conditions

Sec. 1101. Authorization of appropriations.

Sec. 1102. Obligation limitation.

Sec. 1103. Definitions and declaration of policy.

Sec. 1104. Apportionment.

Sec. 1105. Additional deposits into Highway Trust Fund.

Sec. 1106. Transparency.

Sec. 1107. Complete and context sensitive street design.

Sec. 1108. Federal share.

Sec. 1109. Transferability of Federal-aid highway funds.

Sec. 1110. Tolling.

Sec. 1111. HOV facilities.

Sec. 1112. Buy America.

Sec. 1113. Federal-aid highway project requirements.

Sec. 1114. State assumption of responsibility for categorical exclusions.

Sec. 1115. Surface transportation project delivery program written agreements.

Sec. 1116. Corrosion prevention for bridges.

Sec. 1117. Sense of Congress.

Sec. 1118. Accommodation of certain facilities in right-of-way.

Sec. 1119. Federal grants for pedestrian and bike safety improvements.

Sec. 1120. Increased Federal share.

Subtitle B—Programmatic Infrastructure Investment

Sec. 1201. National highway performance program.

Sec. 1202. Increasing the resilience of transportation assets.

Sec. 1203. Emergency relief.

Sec. 1204. Railway crossings.

Sec. 1205. Surface transportation program.

Sec. 1206. Transportation alternatives program.

Sec. 1207. Bridge investment.

Sec. 1208. Construction of ferry boats and ferry terminal facilities.

Sec. 1209. Highway safety improvement program.

Sec. 1210. Congestion mitigation and air quality improvement program.

Sec. 1211. Electric vehicle charging stations.

Sec. 1212. National highway freight program.

Sec. 1213. Carbon pollution reduction.

Sec. 1214. Recreational trails.

Sec. 1215. Safe routes to school program.

Sec. 1216. Bicycle transportation and pedestrian walkways.

Sec. 1217. Noise barriers.

Sec. 1218. Safe streets for all.

Sec. 1219. Youth service and conservation corps.

Sec. 1220. National scenic byways program.

Sec. 1221. Funding for border infrastructure.

Subtitle C—Project-Level Investments

Sec. 1301. Projects of national and regional significance.

Sec. 1302. Community transportation investment grant program.

Sec. 1303. Clean corridors program.

Sec. 1304. Community climate innovation grants.

Sec. 1305. Metro performance program.

Sec. 1306. Gridlock reduction grant program.

Sec. 1307. Rebuild rural bridges program.

Sec. 1308. Parking for commercial motor vehicles.

Sec. 1309. Active connected transportation grant program.

Sec. 1310. Wildlife crossings program.

Sec. 1311. Reconnecting neighborhoods program.

Sec. 1312. Apprenticeship utilization.

Sec. 1313. GAO Study.

Sec. 1314. Sense of Congress.

Sec. 1315. Pollinator-friendly practices on roadsides and highway rights-of-way.

Subtitle D—Planning, Performance Management, and Asset Management

Sec. 1401. Metropolitan transportation planning.

Sec. 1402. Statewide and nonmetropolitan transportation planning.

Sec. 1403. National goals and performance management measures.

Sec. 1404. Transportation demand data and modeling study.

Sec. 1405. Fiscal constraint on long-range transportation plans.

Subtitle E—Federal Lands, Tribes, and Territories

Sec. 1501. Territorial and Puerto Rico highway program.

Sec. 1502. Tribal transportation program.

Sec. 1503. Tribal High Priority Projects program.

Sec. 1504. Federal lands transportation program.

Sec. 1505. Federal lands and Tribal major projects program.

Sec. 1506. Office of Tribal Government Affairs.

Sec. 1507. Alternative contracting methods.

Sec. 1508. Divestiture of federally owned bridges.

Sec. 1509. Study on Federal funding available to Indian Tribes.

Sec. 1510. GAO study.

Sec. 1511. Federal lands access program.

Subtitle F—Additional Provisions

Sec. 1601. Vision zero.

Sec. 1602. Speed limits.

Sec. 1603. Dig Once for broadband infrastructure deployment.

Sec. 1604. Stormwater best management practices.

Sec. 1605. Pedestrian facilities in the public right-of-way.

Sec. 1606. Highway formula modernization report.

Sec. 1607. Consolidation of programs.

Sec. 1608. Student outreach report to Congress.

Sec. 1609. Task force on developing a 21st century surface transportation workforce.

Sec. 1610. On-the-job training and supportive services.

Sec. 1611. Appalachian development highway system funding flexibility.

Sec. 1612. Transportation education development program.

Sec. 1613. Working group on construction resources.

Sec. 1614. Numbering system of highway interchanges.

Sec. 1615. Toll credits.

Sec. 1616. Transportation construction materials procurement.

Sec. 1617. Nationwide road safety assessment.

Sec. 1618. Climate resilient transportation infrastructure study.

Sec. 1619. Natural gas, electric battery, and zero emission vehicles.

Sec. 1620. Guidance on evacuation routes.

Sec. 1621. High priority corridors on National Highway System.

Sec. 1622. Guidance on inundated and submerged roads.

Sec. 1623. Dry bulk weight tolerance.

Sec. 1624. Highway use tax evasion projects.

Sec. 1625. Labor standards.

Sec. 1626. Climate resiliency report by GAO.

Sec. 1627. Designation of John R. Lewis Voting Rights Highway.

Sec. 1628. GAO study on capital needs of public ferries.

Sec. 1629. Use of modeling and simulation technology.

Sec. 1630. GAO study on per-mile user fee equity.

Sec. 1631. GAO review of equity considerations at State DOTs.

Sec. 1632. Study on effectiveness of suicide prevention nets and barriers for structures other than bridges.

Sec. 1633. Transportation planning activities.

Sec. 1634. Better Utilizing Infrastructure for Lasting Development of Veterans Businesses.

Sec. 1635. Vehicle weight limitations.

Sec. 1636. Roadway worker protection working group.

Sec. 1637. GAO study on nature-based solutions for coastal highway resilience.

Sec. 1638. Repeal of pilot program.

Sec. 1639. Technical corrections.

Sec. 1640. Credit adjustments for paycheck protection program loan forgiveness under highway and public transportation project cost reimbursement contracts.

Sec. 1641. Establishment of western riverside county national wildlife refuge.

Sec. 1642. Effect of weather extremes on sustainability and reliability of roadways.

Sec. 1643. GAO report regarding Highway Trust Fund expenditures.

Sec. 1644. Rural opportunities to use transportation for economic success initiative.

Sec. 1645. GAO study on vulnerabilities to certain threats.

Sec. 1646. Extension of NHA authorizations.

Sec. 1647. Electric vehicle working group.

Sec. 1648. Sense of the Congress on soil and erosion control for highway projects.

Sec. 1649. Local project delivery improvements.

Sec. 1650. Utilization of qualified electricians.

Sec. 1651. GAO study on the impact of drunk driving child endangerment laws.

Sec. 1652. Regional infrastructure accelerator deomonstration program.

Sec. 1653. Climate-Safe Infrastructure Working Group.

Sec. 1654. Updates to manual on uniform traffic control devices.

Sec. 1655. DBE Report.

Sec. 1656. Study on impact of air pollution from vehicles idling in school zones.

Sec. 1657. Forest Service Legacy Roads and Trails Remediation Program.

Sec. 1658. Comptroller General report on high-speed internet connectivity in Federally-assisted housing.

Sec. 1659. Historic Preservation Fund.

Sec. 1660. HOV facility review.

Title II—Public Transportation

Subtitle A—Federal Transit Administration

Sec. 2101. Authorizations.

Sec. 2102. Chapter 53 definitions.

Sec. 2103. General provisions.

Sec. 2104. Miscellaneous provisions.

Sec. 2105. Policies and purposes.

Sec. 2106. Fiscal years 2022 and 2023 formulas.

Sec. 2107. Metropolitan transportation planning.

Sec. 2108. Statewide and nonmetropolitan transportation planning.

Sec. 2109. Obligation limitation.

Sec. 2110. Public transportation emergency relief funds.

Sec. 2111. Certification requirements.

Sec. 2112. Hold harmless.

Sec. 2113. Study on accessibility of public transportation.

Sec. 2114. Formula funds for rural areas.

Subtitle B—Improving Frequency and Ridership

Sec. 2201. Multi-jurisdictional bus frequency and ridership competitive grants.

Sec. 2202. Incentivizing frequency in the urban formula.

Sec. 2203. Mobility innovation.

Sec. 2204. Formula grants for rural areas.

Sec. 2205. One-stop paratransit program.

Sec. 2206. New municipal transit services to better connect communities.

Subtitle C—Buy America and Other Procurement Reforms

Sec. 2301. Buy America.

Sec. 2302. Bus procurement streamlining.

Sec. 2303. Bus testing facility.

Sec. 2304. Repayment requirement.

Sec. 2305. Definition of urbanized areas following a major disaster.

Sec. 2306. Special rule for certain rolling stock procurements.

Sec. 2307. Spare ratio waiver.

Subtitle D—Bus Grant Reforms

Sec. 2401. Formula grants for buses.

Sec. 2402. Bus facilities and fleet expansion competitive grants.

Sec. 2403. Zero emission bus grants.

Sec. 2404. Restoration to state of good repair formula subgrant.

Sec. 2405. Workforce development training grants.

Subtitle E—Supporting All Riders

Sec. 2501. Low-income urban formula funds.

Sec. 2502. Rural persistent poverty formula.

Sec. 2503. Demonstration grants to support reduced fare transit.

Sec. 2504. Equity in transit service planning.

Sec. 2505. GAO study on fare-free transit.

Sec. 2506. Transit to trails grant program.

Subtitle F—Supporting Frontline Workers and Passenger Safety

Sec. 2601. National transit frontline workforce training center.

Sec. 2602. Public transportation safety program.

Sec. 2603. Innovation workforce standards.

Sec. 2604. Safety performance measures and set asides.

Sec. 2605. U.S. Employment Plan.

Sec. 2606. Technical assistance and workforce development.

Sec. 2607. Resilient public transportation study.

Sec. 2608. Sense of Congress regarding electric vehicle transition strategy.

Subtitle G—Transit-Supportive Communities

Sec. 2701. Transit-supportive communities.

Sec. 2702. Property disposition for affordable housing.

Sec. 2703. Affordable housing incentives in capital investment grants.

Subtitle H—Innovation

Sec. 2801. Mobility innovation sandbox program.

Sec. 2802. Transit bus operator compartment redesign program.

Sec. 2803. Federal Transit Administration Every Day Counts initiative.

Sec. 2804. Technical corrections.

Sec. 2805. National advanced technology transit bus development program.

Sec. 2806. Public transportation innovation.

Sec. 2807. Transit vehicle battery recycling and reuse.

Subtitle I—Other Program Reauthorizations

Sec. 2901. Reauthorization for capital and preventive maintenance projects for Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.

Sec. 2902. Other apportionments.

Subtitle J—Streamlining

Sec. 2911. Fixed guideway capital investment grants.

Sec. 2912. Rural and small urban apportionment deadline.

Sec. 2913. Disposition of assets beyond useful life.

Sec. 2914. Innovative coordinated access and mobility.

Sec. 2915. Passenger ferry grants.

Sec. 2916. Evaluation of benefits and Federal investment.

Sec. 2917. Best practices for the application of National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 to federally funded bus shelters.

Sec. 2918. Capital investment grant streamlining.

Sec. 2919. Disposition of rolling stock to improve air quality goals.

Title III—Highway Traffic Safety

Sec. 3001. Authorization of appropriations.

Sec. 3002. Highway safety programs.

Sec. 3003. Fair and equitable traffic safety enforcement.

Sec. 3004. Highway safety research and development.

Sec. 3005. Grant program to prohibit racial profiling.

Sec. 3006. National safety campaigns.

Sec. 3007. National priority safety programs.

Sec. 3008. Minimum penalties for repeat offenders for driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence.

Sec. 3009. National priority safety program grant eligibility.

Sec. 3010. Implicit bias research and training grants.

Sec. 3011. Stop motorcycle checkpoint funding.

Sec. 3012. Electronic driver’s license.

Sec. 3013. Motorcyclist Advisory Council.

Sec. 3014. Report on marijuana research.

Sec. 3015. Comptroller General study on national DUI reporting.

Sec. 3016. Report on impaired driving.

Sec. 3017. Impaired driving countermeasure.

Sec. 3018. Drug-impaired driving education grant program.

Title IV—Motor Carrier Safety

Subtitle A—Motor Carrier Safety Grants, Operations, and Programs

Sec. 4101. Motor carrier safety grants.

Sec. 4102. Motor carrier safety operations and programs.

Sec. 4103. Immobilization grant program.

Sec. 4104. Operation of small commercial vehicles study.

Sec. 4105. Motor carrier safety grants maintenance of effort.

Subtitle B—Motor Carrier Safety Oversight

Sec. 4201. Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee.

Sec. 4202. Compliance, safety, accountability.

Sec. 4203. Terms and conditions for exemptions.

Sec. 4204. Safety fitness of motor carriers of passengers.

Sec. 4205. Providers of recreational activities.

Sec. 4206. Amendments to regulations relating to transportation of household goods in interstate commerce.

Sec. 4207. Broker guidance.

Sec. 4208. Review of labor laws.

Subtitle C—Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Safety

Sec. 4301. Commercial driver’s license for passenger carriers.

Sec. 4302. Alcohol and controlled substances testing.

Sec. 4303. Entry-level driver training.

Sec. 4304. Driver detention time.

Sec. 4305. Truck Leasing Task Force.

Sec. 4306. Hours of service.

Sec. 4307. Driver recruitment.

Sec. 4308. Screening for obstructive sleep apnea.

Sec. 4309. Women of Trucking Advisory Board.

Sec. 4310. Application of commercial motor vehicle safety.

Sec. 4311. Use of data.

Subtitle D—Commercial Motor Vehicle and Schoolbus Safety

Sec. 4401. Schoolbus safety standards.

Sec. 4402. Illegal passing of schoolbuses.

Sec. 4403. State inspection of passenger-carrying commercial motor vehicles.

Sec. 4404. Automatic emergency braking.

Sec. 4405. Underride protection.

Sec. 4406. Transportation of horses.

Sec. 4407. Additional State authority.

Sec. 4408. Updating the required amount of insurance for commercial motor vehicles.

Sec. 4409. Universal electronic identifier.

Sec. 4410. Length limitations.

Title V—Innovation

Sec. 5001. Authorization of appropriations.

Subtitle A—Research and Development

Sec. 5101. Highway research and development program.

Sec. 5102. Materials to reduce greenhouse gas emissions program.

Sec. 5103. Transportation research and development 5-year strategic plan.

Sec. 5104. University transportation centers program.

Sec. 5105. Unsolicited research initiative.

Sec. 5106. National cooperative multimodal freight transportation research program.

Sec. 5107. Wildlife-vehicle collision reduction and habitat connectivity improvement.

Sec. 5108. Research activities.

Sec. 5109. Transportation equity research program.

Sec. 5110. Surface transportation research, development, and technology.

Sec. 5111. Metropolitan planning research pilot program.

Sec. 5112. Integrated project delivery.

Sec. 5113. Accelerated implementation and deployment of advanced digital construction management systems.

Sec. 5114. Innovative material innovation hubs.

Sec. 5115. Strategic transportation research agenda.

Sec. 5116. Advanced transportation research and innovation program.

Sec. 5117. Interagency innovative materials standards task force.

Sec. 5118. Vehicular data analytics pilot program.

Sec. 5119. Resilient transportation infrastructure Centers of Excellence.

Subtitle B—Technology Deployment

Sec. 5201. Technology and innovation deployment program.

Sec. 5202. Accelerated implementation and deployment of pavement technologies.

Sec. 5203. Federal Highway Administration Every Day Counts initiative.

Subtitle C—Emerging Technologies

Sec. 5301. Mobility through advanced technologies.

Sec. 5302. Intelligent transportation systems program.

Sec. 5303. National highly automated vehicle and mobility innovation clearinghouse.

Sec. 5304. Study on safe interactions between automated vehicles and road users.

Sec. 5305. Surface transportation workforce retraining grant program.

Sec. 5306. Third-party data integration pilot program.

Sec. 5307. Third-party data planning integration pilot program.

Sec. 5308. Automated commercial vehicle reporting.

Sec. 5309. Task Force to Promote American Vehicle Competitiveness.

Sec. 5310. Multimodal transportation demonstration program.

Sec. 5311. Heavy freight automated trucking research corridor.

Subtitle D—Surface Transportation Funding Pilot Programs

Sec. 5401. State surface transportation system funding pilot.

Subtitle E—Miscellaneous

Sec. 5501. Ergonomic seating working group.

Sec. 5502. Repeal of section 6314 of title 49, United States Code.

Sec. 5503. Transportation workforce outreach program.

Sec. 5504. Advisory council on transportation statistics.

Sec. 5505. GAO review of discretionary grant programs.

Title VI—Multimodal Transportation

Sec. 6001. National multimodal freight policy.

Sec. 6002. National freight strategic plan.

Sec. 6003. National multimodal freight network.

Sec. 6004. State freight advisory committees.

Sec. 6005. State freight plans.

Sec. 6006. Study of freight transportation fee.

Sec. 6007. National Surface Transportation and Innovative Finance Bureau.

Sec. 6008. Transportation equity advisory committee.

Sec. 6009. Sense of Congress.

Title VII—Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act

Sec. 7001. Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act.

Sec. 7002. Transportation infrastructure finance and innovation act of 1998 temporary loan relief due to COVID–19.

Sec. 7003. Federal requirements for TIFIA eligibility and project selection.

Division C—Hazardous Materials Transportation

Sec. 8001. Short title.

Title I—Authorizations

Sec. 8101. Authorization of appropriations.

Title J—Hazardous Materials Safety and Improvement

Sec. 8201. Repeal of certain requirements related to lithium cells and batteries.

Sec. 8202. Transportation of liquefied natural gas by rail tank car.

Sec. 8203. Hazardous materials training requirements and grants.

Sec. 8204. Lithium battery approval.

Sec. 8205. Transportation of carbon dioxide.

Sec. 8206. Seismicity.

Division D—Rail

Sec. 9001. Short title.

Title I—Authorizations

Sec. 9101. Authorization of appropriations.

Sec. 9102. Passenger rail improvement, modernization, and expansion grants.

Sec. 9103. Consolidated rail infrastructure and safety improvement grants.

Sec. 9104. Railroad rehabilitation and improvement financing.

Sec. 9105. Bridges, stations, and tunnels (BeST) grant program.

Sec. 9106. Buy America.

Title II—Amtrak Reforms

Sec. 9201. Amtrak findings, mission, and goals.

Sec. 9202. Amtrak status.

Sec. 9203. Board of Directors.

Sec. 9204. Amtrak preference enforcement.

Sec. 9205. Use of facilities and providing services to Amtrak.

Sec. 9206. Prohibition on mandatory arbitration.

Sec. 9207. Amtrak ADA assessment.

Sec. 9208. Prohibition on smoking on Amtrak trains.

Sec. 9209. State-supported routes operated by Amtrak.

Sec. 9210. Amtrak Police Department.

Sec. 9211. Amtrak food and beverage.

Sec. 9212. Clarification on Amtrak contracting out.

Sec. 9213. Amtrak staffing.

Sec. 9214. Special transportation.

Sec. 9215. Disaster and emergency relief program.

Sec. 9216. Access to recreational trails.

Sec. 9217. Amtrak cybersecurity enhancement and resiliency grant program.

Sec. 9218. Amtrak and private cars.

Sec. 9219. Amtrak Office of Community Outreach.

Sec. 9220. Long-distance customer enhancement program.

Sec. 9221. Amtrak carbon-free and renewable energy initiatives.

Title III—Intercity Passenger Rail Policy

Sec. 9301. Northeast Corridor Commission.

Sec. 9302. Northeast Corridor planning.

Sec. 9303. Protective arrangements.

Sec. 9304. Interstate rail compacts.

Sec. 9305. High-speed rail updates.

Sec. 9306. State rail planning formula funds.

Sec. 9307. North Atlantic Rail Interstate Compact.

Title IV—Commuter Rail Policy

Sec. 9401. Sense of Congress regarding commuter rail liability insurance.

Sec. 9402. Surface Transportation Board mediation of trackage use requests.

Sec. 9403. Surface Transportation Board mediation of rights-of-way use requests.

Title V—Rail Safety

Subtitle A—Passenger and Freight Safety

Sec. 9501. Study on safety impact of long trains.

Sec. 9502. FRA safety reporting.

Sec. 9503. Waiver notice requirements.

Sec. 9504. Notice of FRA comprehensive safety compliance assessments.

Sec. 9505. FRA accident and incident investigations.

Sec. 9506. Freight train crew size safety standards.

Sec. 9507. Border crossings.

Sec. 9508. Yardmasters hours of service.

Sec. 9509. Leaking brakes.

Sec. 9510. Report on PTC system failures.

Sec. 9511. Fatigue reduction management plans.

Sec. 9512. Assault prevention and response plans.

Sec. 9513. Critical incident stress plans.

Sec. 9514. Crewmember certification and qualification.

Sec. 9515. Safety management team communication.

Sec. 9516. GAO study on reorganization of Office of Railroad Safety.

Sec. 9517. Open-top rail car public input.

Sec. 9518. New passenger service pre-revenue safety validation plan.

Sec. 9519. Safety oversight of nontraditional and emerging rail technologies.

Sec. 9520. FRA safety inspector and specialist review.

Subtitle B—Grade Crossing Safety

Sec. 9551. Highway-rail grade crossing separation grants.

Sec. 9552. Rail safety public awareness grant.

Sec. 9553. Establishment of 10-minute time limit for blocking public highway-rail grade crossings.

Sec. 9554. National blocked crossing database.

Sec. 9555. Railroad point of contact for blocked crossing matters.

Sec. 9556. National highway-rail crossing inventory review.

Sec. 9557. Railroad trespassing enforcement grants.

Sec. 9558. Railroad trespassing suicide prevention grants.

Sec. 9559. Including railroad suicides.

Sec. 9560. Report on safety measures required for Quiet Zones.

Title VI—Miscellaneous

Sec. 9601. Rail network climate change vulnerability assessment.

Sec. 9602. Advance acquisition.

Sec. 9603. University Rail Climate Innovation Institute.

Sec. 9604. Workforce diversity and development.

Sec. 9605. Requirements for railroad freight cars entering service in United States.

Sec. 9606. Rail research and development Center of Excellence.

Sec. 9607. Freight railroad locomotive requirements.

Sec. 9608. Extension.

Sec. 9609. GAO study on cost allocation of rail passenger transportation liability.

Sec. 9608. GAO study on economic benefits of one-seat ride commuter rail.

Division E—Sport Fish Restoration, Recreational Boating Safety, and Wildlife Restoration

Sec. 9701. Short title.

Sec. 9702. Division of annual appropriations.

Sec. 9703. Recreational boating access.

Sec. 9704. Wildlife Restoration Fund administration.

Sec. 9705. Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund.

Sec. 9706. Sport Fishing and Boating Partnership Council.

Sec. 9707. National culvert removal, replacement, and restoration grant program.

Division F—Auto Safety

Sec. 10101. Safety warning for occupants of hot cars.

Sec. 10102. Rulemaking to install automatic shutoff systems and rollaway prevention technology in motor vehicles.

Sec. 10103. 21st Century Smart Cars.

Sec. 10104. Updating the 5-star safety rating system.

Sec. 10105. Advanced drunk driving prevention technology.

Sec. 10106. Limousine compliance with Federal safety standards.

Sec. 10107. Study to evaluate the performance of crash avoidance systems.

Sec. 10108. Study and report on motor vehicle lamps.

Sec. 10109. Motor vehicle seat back safety standards.

Sec. 10110. Sense of House of Representatives on regulatory framework for autonomous vehicles.

Sec. 10111. Motor vehicle pedestrian and cyclist protection.

Sec. 10112. Child restraint systems.

Division G—Highway Trust Fund

Sec. 11001. Extension of Highway Trust Fund expenditure authority.

Sec. 11002. Additional transfers to Highway Trust Fund.

Division H—Water Quality Protection and Job Creation Act of 2021

Sec. 12001. Short title; table of contents.

Sec. 12002. Wastewater infrastructure workforce investment.

Sec. 12003. Technical assistance to rural, small, and Tribal municipalities.

Sec. 12004. State management assistance.

Sec. 12005. Watershed, wet weather, and resiliency projects.

Sec. 12006. Waiver of matching requirement for grants to District of Columbia.

Sec. 12007. Pilot program for alternative water source projects.

Sec. 12008. Sewer overflow and stormwater reuse municipal grants.

Sec. 12009. Grants for the treatment of emerging contaminants.

Sec. 12010. Household wastewater grant program.

Sec. 12011. Smart wastewater infrastructure technology grant program.

Sec. 12012. Reports to Congress.

Sec. 12013. Indian Tribes.

Sec. 12014. Capitalization grants.

Sec. 12015. Water pollution control revolving loan funds.

Sec. 12016. Allotment of funds.

Sec. 12017. Reservation of funds for territories of the United States.

Sec. 12018. Authorization of appropriations.

Sec. 12019. Technical assistance by Municipal Ombudsman.

Sec. 12020. Report on wastewater infrastructure funding for rural, economically disadvantaged, and Tribal communities.

Sec. 12021. Water Reuse Interagency Working Group.

Sec. 12022. Disclosure of introductions of PFAS.

Sec. 12023. Clean Water Act effluent limitations guidelines and standards and water quality criteria for PFAS.

Sec. 12024. Nonpoint source management programs.

Sec. 12025. Wastewater assistance to colonias.

Sec. 12026. Household well water testing website.

Sec. 12027. Study and report on effect of toilet wipes marketed as flushable.

Sec. 12028. Effluent limitations for wastewater, spills, and runoff from facilities associated with the transport and packaging of pre-production plastic materials.

Sec. 12029. Centers of Excellence for stormwater control infrastructure technologies.

Sec. 12030. Management of International Transboundary Water Pollution.

Sec. 12031. California new river restoration.

Sec. 12032. Rulemaking on climate resiliency.

Division I—Assistance, Quality, and Affordability Act of 2021

Sec. 13001. Short title; table of contents.

Title I—Infrastructure

Sec. 13101. Drinking water system resilience funding.

Sec. 13102. Grants for State programs.

Sec. 13103. American iron and steel products.

Sec. 13104. Assistance for disadvantaged communities.

Sec. 13105. Allotments for territories.

Sec. 13106. Drinking water SRF funding.

Sec. 13107. Lead service line replacement.

Sec. 13108. Drinking water assistance to colonias.

Sec. 13109. PFAS treatment grants.

Sec. 13110. Voluntary school and child care program lead testing grant program.

Sec. 13111. Grant program for installation of filtration stations at schools and child care programs.

Sec. 13112. Drinking water fountain replacement for schools.

Sec. 13113. Indian reservation drinking water program.

Sec. 13114. Assistance for areas affected by natural disasters.

Sec. 13115. Water main break data clearinghouse.

Title II—Safety

Sec. 13201. Enabling EPA to set standards for new drinking water contaminants.

Sec. 13202. National primary drinking water regulations for PFAS.

Sec. 13203. National primary drinking water regulations for microcystin toxin.

Sec. 13204. National primary drinking water regulations for 1,4–dioxane.

Sec. 13205. National primary drinking water regulation for chromium-6.

Sec. 13206. Elimination of small system variances.

Title III—Affordability

Sec. 13301. Emergency relief program.

Sec. 13302. Low-income drinking water assistance program.

Sec. 13303. Low-income wastewater assistance program.

Sec. 13304. Needs assessment for nationwide rural and urban low-income community water assistance program.

Sec. 13305. Natural hazard education and response grant program.

Title IV—Other matters

Sec. 13401. Small urban and rural water system consolidation report.

Sec. 13402. Study on contamination of Coldwater Creek, Missouri.

Sec. 13403. Report on affordability, discrimination and civil rights violations, and data collection.

Sec. 13404. Water infrastructure and workforce investment.

Sec. 13405. Identification of high-risk locations.

Division J—Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership Program

Sec. 14101. Outdoors for all.

Division K—Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act of 2021

Sec. 15001. Short title; table of contents.

Sec. 15002. Definitions.


Sec. 15101. National wildlife corridors.

Sec. 15102. Administrative designation of national wildlife corridors.

Sec. 15103. Management of national wildlife corridors.


Sec. 15201. Collaboration and coordination.

Sec. 15202. Effect.

Sec. 15203. Tribal wildlife corridors.

Sec. 15204. Protection of indian tribes.

Sec. 15205. Wildlife movements grant program.

Sec. 15206. National coordination committee.

Sec. 15207. Regional wildlife movement councils.

Sec. 15208. National wildlife corridors database.


Sec. 15301. Authorization of appropriations.

Division L—Community Resilience and Restoration Fund

Sec. 16101. Definitions.

Sec. 16102. Establishment of Fund.

Sec. 16103. Management of the Fund.

Sec. 16104. Competitive grants.

Sec. 16105. Use of Amounts in the Fund.

Sec. 16106. Reports.

Sec. 16107. Authorization of Appropriations.

Division M—Clean Energy and Sustainability Accelerator

Sec. 17101. Clean Energy and Sustainability Accelerator.

Division N—Domestic Maritime Workforce Training

Sec. 18101. Centers of excellence for domestic maritime workforce training and education.

Division O—Efficient and effective NEPA implementation

Sec. 19101. Efficient and effective NEPA implementation.

Division P—Electric Vehicles

Title I—Zero Emissions Vehicle Infrastructure Buildout

Subtitle A—Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Sec. 20101. Definitions.

Sec. 20102. Electric vehicle supply equipment rebate program.

Sec. 20103. Model building code for electric vehicle supply equipment.

Sec. 20104. Electric vehicle supply equipment coordination.

Sec. 20105. State consideration of electric vehicle charging.

Sec. 20106. State energy plans.

Sec. 20107. Transportation electrification.

Sec. 20108. Federal fleets.

Subtitle B—Electric Vehicles for Underserved Communities

Sec. 20111. Expanding access to electric vehicles in underserved and disadvantaged communities.

Sec. 20112. Electric vehicle charging equity program.

Sec. 20113. Ensuring program benefits for underserved and disadvantaged communities.

Sec. 20114. Definitions.

Title II—Promoting Domestic Advanced Vehicle Manufacturing

Sec. 20201. Domestic Manufacturing Conversion Grant Program.



Except as expressly provided otherwise, any reference to this Act contained in any division of this Act shall be treated as referring only to the provisions of that division.


Federal Surface Transportation Programs for Fiscal Year 2022



In this division, the following definitions apply:


Highway account

The term Highway Account means the portion of the Highway Trust Fund that is not the Mass Transit Account.


Mass transit account

The term Mass Transit Account means the portion of the Highway Trust Fund established under section 9503(e)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.


Member designated project

The term member designated project means a project listed in the table in section 107.


Member designated project funds

The term member designated project funds means funds reserved under subsections (d)(1)(B)(i), (f)(1)(A), and (g)(1)(A) to carry out member designated projects listed in the table in section 107(c).



The term Secretary means the Secretary of Transportation.



The term State means the 50 States and the District of Columbia.



The term territory means any of the following territories of the United States:


American Samoa.


The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.




The United States Virgin Islands.


Extension of Federal Surface Transportation programs


Extension of Federal Surface Transportation Programs


In general

Unless otherwise provided in this division, the requirements, authorities, conditions, eligibilities, limitations, and other provisions authorized under the covered laws, which would otherwise expire on or cease to apply after September 30, 2021, are incorporated by reference and shall continue in effect through September 30, 2022.


Authorization of appropriations


Highway trust fund


Highway account


In general

Except as provided in subclause (II), there is authorized to be appropriated from the Highway Account for fiscal year 2022, for each program under the covered laws with respect to which amounts are authorized to be appropriated from such account for fiscal year 2021, an amount equal to the amount authorized for appropriation with respect to the program from such account for fiscal year 2021.


Administrative expenses

Notwithstanding any other provision of this division, there is authorized to be appropriated from the Highway Account for fiscal year 2022—


$516,000,000 for administrative expenses of the Federal Highway Administration, as described in section 104(a) of title 23, United States Code; and


$30,086,000 for grant administrative expenses of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, as described in section 4001(a)(6) of the FAST Act (Public Law 114–94).


Mass transit account


In general

There is authorized to be appropriated from the Mass Transit Account for fiscal year 2022, for each program under the covered laws with respect to which amounts are authorized to be appropriated from such account for fiscal year 2021, an amount equal to the amount authorized for appropriation with respect to the program from such account for fiscal year 2021.


Condition for apportionment

No funds authorized in this division or any other Act may be used to adjust Mass Transit Account apportionments or withhold funds from Mass Transit Account apportionments pursuant to section 9503(e)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 in fiscal year 2022.


General fund


In general

Except as provided in clauses (ii) and (iii), there is authorized to be appropriated for fiscal year 2022, for each program under covered laws with respect to which amounts are authorized to be appropriated for fiscal year 2021 from an account other than the Highway Account or the Mass Transit Account, an amount not less than the amount authorized for appropriation with respect to the program under the covered laws for fiscal year 2021.


Administrative expenses

Notwithstanding any other provision of this division, there is authorized to be appropriated from the general fund of the Treasury for fiscal year 2022 $131,500,000 for necessary administrative expenses of the Federal Transit Administration.


Capital investment grants

Notwithstanding any other provision of this division, there is authorized to be appropriated from the general fund of the Treasury for fiscal year 2022 $3,250,000,000 to carry out section 5309 of title 49, United States Code.


Use of funds

Except as otherwise provided in this division, amounts authorized to be appropriated for fiscal year 2022 with respect to a program under paragraph (2) shall be distributed, administered, limited, and made available for obligation in the same manner as amounts authorized to be appropriated with respect to the program for fiscal year 2021 under the covered laws.


Obligation limitation


In general

Except as provided in subparagraph (B), a program for which amounts are authorized to be appropriated under paragraph (2)(A) shall be subject to a limitation on obligations for fiscal year 2022 in the same amount and in the same manner as the limitation applicable with respect to the program for fiscal year 2021 under the title I of the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2021 (Public Law 116–260).


Federal-aid highway and highway safety construction programs


In general

Notwithstanding any other provision of this section, section 1102 of the FAST Act (Public Law 114–94), section 1101 of title I of division B of the Continuing Appropriations Act, 2021 and Other Extensions Act (Public Law 116–159), or title I of the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2021 (Public Law 116–260), for fiscal year 2022, the obligations for Federal-aid highway and highway safety construction programs shall not exceed $46,400,294,311.


Limitation on Federal highway administration administrative expenses

Notwithstanding any other provision of this section, of the amount described in clause (i), for fiscal year 2022 an amount not to exceed $492,000,000 together with advances and reimbursements received by the Federal Highway Administration, shall be obligated for necessary expenses for administration and operation of the Federal Highway Administration or transferred to the Appalachian Regional Commission for administrative activities associated with the Appalachian Development Highway System.


Nationally significant freight and highway projects

Section 117(d)(2)(A) of title 23, United States Code, is amended in the matter preceding clause (i)—


by striking $600,000,000 and inserting $700,000,000; and


by striking 2021 and inserting 2022.


Disadvantaged business enterprises

Section 1101(b) of the FAST Act (Public Law 114–94) (except for the requirements related to gross receipts under paragraph (2)(A)(ii) of such section) shall apply to amounts made available under sections 102, 103, 104 of this division.



In this section, the term covered laws means the following:


Section 1101 of title I of division B of the Continuing Appropriations Act, 2021 and Other Extensions Act (Public Law 116–159).


Titles I, III, IV, V, and VI of division A of the FAST Act (Public Law 114–94).


Division A, division B, subtitle A of title I and title II of division C, and division E of MAP–21 (Public Law 112–141).


Titles I, II, and III of the SAFETEA–LU Technical Corrections Act of 2008 (Public Law 110–244).


Titles I, II, III, IV, V, and VI of SAFETEA–LU (Public Law 109–59).


Titles I, II, III, IV, and V of the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (Public Law 105–178).


Titles II, III, and IV of the National Highway System Designation Act of 1995 (Public Law 104–59).


Title I, part A of title II, title III, title IV, title V, and title VI of the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 (Public Law 102–240).


Title 23, United States Code.


Sections 116, 117, 330, and 5505 and chapters 53, 139, 303, 311, 313, 701, and 702 of title 49, United States Code.


Additional amounts for the Federal-aid highway program and member designated projects


Authorization of appropriations


In general

In addition to amounts authorized under section 102, there is authorized to be appropriated from the Highway Account for fiscal year 2022, for activities under this section, $14,742,808,640.


Contract authority

Amounts authorized to be appropriated under paragraph (1) shall be available for obligation as if apportioned under chapter 1 of title 23, United States Code.


Obligation authority


In general



Notwithstanding any other provision of law, for fiscal year 2022, obligations for activities authorized under subsection (a) shall not exceed $14,742,808,640.


Period of availability


In general

Except as provided in clause (ii), obligation authority made available under this paragraph shall—


remain available until September 30, 2025; and


be in addition to the amount of any limitation imposed on obligations for Federal-aid highway and highway safety construction programs for fiscal year 2022 under section 102 or future fiscal years under any other provision of law.



Except as provided in subsection (i)(2)(E), obligation authority associated with a member designated project shall remain available until expended.


Distribution of obligation authority


In general

Of the obligation authority provided under paragraph (1), the Secretary shall make available to States, Tribes, Puerto Rico, the territories, and Federal land management agencies, during the period of fiscal year 2022, amounts of obligation authority equal to the amounts described in paragraphs (1) through (5) of subsection (c), respectively.


Further distribution

Each State, each Tribe, Puerto Rico, each territory, and each Federal land management agency receiving funds under paragraphs (1) through (5) of subsection (c), respectively, shall receive an amount of obligation authority equal to the funds received under any of such paragraphs.


Distribution of funds

Amounts authorized to be appropriated for fiscal year 2022 under subsection (a) shall be distributed as follows:


$14,343,545,973 to the States.


$167,481,814 to Tribes.


$52,400,251 to Puerto Rico.


$55,012,918 to the territories.


$124,367,684 to Federal land management agencies.


Supplemental State funds




Among States

Amounts distributed to States under subsection (c)(1) shall be distributed among the States in the same ratio as total State apportionments under section 104(c)(1) of title 23, United States Code, in fiscal year 2022.


Within a State

Of the amount distributed to a State under subparagraph (A)—


the amount specified in section 107 for each member designated project in the State shall be reserved to carry out such project; and


any remaining amount shall be available to the State under paragraph (2).



Funds made available under paragraph (1)(B)(ii) shall be—


available for activities eligible under section 133(b) of title 23, United States Code, subject to subsection (c) of such section; and


administered as if apportioned under chapter 1 of title 23, United States Code.


Tribal funds

Amounts distributed to Tribes under subsection (c)(2) shall be—


available for activities eligible under the tribal transportation program under section 202 of title 23, United States Code; and


administered as if allocated under section 202 of title 23, United States Code, except that the set-aside described in subparagraph (C) of section 202(b)(3) of such title and subsections (a)(6), (c), (d), and (e) of section 202 of such title shall not apply to such funds.


Puerto Rico funds



Of the amount distributed to Puerto Rico under subsection (c)(3)—


the amount specified in section 107 for each member designated project in Puerto Rico shall be reserved to carry out such project; and


any remaining amount shall be available to Puerto Rico under paragraph (2).



Funds made available under paragraph (1)(B) shall be—


administered as if allocated under section 165(b) of title 23, United States Code;


available for activities described under paragraph (2)(C)(iii) of such section; and


not subsection to subparagraph (A) or (B) of paragraph (2) of such section.


Territorial funds



Of the amount distributed to a territory under subsection (c)(4)—


the amount specified in section 107 for each member designated project in the territory shall be reserved to carry out such project;


of amounts remaining after the distribution under subparagraph (A), not more than $1,392,918 shall be made available to American Samoa; and


any remaining amount shall be available to the territories as described under paragraph (2).



Funds made available under subparagraphs (B) and (C) of paragraph (1) shall be administered as if allocated under, and available for activities described under, section 165(c) of title 23, United States Code.


Federal land management agency funds



Amounts distributed under subsection (c)(5) shall be distributed among the Federal land management agencies as follows:


$99,494,147 for the National Park Service.


$9,949,415 for the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.


$6,301,296 for the United States Forest Service.


$8,622,826 to be allocated to the remaining Federal land management agencies described in section 203(b) of title 23, United States Code.



Funds made available under paragraph (1) shall be—


available for activities eligible under the Federal lands transportation program under section 203 of title 23, United States Code; and


administered as if allocated under section 203 of title 23, United States Code.


Member designated projects




In general

Member designated project funds shall be available until expended, except as specified in paragraph (2)(C)(iv).




In general

Except as specified in paragraph (2)(C)(iv) or clauses (ii) or (iii), member designated project funds shall be administered as if apportioned—


for a project eligible under chapter 1 of title 23, United States Code, under such chapter;


for a project eligible under chapter 2 of title 23, United States Code, under such chapter; or


for a project eligible under chapter 53 of title 49, United States Code, under such chapter.


Federal share

Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the Federal share of the cost of a project assisted with member designated project funds shall be determined in accordance with section 120 of title 23, United States Code, or, in the case of a transit capital project, may be determined in accordance with section 5323(i)(1) of title 49, United States Code, if applicable.


Transit projects



Member designated project funds made available for transit capital and planning projects may be transferred to, and administered by, the Secretary in accordance with section 104(f) of title 23, United States Code.


Designated recipients

Member designated project authorizations specified in section 107 distributed to a State for transit capital and planning projects shall be made available for obligation to a designated or direct recipient or subrecipient under chapter 53 of title 49, United States Code, as specified in section 107 or, if no such eligible recipient is identified, to the designated recipient in the location specified in such section.


Repurposing of funds


In general



Beginning on October 1, 2025, except as described in clause (ii), if less than 10 percent of the amount reserved for a member designated project for a State, Puerto Rico, or territory has been obligated, the State, Puerto Rico, or a territory, respectively, may submit to the Secretary, a request to use, under subparagraph (B)—


the unobligated amount reserved for the member designated project; and


the obligation authority that is associated with such amount.


Completed projects

If the project has been completed and an unobligated amount remains reserved for a member designated project, a State, Puerto Rico, or territory may submit to the Secretary certification that such project has been completed (and the Secretary shall verify such completion). Upon verification, the State, Puerto Rico, or territory, respectively, may use, under subparagraph (B)—


the unobligated amount reserved for the member designated project; and


the obligation authority that is associated with such amount.



In making the determination under subparagraph (A)(i), the Secretary shall—


consider whether the member designated project can be completed with the amount reserved for the member designated project and other committed funds;


determine whether the public entity serving as the project sponsor listed in the Committee Report, or any subsequent report superceding such Committee Report, accompanying this Act supports the proposed repurposing; and


ensure that the proposed repurposing would be used for a project with the same eligible project type.



Funds for which the Secretary approves a request or verifies a completed project under subparagraph (A)—


may be used and shall be treated—


for a request by a State, as if such amount was made available under subsection (d)(1)(B)(ii);


for a request by Puerto Rico, as if such amount was made available under subsection (f)(1)(B); and


for a request by a territory, as if such amount was made available under subsection (g)(1)(C);


shall be used within the location described in subparagraph (D)(ii);


shall be subject to the Federal share specified in section 120 of title 23, United States Code, or, in the case of a transit capital project, may be determined in accordance with section 5323(i)(1) of title 49, United States Code, as applicable; and


notwithstanding paragraph (1)(A)(ii), shall remain available for obligation for a period of 3 fiscal years after the last day of the fiscal year in which the Secretary approves the request.


Location of projects

Funds for which the Secretary approves a request under subparagraph (A) shall—


for funds specified in section 107 to be used within a metropolitan planning area (as such term is defined in section 134(b) of title 23, United States Code), applied to an activity within or predominantly serving such metropolitan area;


for funds specified in section 107 to be used within a political subdivision of a State, applied to an activity within or predominantly serving such political subdivision;


for funds specified in section 107 to be used within Puerto Rico, applied to an activity within Puerto Rico; and


for funds specified in section 107 to be used within a territory, applied to an activity within such territory.


Obligation authority

Notwithstanding subsection (b)(1)(B)(ii), obligation authority that is repurposed under this paragraph shall remain available for obligation for a period of 3 fiscal years after the last day of the fiscal year in which the Secretary approves the request or verifies the completed project under subparagraph (A).


Federal Transit Administration


All stations accessibility program


In general

The Secretary may make grants under this subsection to assist eligible entities in financing capital projects to upgrade accessibility for persons with disabilities by increasing the number of covered stations that meet (including exceeding) the new construction standards of title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (42 U.S.C. 12131 et seq.).


Eligible costs

A grant awarded under this section shall be used on a covered system for the purpose described in paragraph (1) only—


for a project to repair, improve, or relocate station infrastructure at a covered station;


to develop or modify a plan for pursuing public transportation accessibility projects; or


to carry out other projects at covered stations that meet (including exceeding) the new construction standards of title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (42 U.S.C. 12131 et seq.).


Eligible facilities

The Secretary—


may not provide a grant awarded under this subsection to upgrade a station that is accessible to and usable by individuals with disabilities, including individuals who use wheelchairs, consistent with current new construction standards under title II the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (42 U.S.C. 1231 et seq.); and


may provide a grant to upgrade a station that is not accessible and usable as described in paragraph (1), even if related services, programs, or activities, when viewed in entirety, are readily accessible and usable as so described.



To apply for a grant under this subsection, an applicant shall provide to the Secretary such information as the Secretary may require, including, at a minimum, information on—


the extent to which the proposed project will increase the accessibility of a covered system;


projected improvements in access to jobs, community activities, and essential destinations provided by such project;


the applicant’s plans to—


enhance the customer experience and maximize accessibility of rolling stock and stations for individuals with disabilities;


improve the operations of, provide efficiencies of service to, and enhance the public transportation system for individuals with disabilities; and


address equity of service to all riders regardless of ability, including for riders of differing abilities that are low-income, seniors, or riders from communities of color; and


coordination between the applicant and disability advocacy entities.


Federal share

The Federal share of the net project cost of a grant provided under this subsection shall be 90 percent. The recipient may provide additional local matching amounts.


Grant requirements

Except as otherwise provided under this subsection, a grant provided under this subsection shall be subject to the requirements of section 5307 of title 49, United States Code.


Grant solicitation

The Secretary may provide funds authorized under this subsection through 1 or more notices of funding opportunity.


Authorization of appropriations

There is authorized to be appropriated from the Mass Transit Account $1,000,000,000 for fiscal year 2022 to provide grants under this subsection.


Availability of amounts

Amounts made available under this subsection—


shall remain available for 4 fiscal years after the fiscal year for which the amount is made available; and


that remain unobligated at the end of the period described in subparagraph (A) shall be made available to other eligible projects.



In this section:


Covered station

The term covered station means a rail fixed guideway public transportation station for passenger use constructed prior to the date of enactment of this Act.


Covered system

The term covered system means a rail fixed guideway public transportation system that was in operation before July 26, 1990.



The term disability has the meaning given such term in section 3 of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (42 U.S.C. 12102).


Eligible entity

The term eligible entity means a State or local governmental authority that operates a rail fixed guideway public transportation system that was in operation before July 26, 1990.


Reducing transit deserts


In general

The Secretary may make grants under this subsection to eligible recipients for eligible projects to establish new bus service or increase the frequency of bus service.


Eligible projects

Eligible projects under this subsection are projects in eligible areas—


to establish or enhance bus service with headways equal to or shorter than 20 minutes for at least 18 hours per day in neighborhoods lacking such service;


to establish or increase express lane transit service that connects communities to jobs and essential destinations, as long as such service will improve mobility or expand affordable transportation options in underserved communities; or


to establish or enhance high-quality bus service to community colleges and Minority Serving Institutions, including Historically Black Colleges and Universities.


Eligible costs

Eligible costs under this section include—


acquisition of vehicles;


acquisition, installation, and construction of bus stops, stations, and related infrastructure;


maintenance activities to support the expanded service;


adding service hours or days to existing transit service; and


operating expenses for up to 2 years beginning on the first day of revenue service.



To apply for a grant under this subsection, an applicant shall provide to the Secretary such information as the Secretary may require, including information on the extent to which the project will—


provide reliable and frequent connections to jobs, education and workforce training, and essential destinations;


reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions; and


support unserved and underserved populations and communities.


Federal share


In general

The Federal share of the net project cost of a capital project carried out using a grant under this subsection shall be 80 percent. The recipient may provide additional local matching amounts.


Operating costs

The Federal share of net operating costs for a project carried out using a grant under this subsection shall be not more than 50 percent.


Grant requirements


In general

A grant under this subsection shall be subject to the requirements of section 5307 of title 49, United States Code, for eligible recipients, except operating expenses shall be eligible for funding under this subsection for 2 years beginning on the first day of revenue service in urbanized areas with populations greater than 200,000.


New or enhanced service

The new or enhanced service funded under this subsection shall be operated for a period of at least 5 years.


Grant solicitation

The Secretary may provide funds authorized under this subsection through 1 or more notices of funding opportunity.


Justice40 Initiative

In making competitive grants under this subsection, the Secretary shall, to the extent practicable, have a goal that 40 percent of the overall benefits of the Federal investment flow to disadvantaged communities, consistent with sections 219 and 223 of Executive Order 14008 and related regulations, Executive Orders, and administrative guidance.


Availability of amounts

Any amounts made available under this subsection—


shall remain available for 2 fiscal years after the fiscal year for which the amount is made available; and


that remain unobligated at the end of the period described in subparagraph (A) shall be made available to other eligible projects.


Authorization of appropriations

There is authorized to be appropriated out of the Mass Transit Account $1,000,000,000 for fiscal year 2022 to provide grants under this subsection.



In this subsection:


Eligible area

The term eligible area means a neighborhood or service area, as defined by the Secretary, within an urbanized area that has a population of more than 100,000 where fewer than 45,000 annual fixed route bus vehicle revenue miles per square mile are operated.


Eligible recipient

The term eligible recipient means—


designated recipients that allocate funds to fixed route bus operators or express lane transit operators; or


State or local governmental entities that operate or propose to operate fixed route bus service or express lane transit.


Express lane transit

The term express lane transit means an integrated combination of bus rapid transit and tolled managed lanes that allows for limited access entry of toll paying vehicles to restricted lanes, while prioritizing transit’s need and use of available capacity in order to improve transit performance.


Federal share adjustments


In general

In addition to amounts made available under section 5338(b) of title 49, United States Code, and section 102(a)(2)(B)(iii) of this division, there are authorized to be appropriated for fiscal year 2022 such sums as may be necessary to increase the Federal share, at the request of the project sponsor, of a new fixed guideway, a core capacity improvement, or a small starts project that is not open to revenue service and that has received an allocation of funding in fiscal years 2019, 2020, or 2021.



In making allocations under subparagraph (1), the Secretary shall take into consideration the extent to which the project sponsor demonstrates a need for a higher Federal share, including the extent to which—


a project sponsor made a local financial commitment that exceeded 20 percent of the cost of the project; and


a project sponsor has experienced, as a result of the coronavirus public health emergency.



Notwithstanding any other provision of law, if a project meets 1 or both of the criteria in paragraph (2), the Secretary shall increase the Federal share of a project under this section by up to 30 percent, up to a maximum of an 80 percent Federal share.



Amounts distributed under this subsection shall be provided notwithstanding the limitation of any calculation of the maximum amount of Federal financial assistance for the project for a new fixed guideway, a core capacity improvement, or a small start project.


National highway traffic safety administration


Special funding for fiscal year 2022


In general


Authorization of appropriations

In addition to amounts authorized under section 102, there is authorized to be appropriated from the Highway Account for fiscal year 2022, for activities under this subsection, $244,514,000.


Contract authority

Amounts authorized under subparagraph (A) shall be available for obligation in the same manner as if such funds were apportioned under chapter 1 of title 23, United States Code.


Obligation limitation

Notwithstanding any other provision of law, for fiscal year 2022, obligations for activities authorized under this paragraph and obligations for activities authorized under section 102(a)(2)(A)(i)(II)(bb) that exceed amounts authorized under section 4001(a)(6) of the FAST Act (Public Law 114–94) shall not exceed $247,783,000.


Distribution of funds

Amounts authorized to be appropriated for fiscal year 2022 under paragraph (1) shall be distributed as follows:


$105,000,000 for carrying out section 402 of title 23, United States Code.


$15,312,000 for carrying out section 403 of title 23, United States Code.


$19,202,000 for carrying out section 404 of title 23, United States Code.


$105,000,000 for carrying out section 405 of title 23, United States Code.


Cooperative research and evaluation

Notwithstanding the apportionment formula set forth in section 402(c)(2) of title 23, United States Code, and section 403(f)(1) of title 23, United States Code, $2,500,000 of the total amount available for apportionment to the States for highway safety programs under section 402(c)(2) of title 23, United States Code, fiscal year 2022, shall be available for expenditure by the Secretary, acting through the Administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, for a cooperative research and evaluation program to research and evaluate priority highway safety countermeasures.


Federal motor carrier safety administration


Special funding for fiscal year 2022


Authorization of appropriations


In general

In addition to amounts authorized under section 102, there is authorized to be appropriated from the Highway Account for fiscal year 2022, for activities under this subsection, $209,900,000.


Obligation limitation

Notwithstanding any other provision of law, for fiscal year 2022, obligations for activities authorized under this paragraph shall not exceed $209,900,000.


Distribution of funds

Amounts authorized to be appropriated for fiscal year 2022 under paragraph (1) shall be distributed as follows:


Subject to section 31104(c) of title 49, United States Code—


$80,512,000 for carrying out section 31102 (except subsection (l)) of title 49, United States Code);


$14,208,000 for carrying out section 31102(l) of title 49, United States Code; and


$23,680,000 for carrying out section 31313 of title 49, United States Code.


$91,500,000 for carrying out section 31110 of title 49, United States Code.


Treatment of funds

Amounts made available under this section shall be made available for obligation and administered as if made available under chapter 311 of title 49, United States Code.


Administrative expenses

The Administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration shall ensure that funds made available under subsection (a)(2)(B) are used, to the maximum extent practicable, to support—


the acceleration of planned investments to modernize the Administration’s information technology and information management systems;


the completion of outstanding statutory mandates required by MAP–21 (112–141) and the FAST Act (114–94); and


a Large Truck Crash Causal Factors Study of the Administration.


Member designated project authorizations


Member designated projects

The amount listed for each member designated project in the table in subsection (c) shall be available (from amounts made available by paragraphs (1), (3), and (4) of section 103(c)) for fiscal year 2022 to carry out each such project.


Savings clause


Additional information

In administering member designated projects, the Secretary shall consider the additional information provided in the Committee Report, or any subsequent report superceding such Committee Report, accompanying this Act.


Subsequent phases


In general

Subject to subparagraph (B), nothing in the table in subsection (c), or in the Committee Report, or any subsequent report superceding such Committee Report, accompanying this Act, shall prevent the Secretary, at the discretion of the Secretary, from allowing a subsequent phase of a member designated project to be carried out with funds reserved for such project under subsection (c).


Project sponsor concurrence

The Secretary shall only allow under this paragraph a subsequent phase of a member designated project to be carried out with funds reserved for such project under subsection (c) with the concurrence of the project sponsor for such project listed in the Committee Report, or any subsequent report superseding such Committee Report, accompanying this Act.



Nothing in the table in subsection (c), or the Committee Report, or any subsequent report superceding such Committee Report, accompanying this Act, shall prevent funds reserved for a member designated project from being repurposed as described in section 103(i)(2), provided that all requirements in such section are satisfied.


Project designations

The table in this subsection is as follows:

No.Project NameCityState/TerritoryAmount
1Cowles Street Reconstruction FairbanksAK7,955,000
2Replace Bridge 114.3 AnchorageAK6,421,200
3Seldon Road Extension, Phase 2WasillaAK5,623,800
4Alabama State Highway 77 Northbound Bridge Replacement ProjectSouthsideAL2,396,200
5Lighting and Landscaping on I–85 at Exit 57 AuburnAL1,840,000
6Realignment of SR–22 to US–431RoanokeAL8,005,000
7Red Bay Interchange Lighting at SR–24 (Corr V) and SR–19Red BayAL860,000
8Widening of Hwy 411MoodyAL509,000
9Bridge Replacement on CR–39MontgomeryAL 2,339,717
10Bridge Replacement over Sipsey River Greene and Pickens CountiesAL 3,296,963
11Dallas County—Bridge Replacement on SR–14Dallas CountyAL 6,239,939
12Resurfacing on US–43 Marengo CountyAL 1,616,000
13Resurfacing on US–84Choctaw CountyAL 1,616,000
14Streetscape—Civil Rights District Freedom TrailBirminghamAL 2,000,000
15Streetscape—Richard Arrington Blvd Safety Improvements BirminghamAL 1,969,664
16Future I–57Clay CountyAR20,000,000
1756th Street Roadway Mobility and Safety ImprovementsPhoenixAZ5,000,000
185th/6th Street Complete Streets ProjectTucsonAZ7,000,000
1977th Street Access ImprovementsScottsdaleAZ1,102,748
20Chino Road Extension Phase IIDouglasAZ2,910,000
21Cool Pavement ProgramPhoenixAZ3,200,000
22Davis Road Mileposts 5 & 13Tombstone and McNealAZ4,000,000
23Downtown Electric Vehicle Charging StationsPhoenixAZ2,400,000
24Drexel Road Extension and Bridge ProjectTucsonAZ5,000,000
25Electric Bus InfrastructureFlagstaffAZ1,485,000
26Flashing Yellow Arrow (FYA) Phase IIIGlendaleAZ800,000
27Grand Canalscape Improvements Phase IV: 47th Avenue to Interstate 17PhoenixAZ5,000,000
28Highline Canal Recreational Path Lighting ReplacementGuadalupeAZ501,824
29I–10, Loop 202 to SR 387PhoenixAZ5,000,000
30Intersection Safety Improvements at Six High-Crash Locations in PhoenixPhoenixAZ5,760,000
31Kyrene Branch Canal Shared Use PathChandlerAZ1,758,000
32Lone Tree CorridorFlagstaffAZ8,000,000
33Pathway Project, Baffert Dr to Nogales High SchoolNogalesAZ1,220,169
34Peters Road WideningCasa GrandeAZ5,000,000
35San Xavier Road Pedestrian Pathway ProjectTucsonAZ814,000
36Sonoran Corridor Tier II EISTucson AZ5,000,000
37South Campbell Avenue Complete Streets ProjectTucsonAZ6,209,831
38Tempe/Mesa Streetcar Rio Salado East ExtensionTempe and MesaAZ4,000,000
39Tucson Regional North-South Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) CorridorTucsonAZ6,512,000
40US89/ Lake Powell Blvd RoundaboutPageAZ5,000,000
41California State Route 57/60 Confluence Chokepoint Relief Program Diamond BarCA18,000,000
42Cohasset Road Widening and Fire Safety ProjectCohassetCA900,000
43Commerce Center Drive Bridge, Los Angeles CountyUnincorporated Los Angeles CountyCA3,666,666
44Creating the Next-Generation Santa Ana Regional Transportation CenterSanta AnaCA1,280,000
45First Avenue Bridges Replacement over Mojave River and OverflowsBarstowCA7,000,000
46First Street Pedestrian Improvements Santa AnaCA4,000,000
47Fix 5 Cascade GatewayReddingCA15,000,000
48Harbor Boulevard Street ImprovementsGarden GroveCA6,248,303
49Intersection Safety Improvements Projects AnaheimCA750,000
50Interstate 10/Wildwood Canyon Road Interchange ProjectYucaipaCA1,000,000
51Interstate 15 (I–15)/State Route 78 (SR–78) Managed Lanes ProjectEscondidoCA20,000,000
52Interstate 15 Corridor Operations ProjectCoronaCA3,000,000
53National Trail Highway WideningVictorvilleCA5,000,000
54Plant 42 Access and Safety EnhancementsPalmdaleCA8,666,666
55Quick Fix Circulation Improvement ProjectSanta ClaritaCA3,666,666
56Roe Road Extension Project—Phase 1ParadiseCA1,800,000
57Scott Road/Bundy Canyon Road Widening ProjectMenifeeCA12,000,000
58Sequoia Avenue Railroad Grade Crossing UpgradeSimi ValleyCA4,000,000
59Southgate Interchange (EIR Only)ChicoCA1,800,000
60SR–210 5th Street InterchangeHighlandCA3,000,000
61State Route 41 Excelsior Corridor ProjectFresno CountyCA20,000,000
62Temescal Canyon Road Widening Project (El Cerrito Segment)CoronaCA5,000,000
63The Anaheim Way: Night Owl Transit ServiceAnaheimCA650,000
64Transit Security & Operations CenterAnaheim CA5,000,000
65US395 Olancha-Cartago 4 Lane ProjectOlancha, CartagoCA2,000,000
66“I” Street Operating Maintenance Facility Rehabilitation ProjectSan BernardinoCA 2,000,000
67Street Resurfacing ProjectDaly CityCA 1,000,000
685 and 134 Freeway Electric Vehicle DC Fast Charging NetworkBurbankCA 1,000,000
697th Street BridgeModestoCA 6,500,000
70ADA Curb-Ramp and Sidewalk ImprovementsLong BeachCA 1,450,000
71Additional Mini Highs at Caltrain StationsSan Francisco, Burlingame, San Mateo, Belmont, Palo Alto, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, San Jose, Morgan Hill, San Martin, and GilroyCA 856,000
72Agnew Siding Track Infrastructure ProjectSanta ClaraCA 6,610,000
73Alder Avenue Improvements at SR–210RialtoCA 2,380,000
74Altadena Community Safe Routes to School Plan AltadenaCA 480,000
75Amar Road Complete Streets from Baldwin Park Boulevard to Unruh Avenue, Unincorporated West Puente Valley, CALa PuenteCA 2,250,000
76Anaheim Street Corridor ImprovementsLong BeachCA 12,000,000
77Antioch Bicycle GardenAntiochCA 2,000,000
78Appian Way Pedestrian Crossing EnhancementsEl SobranteCA 2,000,000
79Arcade-Cripple Creek Trail (formerly Electric Greenway Trail) Citrus Heights and OrangevaleCA 1,100,000
80Arrow Highway Median Island Installation Project from Azusa Avenue to Citrus AvenueAzusaCA 3,000,000
81Arrow Highway Rehabilitation Project from East City Limit to West City LimitSan DimasCA 1,600,000
82Artesia Great BoulevardLong BeachCA 8,000,000
83At-grade Caltrain Crossing Safety Project—E. Bellevue Avenue and Villa TerraceSan MateoCA 3,000,000
84Atlantic Avenue ImprovementsLos AngelesCA 5,200,000
85Atwater-Merced Expressway (AME) Phase 1B Right of Way acquisitionMercedCA 2,000,000
86Azusa Avenue Pedestrian Handicap Accessibility & Signal Synchronization Improvements Project West CovinaCA 3,000,000
87Bay Bridge Forward – I–80/Powell Street Transit Access and I–80 Westbound Bus Lane ExtensionEmeryville and Oakland CA 3,000,000
88Bay Trail at Shoreline ParkSan LeandroCA 3,000,000
89Bay Trail Connectivity—Vista Point Bay TrailSausalitoCA 1,300,000
90Belmont Alameda de las Pulgas Corridor ProjectBelmontCA 2,400,000
91Beverly and Robertson Boulevards Complete Street ImprovementsWest HollywoodCA 3,000,000
92Boulder Creek Complete Streets Improvements ProjectBoulder CreekCA 1,500,000
93Broadway Rehabilitation ProjectGlendaleCA 2,008,000
94Build a non-motorized multi-use path along State Route 1, connecting the communities of Morro Bay and Cayucos in San Luis Obispo CountyCayucosCA 4,000,000
95Bus/Rail Support Facilities and Equipment (Trolley Yard Expansion Project)San DiegoCA 2,000,000
96Cabrillo Mole Phase IIAvalonCA 6,700,000
97Caltrain Crossing Optimization Project San JoseCA 315,000
98Camino Pablo Pathway Rehabilitation Project OrindaCA 528,000
99Capital SouthEast Connector—Segment D3 Class 1 Multi-Use Path and Broadband FolsomCA 2,000,000
100Central Avenue Safety Improvement Project – Additional RoundaboutAlamedaCA 1,800,000
101Central Mobility Hub Pre-Construction ProjectSan DiegoCA 25,000,000
102Chandler Blvd Bike Path Gap ClosureLos AngelesCA 400,000
103Chapman Avenue/Lamplighter Street Traffic SignalGarden GroveCA 400,000
104Chip Seal ProgramLakeportCA 2,288,000
105City of Ojai Electric Trolley OjaiCA 440,000
106City of San Fernando Fixed Trolley Service – Electric BusesCity of San FernandoCA 1,340,000
107City of San Fernando Sidewalk Repair ProjectCity of San FernandoCA 844,800
108City of Vista Sidewalk Improvement Project on Nevada Avenue and Lemon AvenueVistaCA 820,368
109Community Beautification ProjectGlendaleCA 2,400,000
110Cool Neighborhood ProjectsLos AngelesCA 1,000,000
111Covina Grade Crossing Safety Projects throughout Metrolink CorridorCovinaCA 3,000,000
112Cudahy Citywide Complete Streets Improvement ProjectCudahyCA 1,700,000
113CUFC—Washington Street Widening ProjectStocktonCA 1,200,000
114Culver CityBus Fleet Electrification Facility InfrastructureCulver CityCA 3,500,000
115Del Amo Boulevard Bridge Replacement and Signal Enhancements ProjectCerritosCA 18,000,000
116Destination Crenshaw Streetscape Improvement ProjectLos AngelesCA 7,600,000
117Downtown Mobility Phase 3ASan DiegoCA 5,600,000
118Duarte—Donald & Bernice Watson Multi-Use Pathway Improvement Project DuarteCA 1,225,000
119East Bayshore Road Safety ImprovementsEast Palo AltoCA 1,000,000
120East Los Angeles Community MobilityLos AngelesCA 800,000
121East Oakland Hydrogen Fueling UpgradeOaklandCA 2,000,000
122East San Fernando Valley Traffic Signals on the High Injury NetworkVan Nuys and North HollywoodCA 1,797,312
123East San Fernando Valley Transit Corridor (ESFVTC) Transit-Oriented Community (TOC) Plan Van Nuys, Arleta, PacoimaCA 1,236,000
124East San Fernando Valley Transit Corridor ProjectCity of San Fernando to Van NuysCA 10,000,000
125East San Jose Corridor Safety Improvement ProjectSan JoseCA 4,700,000
126El Camino Real to Via De LaValleSan DiegoCA 2,500,000
127El Cerrito del Norte Area TOD Complete Streets Improvements ProjectEl CerritoCA 2,244,000
128Electric Vehicle Car Share ProgramSan PedroCA 120,650
129Elm Avenue Road Diet Reconstruction and Class IV-Ventura/California to North AvenueFresnoCA 3,750,000
130Embarcadero Station Platform Elevator Capacity and Redundancy ProjectSan FranciscoCA 6,250,000
131Emerald Necklace Quarry Clasp Peck Park TrailArcadiaCA 1,548,800
132Evelyn Avenue Multi-Use TrailSunnyvaleCA 3,800,000
133Flint Canyon Trail Repair/RestorationLa Cañada FlintridgeCA 4,800,000
134Florence A Line FLM ImprovementsLos AngelesCA 4,000,000
135Francisquito Avenue Metrolink At-Grade Safety ImprovementsBaldwin ParkCA 2,300,000
136Gardena GTrans Zero-Emission Bus ProjectGardenaCA 4,400,000
137Garfield Avenue Complete StreetsSan PedroCA 1,500,000
138Glendora People MovementGlendoraCA 5,000,000
139Gold Line Light Rail Low Floor Station ConversionFolsom and Rancho CordovaCA 1,913,788
140Golden Gate Bridge Physical Suicide Deterrent System (SDS) ProjectSan FranciscoCA 6,550,000
141Hale Avenue/Santa Teresa Expressway Extension Phase 2AMorgan HillCA 800,000
142Harbor Drive 2.0San Diego and National CityCA 800,000
143Hawthorne—120th Street Improvement Project HawthorneCA 950,000
144High Voltage Conversion Fed Program Unit 2 City of Los AngelesCA 347,200
145Highland Avenue and Wabash Avenue Intersection Improvement ProjectRedlandsCA 400,000
146Highway 1 North Bicycle/Pedestrian Improvements ProjectHalf Moon BayCA 1,000,000
147Highway 116/West Cotati Intersection Safety Improvement ProjectCotatiCA 2,000,000
148Highway 24 LaMorinda Smart Signal System projectOrinda and LafayetteCA 2,000,000
149Highway 9 Safety Improvement ProjectMonte SerenoCA 520,000
150Highways to BoulevardsLos AngelesCA 480,000
151I Street Bridge Replacement Project Sacramento and West SacramentoCA 15,000,000
152I–405 Sepulveda Pass (Phase 1) ExpressLanesLos AngelesCA 5,000,000
153I–505 Vaca Valley Parkway Corridor Multimodal Improvements ProjectVacavilleCA 4,000,000
154Inglewood Transit Connector (ITC)InglewoodCA 9,200,000
155Interstate 15 Northern Extension (I–15 NEXT)Jurupa Valley and EastvaleCA 20,000,000
156Jepson Parkway Vanden Road Complete Streets Project to Travis Air Force BaseFairfieldCA 7,460,000
157LA Streetcar Power Utility RelocationsLos AngelesCA 2,000,000
158Lawndale—Redondo Beach Blvd ProjectLawndaleCA 1,000,000
159Leesdale Passing Siding Extension and Upgrade, Ventura County, CACamarilloCA 6,000,000
160Leucadia Streetscape Phase 2 (Shown in the TransNet as North Coast Highway 101 Beautification)Encinitas CA 4,000,000
161Liberty Canyon (Crossing)Agoura HillsCA 5,000,000
162Link Union StationLos AngelesCA 5,000,000
163Los Nietos Sunshine Shuttle Electric Bus ReplacementUnincorporated Los NietosCA 480,000
164LOSSAN Corridor Improvements Del MarCA 12,500,000
165Malaga Bridge ProjectFontanaCA 15,000,000
166Market Avenue Complete StreetN. RichmondCA 2,170,000
167Melrose Avenue Complete Street ImprovementsWest HollywoodCA 4,944,149
168Metro Purple Line Beverly/Wilshire North Portal ProjectCity Beverly HillsCA 5,000,000
169Middle Avenue Pedestrian/Bicycle Rail Crossing ProjectMenlo ParkCA 6,500,000
170Mission Bl/ Pine St Safety Improvement ProjectFremontCA 2,000,000
171Mobility for All Project N. Richmond and Bay PointCA 2,000,000
172Mobility Wallet Demonstration and Research StudyLos Angeles CountyCA 4,000,000
173Monroe Street Interchange ProjectIndioCA 20,000,000
174Napa Valley Vine Trail—Yountville to St. HelenaSt. HelenaCA 3,000,000
175New Traffic Signal at Morrison and SepulvedaLos AngelesCA 710,000
176New Traffic Signal at Plummer and White Oak AvenueLos AngelesCA 710,400
177New Traffic Signal at Scott Creek Rd/ Zinfandel StFremontCA 950,000
178New Transit Maintenance FacilityCommerceCA 2,000,000
179North San Jose Bike Plan ImplementationSan JoseCA 3,838,348
180Oakland 7th St Bike/Ped ImprovementsOaklandCA 2,500,000
181Oakland Alameda Access ProjectOakland and AlamedaCA 2,996,000
182Ojai Avenue Pedestrian Crossing Safety Lighting Improvements OjaiCA 440,000
183Old I Street Bridge Deck Conversion for Active Transportation ProjectWest SacramentoCA 4,150,000
184Old Town Streetscape Phase 2Elk GroveCA 2,000,000
185Olive/Magnolia Bridge Safety Barrier Rail ProjectBurbankCA 2,000,000
186Otay Mesa Truck Route Phase 4San DiegoCA 1,300,000
187Overlook and Viewpoint Improvements to end of Mouth of Smith River RoadSmith RiverCA 500,000
188Pacific Coast Highway at Crenshaw Boulevard Intersection Capacity EnhancementsCity of TorranceCA 652,800
189Parkway Drive and Merced Street Bicycle and Pedestrian ImprovementsEl MonteCA 2,600,000
190Pedestrian, ADA, Traffic Signal and Pavement Improvements along Bus Routes Temple CityCA 6,200,000
191Pine Avenue ExtensionChinoCA 5,000,000
192Port of Hueneme Intermodal Improvement Project to Modernize the Port Wharf and Pier and Cargo FacilitiesOxnardCA 3,000,000
193Port of Oakland Solar, Battery Storage and Electric Vehicle Truck Charger DeploymentOaklandCA 1,000,000
194Puddingstone Drive Bicycle and Pedestrian ProjectLa VerneCA 998,000
195Purchase of eleven Battery-Electric Buses—SLORTASan Luis ObispoCA 5,000,000
196Quint-Jerrold Connector RoadSan FranciscoCA 7,200,000
197Rail to Rail/River Active Transportation Corridor Project Los AngelesCA 5,000,000
198Reche Canyon Road AlignmentColtonCA 4,452,000
199Replacement of 2nd Street Bridge over Warm CreekSan BernardinoCA 2,000,000
200Resilient State Route 37 Corridor Enhancement ProgramSonomaCA 7,000,000
201Richmond Parkway Transit Center and Freeway Access ImprovementsRichmondCA 1,000,000
202San Fernando Road Bike Path Phase IIISun Valley and North HollywooodCA 594,027
203San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Station Restroom and Lighting EnhancementsOakland, San Leandro, BerkeleyCA 3,000,000
204San Francisco Bay Area regional advance mitigation programAlameda, Contra Costa, and Santa Clara countiesCA 5,000,000
205San Pablo Avenue Rehabilitation, City Limits to Pinole ShoresPinoleCA 742,000
206San Rafael Channel Crossing Swing BridgeSan RafaelCA 2,000,000
207Santa Cruz METRO Bus ReplacementsSanta CruzCA 1,840,000
208Santa Cruz Paratransit Vans Replacement ProjectSanta CruzCA 505,750
209Saratoga Pedestrian Walkway ProjectSaratogaCA 1,200,000
210Scotts Creek Coastal Resiliency ProjectUnincorporated Santa Cruz County north of DavenportCA 3,500,000
211Sepulveda Transit CorridorCity of Los AngelesCA 10,000,000
212Serramonte Boulevard and Serramonte Center Driveway Traffic SignalColmaCA 400,000
213Sharp Park Priority Development Area (PDA) Access Resurfacing ProjectPacificaCA 960,000
214Slauson Avenue Congestion Huntington ParkCA 1,000,000
215SMART Russian River Rail Bridge Rehabilitation HealdsburgCA 13,606,840
216Solar Energy Project (Phase 2)StocktonCA 5,300,000
217SR 86 Improvement ProjectImperialCA 3,000,000
218SR128/I–505 Overcrossing (Br. 22–0110)/Russell Blvd Bicycle and Pedestrian ImprovementsWintersCA 8,540,000
219State Route 11/Otay Mesa East Port of EntrySan DiegoCA 12,500,000
220State Route 132 West ProjectModestoCA 12,000,000
221State Route 25 Expressway Conversion and State Route 25/156 Interchange ProjectHollisterCA 10,000,000
222State Route 37 and Fairgrounds Drive Interchange ImprovementsVallejoCA 4,000,000
223State Route 99 Madera South—Operational Improvement ProjectMaderaCA 10,000,000
224Stockton Rail Maintenance Facility Expansion StocktonCA 6,715,000
225Sustainable Mobility Expansion ProjectRedlandsCA 1,756,630
226Tarzana Crossing Great Streets ProjectTarzana—Los AngelesCA 500,000
227The Highway 101 Multimodal Corridor Project from Santa Barbara to Montecito with improvements on Highway 101 (SB–101–PM 9.1/12.3) and Adjacent Local Streets including the Cabrillo Boulevard Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvement ProjectSanta BarbaraCA 11,000,000
228Thornton Avenue Pavement RehabilitationNewarkCA 2,000,000
229Torrance to Florence Bus ServiceTorranceCA 4,432,924
230Track Rehabilitation of the San Bernardino LineCity of Rancho Cucamonga, California spanning to the City of Montclair, California including the cities of Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, and MontclairCA 2,000,000
231Traffic Signal System Upgrades on I–680 Project Danville, Walnut Creek, Concord, Pleasant HillCA 6,000,000
232Tri MyRide Fleet Expansion ProjectAntiochCA 1,760,000
233TRI-CONNECT, SoCal Freight InitiativeLos AngelesCA 3,357,895
234U.S. 101 and Del Norte Boulevard Interchange OxnardCA 3,000,000
235Union Street Protected Bike LanesPasadenaCA 1,600,000
236US 101 / Woodside Interchange ImprovementRedwood CityCA 2,500,000
237US 101 Safety Improvements—South of SalinasSalinas and Chualar (Monterey County)CA 2,000,000
238US 101/SR 25 Interchange Phase 2—Santa Teresa Boulevard ExtensionGilroyCA 5,000,000
239US–101 Managed Lane Project North of I–380San MateoCA 10,000,000
240Valley Link—Implementation of Sustainability BlueprintLivermoreCA 20,000,000
241Vasco Road Safety Improvements Phase IIByronCA 3,905,000
242Vermont Transit Corridor ImprovementsLos AngelesCA 10,000,000
243Walnut Park Bus Stop ImprovementsWalnut ParkCA 1,200,000
244Walnut Park Pedestrian Plan ImplementationWalnut ParkCA 1,200,000
245Warm Springs Grade Crossing ImprovementsSan JoseCA 7,703,100
246West Berkeley Bicycle and Pedestrian ImprovementsBerkeleyCA 704,000
247West San Jose Priority Bikeways Implementation ProjectSan JoseCA 3,285,680
248West Santa Ana Branch Transit CorridorLos AngelesCA 5,000,000
249West Valley Connector Bus Rapid Transit—Phase 1, and Zero-Emission Bus InitiativeSan BernardinoCA 5,000,000
250White Rock Road—0.5 Miles East of Rancho Cordova Parkway to the Easterly City LimitsRancho CordovaCA 12,307,000
251Widen Central Ave to add new Class II Bike Lanes near U.S. 101 to the northwest city limitsCamarilloCA 4,000,000
252Wilmington Waterfront-Avalon Pedestrian BridgeWilmingtonCA 1,000,000
253Woodman Ave. Pedestrian Improvement Project Panorama CityCA 3,256,591
254Ygnacio Valley Road Project Walnut CreekCA 1,000,000
255Yosemite Area Regional Transportation System MercedCA 2,250,000
256Zero Emission Bus Replacements, Charging Infrastructure and Zero Emissions Job TrainingOxnardCA 1,675,000
257Zero Emission Buses and Charging InfrastructureWilmingtonCA 5,000,000
258Zero Emissions Bus Purchase—Pasadena, CAPasadenaCA 2,100,000
25916th St Mall Reconstruction ProgramDenverCO6,530,000
260Aurora Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan UpdateAuroraCO800,000
261Big Barnes Ditch Trail ImprovementsLovelandCO500,000
262Cameron Peak Post-Fire Emergency FundingLarimer CountyCO2,000,000
263Central Corridor Rail ReplacementDenverCO7,930,000
264CO 9 Widening from Iron Springs to FriscoSummit CountyCO1,000,000
265Easter/Havana Intersection ImprovementsCentennialCO6,000,000
266Eisenhower Johnson Memorial Tunnel (EJMT) Repairs and UpgradesDillonCO4,000,000
267Expansion of Gun Club RoadAuroraCO1,500,000
268Federal Parkway Multimodal Transportation ImprovementsWestminsterCO4,107,114
269Frisco Transit CenterFriscoCO6,650,000
270I–25 Valley Highway: Phases 3 and 4 ROW AcquisitionDenverCO5,530,000
271I–25/Belleview Avenue Interchange ImprovementsGreenwood VillageCO10,000,000
272I–70 and 32nd Ave. Bridge ReplacementWheat RidgeCO2,000,000
273SH–72 (Indiana St) Widening at UPRRArvadaCO1,095,872
274State Highway 119 and State Highway 52 Multimodal Intersection Improvements Boulder CountyCO5,000,000
275US 36 and Community Drive RoundaboutEstes ParkCO850,000
276Wadsworth Widening: 35th Avenue to I–70Wheat RidgeCO10,000,000
277West Colfax Pedestrian Safety and Infrastructure ProjectLakewoodCO1,750,000
278Branchville Transit Oriented Development Pedestrian/Bicycle ImprovementRidgefieldCT1,853,120
279Comstock Brook Bridge (No. 04975) ReplacementWiltonCT2,400,000
280Coventry Main Street Sidewalk Project Final ExtensionCoventryCT1,200,000
281CT–195 (Storrs Road) Pedestrian Safety ImprovementsMansfieldCT2,240,000
282East Haddam/Haddam Swing Bridge Rehabilitation ProjectEast HaddamCT5,000,000
283Essex River Road Bridge and Sidewalk ProjectEssexCT2,400,000
284Five Mile River Bridge (No. 04152) ReplacementNorwalkCT2,860,000
285Greater Hartford Mobility Study – Planning and Preliminary EngineeringHartford and East HartfordCT16,000,000
286Greenwich Creek Bridge (No. 01872) ReplacementGreenwichCT2,530,000
287Harbor Brook Bridge (No. 04185) Replacement ProjectMeridenCT2,800,000
288Intersection Improvements on Route 39 at Beckerle Street and East Gate RoadDanburyCT3,332,000
289Mill River Bridge (No. 04953) ReplacementFairfieldCT2,700,000
290New Haven Downtown Crossing Phase 4 – Temple Street CrossingNew HavenCT20,000,000
291New London Pedestrian Bridge and Public Access Project New LondonCT4,860,000
292Park Avenue Traffic SignalsBridgeportCT2,686,000
293Quinebaug River Trail – Plainfield SectionPlainfieldCT2,179,953
294Route 10 Hop Brook Bridge (No. 00653) Replacement Project SimsburyCT2,400,000
295Route 109 Bridge (No. 05417) Replacement Project MorrisCT1,520,000
296Route 202 Intersection Improvement ProjectBrookfieldCT7,400,000
297Route 25 Bridge (No. 06750) RehabilitationTrumbullCT1,464,000
298Stamford Transportation Center ImprovementStamfordCT3,500,000
29920 x 22 Protected Bike LanesWashington DC 3,000,000
300Arboretum Bridge and Trail Washington DC 4,000,000
301Bus Priority ProgramWashingtonDC 4,000,000
302H Street Bridge Washington DC 3,000,000
303Metropolitan Branch Trail—Fort Totten to TakomaWashington DC 3,000,000
304Pavement Restoration, National Highway Performance Program Washington DC 3,000,000
305US 113/SR 20 Grade Separated Intersection MillsboroDE 10,000,000
306West Camden BypassCamdenDE 10,000,000
307Approach Road at Cecil Air and Space PortJacksonvilleFL600,000
308Card Sound Bridge Replacement Planning and Design ProjectKey LargoFL4,200,000
309City of South Miami Pedestrian Bridge South MiamiFL4,330,000
310Commodore Trail Missing LinkMiami / Coral GablesFL999,205
311Dunedin Causeway Bridge ProjectDunedinFL8,000,000
312Harborview Road from Melbourne Street to I–75Port CharlotteFL20,000,000
313Marlin Road Roadway Improvements ProjectCutler BayFL8,800,000
314Miami River Greenway—Curtis Park EastMiamiFL2,392,000
315Midway Road Multimodal/Freight Improvements and Florida’s Turnpike ConnectionPort St. LucieFL15,000,000
316North Bay Village 79th Street Complete Streets ProjectNorth Bay VillageFL1,000,000
317Port St. Lucie Boulevard South—Segment 2.2 (Alcantarra Boulevard to Paar Drive)Port St. LucieFL5,000,000
318PortMiami Shore Power Pilot Program MiamiFL2,000,000
319Reconstruction of State Road 33/Interstate 4 Interchange (Exit 38)LakelandFL20,000,000
320Ridge Road Extension Phase 2BUnincorporated Pasco CountyFL15,000,000
321Alleyways Drainage Improvement ProjectMiami GardensFL 240,000
322Breakers Avenue Streetscape Project City of Fort LauderdaleFL 5,200,000
323Cass Street Bridge RehabilitationTampaFL 5,116,000
324Central Florida Regional Transportation Electronic Contactless Payment SystemOrlandoFL 1,032,500
325City of West Palm Beach Grand View Heights Street Pedestrian Safety Improvements Phase 2 West Palm BeachFL 1,200,000
326Corrine Drive Complete Streets ProjectOrlandoFL 6,900,000
327County Line Road Improvement ProjectWest ParkFL 944,000
328Crystal Lake Drive ProjectCity of Deerfield BeachFL 389,088
329E.E. Williamson Road Trail Connect LongwoodFL 4,346,000
330Econlockhatchee Trail Multimodal Corridor ImprovementsOrlandoFL 8,193,500
331Flavor Pict Road from Lyons Road to Hagen Ranch RoadDelray BeachFL 4,780,000
332Gulf to Bay (SR60) Duke Energy Trail OverpassClearwaterFL 6,000,000
333HART Bus Shelter Revitalization and ExpansionTampaFL 6,990,100
334Hinson Avenue Widening ProjectHaines CityFL 1,375,000
335International Drive and Sand Lake Road (SR 482) Pedestrian BridgeOrlandoFL 7,000,000
336InVision Tampa StreetcarTampaFL 7,700,000
337Johnson Street Bridge Replacement ProjectHollywoodFL 2,904,000
338JTA’s Sustainability and Renewable Energy Transit Facility (Project ID 425454–2)JacksonvilleFL 2,315,840
339Lake Monroe Loop TrailSanfordFL 3,313,181
340Lowson Boulevard from Dover Road to Federal HighwayDelray BeachFL 1,106,296
341Loxahatchee Rd. from Arthur Marshall Loxahatchee Refuge to SR–7/US–441City of ParklandFL 5,000,000
342Lyons Road Pedestrian Mobility Lighting and Safety ProjectCity of Coconut CreekFL 2,700,000
343Magnolia Drive Trail – Phase 1, 2, & 4 (Project ID: 4098037)TallahasseeFL 5,000,000
344Marigold Ave from San Lorenzo Rd to Peabody Rd (4 Roundabouts)PoincianaFL 4,731,586
345Neptune Road Widening and Improvement ProjectKissimmeeFL 5,000,000
346NW 183rd to 191st Street and NW 27th to 42nd Avenue Road and Sidewalk ProjectMiami GardensFL 1,200,000
347NW 187th Street to NW 199th Street, from NW Sunshine State Parkway East to NW 12th Avenue Area-Road Resurfacing, Sidewalks, and Drainage Improvement ProjectMiami GardensFL 960,000
348NW 191st to 199th Street and NW 2nd to 7th Avenue Roadway and Sidewalk ProjectMiami GardensFL 600,000
349NW 199th to 202nd Street between NW 3rd and 15th Avenue-Road Resurfacing and Sidewalks Improvement ProjectMiami GardensFL 960,000
350NW/NE 87th Street CorridorVillage of El PortalFL 1,320,551
351Opa-locka Railroad Crossing RepairOpa-LockaFL 2,400,000
352Orange Blossom Trail Sidewalks Phase 2AOrlandoFL 3,012,472
353Palm Beach County Bus Shelter InfrastructurePalm Beach CountyFL 8,300,000
354Palm Springs, FL, Park Connector Pathway SystemPalm SpringsFL 854,550
355Pine Hills Trail Phase 2 from Silver Star Road (SR 438) to Clarcona-Ocoee RoadOrlandoFL 557,000
356President Barack Obama Parkway, Phase 2, Orlando, FloridaOrlandoFL 8,360,000
357Rolling StockHallandale Beach, Hollywood, Dania Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Wilton Manors, Oakland Park, Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach and Palm Beach CountyFL 9,000,000
358SMART Plan Beach Express (BERT) North Capital Bus PurchaseMiamiFL 9,100,000
359Solar-Powered Zero-Emission Bus and Facility Charging Infrastructure St. PetersburgFL 6,000,000
360South City Transit Capital Project StarMetro ModernizationTallahasseeFL 2,400,000
361Southcot Drive SidewalkCasselberryFL 189,357
362SR 50 (Colonial) from Thornton Ave to Mills AveOrlandoFL 917,933
363SR 63 (US 27) Monroe Street from John Knox Road to Lakeshore Drive (Project ID 4450531)TallahasseeFL 2,400,000
364SR‐5/US‐1/Federal Hwy from Johnson St. to SR‐822/Sheridan St. HollywoodFL 1,899,308
365SR–820/Pines Blvd from W of SW 136th Ave to E of NW 118th AvePembroke PinesFL 5,000,000
366SR-A1A from Hallandale Beach Boulevard to Dania Beach Boulevard Drainage Improvement Project Hallandale Beach, Hollywood, and Dania BeachFL 1,075,350
367StarMetro Bus Replacement TallahasseeFL 1,800,000
368SW 36th Street Complete Street Improvements ProjectWest ParkFL 1,600,000
369SW 52nd Avenue Complete Street Improvements ProjectWest ParkFL 602,400
370Treasure Island Causeway Bridge ProjectTreasure IslandFL 4,480,000
371University Boulevard at Dean Road Intersection ImprovementOrlandoFL 1,000,000
372University Drive from NW 40th St. to Sawgrass ExpresswayCity of Coral SpringsFL 5,000,000
373West Warren Avenue Complete StreetLongwoodFL 400,000
374Atlanta Beltline Atlanta GA5,000,000
375Big Creek Greenway Phase 2 Renovation-ReplacementCummingGA3,000,000
376Brennan Road ImprovementsColumbusGA7,360,000
377Buford Highway Pedestrian ImprovementsDoravilleGA1,373,859
378Bus/Paratransit Vehicle Acquisition for Local Route 70Snellville/Northern DekalbGA6,000,000
379Cascade Multimodal Corridor AtlantaGA1,000,000
380Cherokee Area Transportation System HeadquartersCantonGA2,400,000
381City of Forest Park Pedestrian Bridge Forest ParkGA2,000,000
382City of Sugar Hill’s Highway 20 Pedestrian Bridge Sugar HillGA5,000,000
383Clayton Justice Center Transit Hub – Phase IIJonesboroGA4,960,000
384Cobb Parkway at McCollum Parkway Road RealignmentKennesawGA3,500,000
385Cumberland Core LoopAtlantaGA1,700,000
386East West Connector Corridor Improvement, Cobb County GA SmyrnaGA4,500,000
387Emory-CDC Intersection ProjectAtlantaGA550,000
388GDOT Project No. 0013752AmericusGA1,216,958
389GDOT Project No. 0015563 CuthbertGA2,405,280
390GDOT Project No. 0015638ReynoldsGA1,608,000
391GDOT Project No. 0015651ArabiGA568,000
392GDOT Project No. 0015652TalbottonGA984,000
393Global Gateway ConnectorCollege ParkGA3,542,355
394Gwinnett Place Transit Center/Mall of Georgia local bus serviceGwinnett CountyGA5,000,000
395I–20 Diverging Diamond Interchange at Chapel Hill RoadDouglasvilleGA5,000,000
396Lawrenceville Area Park and Ride LotLawrencevilleGA4,800,000
397Macon Transit Authority Electric Transit and Paratransit Vehicle PurchasesMaconGA2,600,000
398MARTA Route 115—Covington HighwayDecaturGA2,000,000
399McDaniel Farm Park Connector multi-use pathGwinnett CountyGA2,000,000
400Metropolitan Parkway Arterial Rapid Transit (ART)AtlantaGA3,000,000
401New Bus Rapid Transit Service along US 78Snellville/Stone MountainGA5,000,000
402North Avondale Road Complete Streets ProjectAvondale EstatesGA1,975,560
403Peachtree Creek Greenway BrookhavenGA3,382,000
404Project DeRenneSavannahGA20,000,000
405Safety Improvements—Intersection of N Westover Blvd at Nottingham WayAlbanyGA368,791
406South Barrett Parkway RelieverKennesawGA2,000,000
407South Cobb Drive Corridor SmyrnaGA250,000
408SR 120 (Abbotts Bridge Road) Operational and Safety ImprovementsJohns CreekGA13,800,000
409SR234 and Westover Blvd—Add Westbound Right Turn and Southbound Left AlbanyGA349,295
410Stonecrest Transit HubStonecrestGA5,000,000
411Widen and Realign Intersection of Sands Drive and Radium SpringsAlbanyGA2,509,319
412Windy Hill BoulevardSmyrnaGA500,000
413Guam Public Transit Modernization—Bus SheltersHagatnaGU 20,000,000
414Bus and Handi Van Acquisition Program (Battery Electric Buses; Electrification of Route 40)HonoluluHI 7,398,400
415Hanapepe Road Resurfacing Hanapepe HI 3,680,000
416Hawaii Recreational Trails Program (Hawaii Integrated Trail System)Multiple Cities HI 4,000,000
417Interstate Route H–1 Improvements, Eastbound, Ola Lane Overpass to Vineyard BoulevardHonoluluHI 6,150,000
418Leeward Bikeway, Philippine Sea Road to Waipahu Depot StreetHonoluluHI 6,150,000
419Papalaua Street (RTS 3020, MP 0.13–MP0.17) Traffic Signal Upgrade at Wainee Street (Route 3015, MP 0.3–MP0.34)Maui HI 1,154,000
420Waianuenue Avenue RehabilitationHilo HI 7,277,499
421Waimea to Kekaha Shared Use PathHanapepeHI 2,000,000
422Wakea Avenue (Route 3920, MP 0.70-MP 0.71) and Kamehameha Avenue (Route 3940, MP 0.91–MP0.92) Intersection ImprovementsMauiHI 2,186,000
423HIRTA Regional Transit FacilityWaukeeIA2,321,000
424In the City of Iowa City, on Dodge Street, from Burlington Street north to Governor Street.Iowa CityIA9,943,600
425Iowa 136 bridge replacement over Elwood Creek 3.1 miles west of US 61 in Clinton CountyClinton CountyIA1,144,800
426Marion County—County Road G28 corridorMarion CountyIA2,000,000
427Red Rock Prarie Trail (Iowa 117 to Co Rd S27)Prairie CityIA900,000
428Bus Replacements Across the DistrictDes MoinseIA 5,000,000
429Mills Civic Parkway ImprovementsWest Des MoinesIA 2,000,000
430Red Oak Bridge ReplacementRed OakIA 700,000
431Southeast ConnectorDes MoinesIA 7,000,000
432Traffic Incident Management Center at Camp Dodge—Phase IJohnstonIA 4,880,000
4331st Street ReconstructionAmmonID5,375,700
434Center Street Railroad Bridge UnderpassPocatelloID4,277,000
435Fort Hall Connect- Upgrade of Ross Fork RoadFort HallID3,500,000
436I–15B (US–30) McCammon IC TO Old US–91McCammonID1,716,660
437State Street Premium Corridor, Part 2, Boise Area, Valley Regional TransitBoise and Garden City ID2,000,000
438Alton Avenue ReconstructionMadisonIL624,000
439Alton Road Reconstruction Phase I & IICarlinvilleIL616,000
440Brush College Road and Faries Parkway Grade SeparationDecaturIL2,000,000
441Calhoun Street Bridge ReplacementCity of MorrisIL1,200,000
442Candy LaneMacombIL3,500,000
443Centennial Park Shared Use PathHeyworthIL963,540
444Cloverleaf and East Madison Subdivisions ImprovementsMadisonIL296,000
445Curtis Road Grade Separation & Complete Streets ProjectSavoyIL3,293,700
446Dix Irvington Road Safety ProjectCentraliaIL600,000
447Dupo InterchangeDupoIL1,700,000
448Edwardsville Road Resurfacing ProjectWood RiverIL668,000
449Frank Scott Parkway East ExtensionShilohIL12,512,000
450Hamilton Road East-West Connection ProjectBloomingtonIL7,000,000
451Hilltop Road Multi-Use Trail Extension ProjectSpringfieldIL440,000
452Lincoln Prairie Trail Bridge Replacement ProjectTaylorvilleIL487,161
453Madison Avenue from 23rd Street to 27th Street ResurfacingGranite CityIL759,420
454Main Street Reconstruction ProjectRoscoeIL3,880,000
455Marissa—Main St. ResurfacingMarissaIL476,000
456Pioneer Parkway Reconstruction PeoriaIL5,000,000
457Prospect Road RevitalizationPeoria HeightsIL6,000,000
458Reas Bridges Replacement Project over Lake DecaturDecaturIL3,500,000
459Reconstruction of Main Street from Elm Street to Madison StreetStauntonIL1,569,456
460Resurfacing of County Highway 16 in Williamson CountyWilliamson CountyIL352,000
461Resurfacing of Main Street, Bainbridge Trail, and Penecost Streets MarionIL572,000
462Riverside Boulevard Reconstruction and Widening (Phase II and III)Loves Park and RockfordIL14,920,000
463Royal Lakes Road Rehabilitation ProjectRoyal LakesIL23,408
464Spotsylvania Street ImprovementsNew AthensIL452,000
465Stanford Avenue Reconstruction from 11th Street to Fox Bridge RoadSpringfieldIL1,279,035
466Structure Replacement Over Piles Fork CreekCarbondaleIL504,000
467US 67 Widening from Delhi Bypass Project to Crystal Lake Rd.JerseyvilleIL1,200,000
468West Main Cross Street Improvements from Webster Street to Shumway StreetTaylorvilleIL1,127,700
469Western Road—Marshall CountyHenryIL2,000,000
470118 N Clark Pedway ExtensionChicagoIL 2,700,000
471143rd St Expansion—West Ave to SW HighwayOrland ParkIL 9,247,702
472143rd St from IL 59 to IL 126PlainfieldIL 6,200,000
47334th Street Road Modernization and Stormwater Management Improvements Phase I DesignBerwynIL 5,022,323
474606 Extension – Ashland Ave to Elston AveChicagoIL 1,440,000
47575th Street from Milbrook Drive to Greene RoadNapervilleIL 648,560
47680th Ave from 191st to 183rd St Lane ImprovementsTinley ParkIL 1,500,000
4779th Street Two-Way Conversion (Whitman Interchange)RockfordIL 4,050,000
478Algonquin Road (Various Intersections) and Wilmot Road at Main Street Intersection ImprovementsSpring GroveIL 2,400,000
479All Stations Accessibility Program—Blue Line Irving ParkChicagoIL 4,330,000
480Arterial ResurfacingChicagoIL 9,357,677
481Berkeley Industrial Pedestrian ConnectorChicagoIL 424,500
482Bike Path along Quentin RoadHawthorn Woods/Lake ZurichIL 1,000,000
483Bliss Rd/Fabyan from Fabyan to Bliss RdGenevaIL 7,000,000
484Butler DriveChicagoIL 4,500,000
485Central Road: Barringon Rd to Huntington BlvdHoffman EstatesIL 2,000,000
486City of Berwyn, 16th Street Rehabilitation ProjectChicagoIL 1,967,468
487City of Peoria Adams/Jefferson 2–Way Conversion PeoriaIL 5,000,000
488Columbia BridgeChicagoIL 2,000,000
489CTA—ASAP (Belmont Station)Chicago IL 3,370,000
490CTA Red Line—Loyola Station ImprovementsChicagoIL 3,600,000
491DeKalb Traffic Signal Upgrades DeKalbIL 570,000
492Division Street ResurfacingOak ParkIL 2,000,000
493Dundee Ave Reconstruction ElginIL 5,900,000
494East Branch DuPage River TrailLombardIL 1,200,000
495East New York Street from North Farnsworth Ave to Welsh DriveAuroraIL 1,138,300
496Fullerton Avenue between N Schmale Rd and Bloomingdale RdGlendale HeightsIL 696,500
497Gougar Road from Laraway Road to Francis RoadJoliet and New LenoxIL 2,700,000
498Greater Downtown Master Plan Phase 4AEast MolineIL 4,946,000
499Hobson Rd 63rd St from Woodridge Dr to Janes AveWoodridgeIL 490,000
500Homan Corridor ImprovementsChicagoIL 500,000
501I–294 103rd Street InterchangeChicago RidgeIL 5,000,000
502I–294 Crestwood/Robbins InterchangeCrestwood and RobbinsIL 4,800,000
503I–57 Interchange near Mile Marker 332 (Between Harlem Avenue and Pauling Road)Unincorporated Will CountyIL 4,500,000
504IL 171 (State Street) Pedestrian Safety ImprovementsLockportIL 1,400,000
505IL 38/Roosevelt Road at Naperville RoadWheatonIL 4,800,000
506IL 50 from S of Brookmont Blvd to N of US 45/52 & Indiana Ave to Fair St in KankakeeKankakeeIL 5,000,000
507IL–21 Milwaukee Ave Improvements (Glenview)GlenviewIL 2,000,000
508IL–62 Algonquin Rd at New Wilke Rd Intersection ImprovementsRolling MeadowsIL 226,935
509Jackson Blvd Resurfacing (Desplaines to Harlem Ave)ChicagoIL 800,000
510Kedzie and Lake improvementsChicagoIL 500,000
511Lake Cook Road (IL–53 to Raupp Blvd) Mount Prospect and DesplainsIL 3,000,000
512Lombard Rd Resurfacing and ImprovementsAddisonIL 900,000
513Madison Street ResurfacingBellwoodIL 1,107,200
514Main Street Reconstruction from Randall Road to Van Nortwick AvenueBatavia IL 600,000
515McConnell Road Intersection and Roadway ImprovementsFreeportIL 2,528,200
516Metra Zero Emission Vehicle PilotChicago RegionIL 12,000,000
517Midway Bus Terminal Electrification Concept DesignChicagoIL 550,000
518N Lake Shore Drive ImprovementsChicagoIL 2,000,000
519North Chicago Pace Route AccessNorth ChicagoIL 508,080
520Oak Park Avenue—111th St to 107th StWorthIL 520,000
521Pace Cermak Road Transit Signal PriorityWestchester, Oak Brook and Oakbrook TerraceIL 390,000
522Pace Pulse Line—Harlem Avenue Traffic Signal ImprovementsMorton GroveIL 400,000
523Pace Pulse South Halsted LineChicago, Riverdale, and HarveyIL 900,000
524PACE Transit Signal PriorityChicagoIL 900,000
525Park Blvd ResurfacingStreamwoodIL 220,783
526Patriot PathLake County IL 9,794,640
527Proposed Midwest Medical Center Entrance and Highway ImprovementsGalenaIL 2,000,000
528Pulaski Corridor ImprovementsChicagoIL 500,000
529Pulaski Road: 127th St to 159th StAlsip, Crestwood, Midlothian, Markham, and RobbinsIL 2,500,000
530Rand US–12 / Kensington / IL–83 Intersection ImprovementsMount ProspectIL 4,500,000
531Rand/Central/Mt Prospect Road Intersection ImprovementsMount Prospect and DesplainsIL 371,000
532Randall and Hopps Road IntersectionElginIL 5,000,000
533Randall Road from Alexandra Blvd to Polaris Dr/Acorn LnLake in the HillsIL 2,000,000
534Rehabilitative Resurfacing of Belmont Avenue—25th Ave to W of Elm St, FranFranklin ParkIL 588,000
535Rehabilitative Resurfacing of Ill 64 North Ave—I–294 to Harlem Ave & N Frontage Rd - 7th Ave to 5th AveElmwood Park, Melrose Park, Northlake, River Forest, River GroveIL 7,920,000
536Rodenburg Road Corridor Improvement ProjectRoselleIL 928,000
537Schick Road ResurfacingHanover ParkIL 257,045
538Skokie Valley Trail Path Improvements SkokieIL 3,526,800
539Spring Street ResurfacingSouth ElginIL 171,264
540Study of S. Chicago/79th St/Stony Island IntersectionChicagoIL 800,000
541Tonne Road Reconstruction—Northern SectionElk Grove VillageIL 4,300,000
542Traffic Signal Modernization—City of ChicagoChicago IL 1,350,000
543US Route 20 and Reinking Road RoundaboutElginIL 1,200,000
544US Route 30 at Illinois Route 50MattesonIL 4,000,000
545Washington Boulevard Improvements – 21st Avenue to 9th AvenueMaywoodIL 1,424,000
546Weber Road from 135th Street to Airport RoadRomeovilleIL 2,100,000
547West Branch DuPage River Trail Connection from West DuPage Woods Forest Preserve to Blackwell Forest PreserveWest ChicagoIL 500,000
548Western Avenue Grade SeparationsBlue Island, Posen, and DixmoorIL 4,500,000
549Wolfs Crossing Road from US 34 Chicago Road to Eola Road – Douglas Road IntersectionOswegoIL 4,822,000
550Woodstock Railyard Relocation & ExpansionWoodstockIL 4,000,000
551Zero Emission Locomotive Commuter Rail PilotBlue Island, Chicago, Joliet, Midlothian, Mokena, New Lenox, Oak Forest, Robbins, Tinley ParkIL 7,000,000
552Zion 27th Street ResurfacingZionIL 920,320
553Added Travel Lanes at 45th AvenueUnincorporated Lake CountyIN 1,500,000
554Central Avenue Road ReconstructionPortageIN 2,000,000
555IndyGo EV Charging StationsIndianapolisIN 774,000
556Kennedy Avenue Bridge ReplacementHighland and HammondIN 8,100,000
557Monument Circle/Market Street ReconstructionIndianapolisIN 12,864,000
558Willowcreek Road ExtensionUnincorporated Porter CountyIN 7,411,200
559Bridge Replacement on 151st Street West over the Ninnescah River (B485)Sedgwick CountyKS3,600,000
560Centennial Bridge ReplacementLeavenworthKS1,000,000
561K–7 Bourbon CountyFort ScottKS2,000,000
562K–7 Crawford CountyGirardKS2,000,000
563Reconstruction of 151st St West between 53rd St North and Highway K–96 (R356)Sedgwick CountyKS3,200,000
564Reconstruction of the South Half Mile of 135th Street West between 53rd and 61st Streets North (R348)Sedgwick CountyKS880,000
565Route 458 ImprovementsLawrenceKS750,000
566SW Topeka Boulevard (21st to 29th) Street ResurfacingTopekaKS1,480,000
567Topeka Metropolitan Bus ReplacementTopekaKS3,000,000
568US–169 Neosho CountyThayerKS3,000,000
569US–400 Cherokee CountyCherokeeKS2,000,000
570US–400 Greenwood County (KDOT Project Number 400-037 KA–5790-01)Greenwood CountyKS5,000,000
571US–56 Douglas CountyBaldwin CityKS3,000,000
572Wakarusa Drive ReconstructionLawrenceKS1,000,000
573Washington Creek Bridge ReplacementLawrenceKS400,000
574West Kellogg/US–54/400 ExpansionWichitaKS1,800,000
575U.S. 69/167th St. Interchange Improvement ProjectOverland ParkKS 15,000,000
576Congestion reduction and traffic improvement project on KY–17/Scott Boulevard/Greenup StreetCovingtonKY2,000,000
577Extend KY 3155 from the southern Intersection at KY 259 westerly to KY 54Leitchfield, Grayson CountyKY3,200,000
578I–65 SB Ramp to Brook StLouisville KY9,600,000
579Improve KY 54 from west of the US 60 Bypass to CR 1021Owensboro, Daviess CountyKY4,600,000
580Improve KY 461 from US 150 to US 25Mount Vernon, Rockcastle CountyKY18,200,000
581Improve US 421 near the Virginia State LineCranks, Harlan County KY960,000
582Improve westbound lanes of US 60 from KY 1957 to KY 6106Lewisport, Hancock County KY3,200,000
583KY 335 improvements from US 31W south of KY 218 to I–65 Horse Cave, Hart CountyKY3,200,000
584KYCT project 6–80101, KY –18 / Superstreet constructionBoone CountyKY5,200,000
585KYTC Project 6–162.40, KY–536 from Williamswood Rd. to Calvery Dr. to KY–17Kenton CountyKY12,064,000
586Newtown Pike Extension Project—Phase III Scott Street ConnectorLexingtonKY20,000,000
587Reconstruction of KY 44 from US 31E to KY 1319Mount Washington, Bullit CountyKY4,800,000
588Reimagine 9th Street Louisvile KY5,000,000
589Smart Signal NetworkLouisville KY2,900,000
590Traffic Calming Measures for Shelby Park and Smoketown NeighborhoodsLouisville KY2,400,000
591Audubon Ave OVLY:LA 1 to Terrebonne P/LThibodauxLA468,510
592I–10 (Calcasieu River Bridge / Approach)Lake CharlesLA10,000,000
593I–49 Lafayette ConnectorLafayetteLA10,000,000
594LA 3127St. James ParishLA10,000,000
595LA 428, General Meyer BlvdNew OrleansLA8,560,000
596MRB South GBR: LA 1 to LA 30 Connector- Environmental EvaluationBaton RougeLA1,600,000
597MRB South GBR: LA 1 to LA 30 Connector (Pre-Engineering Design)Baton RougeLA8,000,000
598Amherst Town Common Transportation and Mobility ImprovementsAmherstMA 1,344,000
599Barker Road Bridge ProjectPittsfieldMA 1,000,000
600Beacon Street Bridle PathBrooklineMA 2,000,000
601Belmont Community Path BelmontMA 3,500,000
602Blackstone Valley Multi-Use Path Phase 1, Segment – 2BlackstoneMA 8,130,842
603Blue Line Signal ProgramRevere, BostonMA 6,000,000
604Bourne Rail Trail Bourne MA 14,728,680
605Brockton Area Transit—Buy Replacement 35' Bus (6)BrocktonMA 2,920,000
606Brockton Area Transit—Buy Replacement 35' Electric Bus (5)BrocktonMA 3,160,000
607Brockton Area Transit—Purchase Misc. Electric Power EquipmentBrocktonMA 480,000
608Christina Street Rail BridgeNewtonMA 1,600,000
609Columbian Square Intersection ImprovementsWeymouthMA 3,000,000
610Court and Cherry Street Intersection Improvement PlymouthMA 2,000,000
611Davis Square Transit Signal Priority ProjectSomervilleMA 100,000
612Division Street Bridge ProjectGreat BarringtonMA 2,000,000
613Double-Tracking on Haverhill Line in MassachusettsAndover and WilmingtonMA 5,800,000
614Drift Road at Kirby Brooke Replacement Project WestportMA 600,000
615Fiske Street and Andover Street Sidewalk and Street ImprovementsTewksburyMA 456,000
616Glendale Street Bridge ProjectEasthamptonMA 1,000,000
617Intersection Improvements at Central Street, Foster St, Hook St, Hamilton StSouthbridgeMA 1,000,000
618Intersection improvements at Greenville Road (Rte 31) and Turnpike Road AshbyMA 1,000,000
619Intersection Improvements at Massachusetts Avenue (Route 111) and Main Street (Route 27) (Kelley's Corner)ActonMA 1,100,000
620Intersection improvements at Riverside Drive and Burnham RoadMethuenMA 1,000,000
621Intersection Improvements at Route 140/Route 62SterlingMA 320,000
622Intersection Improvements on Route 2A at Willow Road and Bruce StreetAyer and LittletonMA 1,000,000
623Intersection reconstruction on Rte 108 (Newton Road) at Rte 110 (Kenoza Ave. and Amesbury Road) HaverhillMA 1,000,000
624James Street ProjectChicopeeMA 2,000,000
625Lake Cochituate PathNatickMA 3,078,722
626Leyden Road Sidewalk Construction GreenfieldMA 1,840,000
627Lynn Commuter Rail Station RehabilitationLynnMA 10,000,000
628McGrath Highway Road Diet / Protected Bike Lane ProjectSomervilleMA 500,000
629Merrymount Bridge Reconstruction ProjectQuincyMA 6,000,000
630MetroWest Regional Transit Authority Blandin Back Entrance (MWRTA BEB Project)FraminghamMA 1,600,000
631New vans for elderly and those with disabilitiesHaverhillMA 375,000
632North Adams Adventure TrailNorth AdamsMA 2,000,000
633Peabody Canal Riverwalk ConstructionPeabodyMA 6,642,980
634Planning and Design for protecting critical transportation infrastructure and improving pedestrian access to the Northern Avenue Bridge and along the Fort Point Channel BostonMA 2,500,000
635Reconstruction and Related Work Along Revere Street CorridorWinthropMA 5,058,493
636Reconstruction and related work on VFW HighwayLowellMA 3,000,000
637Reconstruction of Foster StreetLittletonMA 2,000,000
638Regional Bike and Walking Trail (North Attleborough Branch)North AttleboroughMA 1,500,000
639Rehab Fitchburg Intermodal CenterFitchburgMA 400,000
640Rehabilitation & Box Widening on Route 20, from Route 9 to South StreetShrewsburyMA 8,000,000
641Rehabilitation of Boston RoadWestfordMA 2,000,000
642Replace diesel bus with hybrid busLowellMA 624,800
643Replace fueling station at 100 Hale Street LowellMA 775,200
644Riverbank stabilization construction at MVRTA bus garage and administration buildingHaverhillMA 725,000
645Roadway rehabilitation on route 101 south (Ashburnham)AshburnhamMA 1,000,000
646Route 131 Bridge ProjectDudleyMA 1,000,000
647Route 28 / Route 38 Intersection Safety Improvements ProjectSomervilleMA 3,000,000
648Ruggles Station State of Good Repair ImprovementsRoxburyMA 3,000,000
649Stoughton Intersection Improvements at Canton St. (Route 27), School St., and Summer St. StoughtonMA 1,840,000
650Sturbridge Roundabout ConstructionSturbridgeMA 1,000,000
651Sudbury-Concord Bike Path Construction (Bruce Freeman Trail)ConcordMA 1,000,000
652Taunton River TrailTauntonMA 4,800,000
653Union Station Regreening & Lighting ProjectSpringfield MA 6,000,000
654Walnut Street Signalization ProjectFoxboroughMA 2,000,000
655Warren Street / Blue Hill Avenue Multi-modal Corridor Phase IBostonMA 12,000,000
656West Rodney French Improvement Project New BedfordMA 2,373,680
657West Street/Route 27 Intersection Reconstruction MedfieldMA 1,440,000
658Baltimore Greenway Trails Network: Critical Corridor AdvancementsBaltimore CityMD 13,200,000
659Bicycle-Pedestrian Priority Area Improvements—Purple Line (TIP 3642 Pedestrian Safety Program) Montgomery CountyMD 6,500,000
660Dobbin Road PathwayColumbiaMD 3,200,000
661Dual Locomotives for Commuter Rail Service in the Future B&P TunnelBaltimore CityMD 2,000,000
662East-West Priority CorridorBaltimoreMD 15,000,000
663Electric Bus GrantsRockville, Silver SpringMD 4,992,000
664Fayette Street Bridge ReplacementCumberlandMD 4,800,000
665Frederick and Pennsylvania Railroad TrailCity of Frederick and WalkersvilleMD 2,560,000
666Howard County Flash ExtensionColumbia MD 3,200,000
667I–81 Phase 2 ReconstructionHagerstownMD 4,620,000
668Interstate 95/Greenbelt METRO/MARC Station Access and Redevelopment ProjectGreenbeltMD 20,000,000
669MicroTransit & Demand Response Electric Transit Vehicles and InfrastructureOwings MillsMD 2,019,012
670New Carrollton Metro/MARC/Amtrak/Purple Line Multimodal Transit District Right-of-Way ImprovementsLandoverMD 18,480,000
671Northwest Expressway (I–795) at Dolfield Boulevard Interchange RedesignOwings MillsMD 800,000
672Parole Transportation CenterAnnapolisMD 2,000,000
673US 1 Safety ProjectsNorth Laurel, Savage, Jessup, ElkridgeMD 3,200,000
674US 15 Frederick Freeway ReconstructionFrederickMD 8,800,000
675US 29 Rapid Transit Improvements—Phase 2 DesignSilver SpringMD 4,000,000
676Veirs Mill /Randolph Bicycle & Pedestrian Priority ImprovementsRockvilleMD 6,000,000
677Woodley Road Extension to MD 715AberdeenMD 5,000,000
678Berwick Route 9—Intersection ImprovementsBerwickME800,000
679Casco Bay Lines Replacement FerryPortlandME7,500,000
680Maine State Ferry Vessel ReplacementRocklandME7,500,000
681Milo, Sebec River Bridge Replacements and Village ImprovementsMiloME8,000,000
682New Transit HubBangorME327,600
683Sanford SRTS Multi-Use TrailSanfordME400,000
684Sanford US Route 202/State Route 4ASanfordME3,600,000
685U.S. Route 1 ImprovementsVan BurenME10,700,000
68610 Mile Signal ModernizationCenter LineMI550,068
68714 Mile Rd Rehabilitation, Lahser to EvergreenBeverly HillsMI1,208,080
68814 Mile RoadRosevilleMI3,100,000
68921 Mile Road Bridge Replacement over the Gloede Drain Macomb TownshipMI1,616,800
690Airport Road Rehabilitation Project Blackman Township, Jackson CountyMI4,930,000
691Beck Road Business Corridor Railroad Grade Crossing Safety ProjectWixomMI18,612,000
692Bridge and Pedestrian Facility Upgrades on the Detroit RiverwalkDetroit MI1,838,812
693Bristol Road and Van Slyke Road Concrete Pavement Reconstruction ProjectFlint TownshipMI700,000
694Bristol Road: Mill and Resurface BurtonMI1,248,000
695Burcham Dr. East Lansing MI1,017,838
696Center Road Reconstruction ProjectGenesee TownshipMI600,000
697Coolidge Rd (Road Rehabilitation and Bike Lanes)East Lansing MI883,359
698Division Avenue ProjectGrand RapidsMI4,200,000
699E Michigan AvenueLansing MI2,589,121
700Feher Drive Reconstruction & Pedestrian Improvement ProjectMontroseMI680,000
701Fenton Road Bridge over the Thread CreekFlintMI400,000
702Flint Mass Transportation Authority (MTA) Rides to Wellness Facility Expansion/RenovationFlintMI1,062,387
703Genesee Street Bridge over Farmers CreekLapeerMI1,896,750
704Grandville Avenue ProjectGrand RapidsMI4,000,000
705Haist Road over Pigeon River Preventive Maintenance Winsor TownshipMI194,000
706Hubbard Street RehabilitationMount ClemensMI942,400
707Inkster Road Bridge Over the Lower Rouge River—Capital Preventative MaintenanceInksterMI329,600
708Intelligent Transportation Systems Capital Investments in Traffic Signals on M–59PontiacMI2,240,000
709Iron Belle TrailBurtonMI1,200,000
710Joe Louis Greenway Hamtramck Drive Shared Use PathCity of Hamtramck MI3,920,000
711Kalamazoo US–131/US–131BRKalamazooMI14,745,600
712Kelly RoadFraserMI3,500,000
713King Road Bridge Replacement over the Belle River China TownshipMI2,299,800
714Kuhl Road over Shebeon Drain Bridge Replacement Fairhaven TownshipMI1,282,400
715Lake Shore Drive, Houghton County, MichiganCalumet and Hancock TownshipMI1,040,000
716M–143WLansing MI597,767
717M–46 and M–19 ReconstructionElmer TownshipMI10,073,042
718Marlette Road Bridge over South Branch of the Cass RiverMarletteMI1,406,000
719Miller Road and Rotunda Drive BridgesDearbornMI20,000,000
720Mound Road Industrial Corridor Technology and Innovation ProjectMacomb County, WarrenMI11,000,000
721Mt. Vernon Street ReconstructionSouthfield MI4,400,000
722N Cedar StMasonMI2,543,083
723N Putnam StWilliamstonMI375,000
724N. Leroy Streetscape and Resurfacing ProjectFentonMI1,600,000
725North Beech Daily Road Rehabilitation ProjectDearborn HeightsMI1,417,226
726Oakland Avenue Road Rehabilitation ProjectHighland ParkMI1,212,169
727Oakville Waltz RoadLondon TownshipMI3,728,000
728Orchard Lake Road from 13 Mile to 14 MileFarmington HillsMI1,076,085
729Orchard Lake Road from Middlebelt to Pontiac City LimitsCity of Sylvan Lake, West Bloomfield and Bloomfield Township in Oakland CountyMI2,000,000
730Ottawa Avenue Project Grand RapidsMI845,000
731Joe Louis Greenway Phase One (Conrail 1 / May Creek)DetroitMI2,000,000
732Pennsylvania Road Grade SeparationOn border of City of Romulus and Huron TownshipMI15,000,000
733Pierson Road Reconstruction ProjectMt. Morris TownshipMI2,400,000
734Plank Road over US–23MilanMI4,335,618
735Reid Road Downtown Streetscape and Rehabilitation Spur Community ProjectGrand BlancMI700,000
736Resurfacing of 12 Mile Road in Southfield from Northwester Hwy to Telegraph RoadSouthfield MI750,000
737S Pennsylvania AveLansing MI1,472,000
738Saginaw Street Road Reconstruction ProjectFlintMI1,600,000
739Saginaw Transit Authority Regional Services (STARS) Bus ReplacementSaginawMI2,388,456
740Saginaw Transit Authority Regional Services (STARS) Potter Street Station StudySaginawMI200,000
741Silver Lake Road Connector TrailFenton and LindenMI868,682
742Skanee Road Improvements (from Jentoft Road to Town Road)L’Anse and Arvon TownshipsMI7,530,000
743Skanee Road Improvements (from Town Road to Portice Road)Arvon TownshipMI4,000,000
744Snyder Rd. East Lansing MI263,500
745St. Ignace Road ReconstructionMarquette TownshipMI800,000
746State Park Drive ReconstructionCharter Township of Bangor and Bay CityMI2,000,000
747US–12 over the Coldwater River ReconstructionColdwaterMI645,360
748US–127 and US–223 ResurfacingAddisonMI4,800,000
749W Grand River Rd HowellMI296,826
750W Silver Bell RdAuburn Hills and Orion TownshipMI4,200,000
751Waverly RdLansingMI744,762
752Wealthy Street- Fuller Ave to East City Limits Grand RapidsMI7,250,000
753Wenona Avenue ReconstructionBay CityMI2,325,000
754Apple Valley Transit Station ModernizationApple ValleyMN800,000
755Bottineau LRT ProjectMinneapolis to Brooklyn Park MN20,000,000
756Burnsville Bus Garage ModernizationBurnsvilleMN2,400,000
757City of Wabasha Highway 60 Realignment WabashaMN3,975,000
758E-Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)Minneapolis to EdinaMN5,000,000
759F-Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)Columbia HeightsMN4,500,000
760Goodhue County CSAH 2 Bridge ReplacementRed WingMN640,000
761I–35/CSAH 50 Interchange Preliminary EngineeringLakevilleMN700,000
762I–94 Expansion St. PaulMN20,000,000
763Kellogg-Third Street BridgeSt. PaulMN7,500,000
764Pedestrian Bridge Over I–94MinneapolisMN3,000,000
765Reconnect Rondo Land BridgeSaint PaulMN5,200,000
766Rice Street Revitalization ProjectSaint PaulMN6,864,000
767University of Minnesota Arboretum Access and Egress ImprovementsChaskaMN5,840,000
768US 169/TH 282/ CH 9 Interchange Project JordanMN2,300,000
769US Highway 8 ReconstructionChisago City, Wyoming, Forest Lake MN20,000,000
770Veterans Memorial GreenwayEaganMN5,000,000
771Adding signing and striping for wrong way counter-measures at various ramp locations throughout the St. Louis District St. LouisMO708,800
772Bridge improvement and widening over Elkhorn Creek 1.6 miles south of Rte. CC near BuellMontgomery CountyMO720,000
773Bridge Rehab at Pitman Ave, I–70, and I–64 in WentzvilleWentzvilleMO3,088,000
774Bridge Rehabilitation and Pavement RepairsSt. LouisMO2,576,000
775Chadwick Flyer Central Greenway TrailSpringfieldMO4,000,000
776Cliffs Drive State Scenic Byway ImprovementsKansas CityMO2,160,000
777Downtown Odessa Infrastructure ImprovementsOdessaMO900,000
778Expand I–44 to 6 lanes in the Springfield areaSpringfieldMO1,800,000
779Grand Street Pedestrian Underpass and Streetscape ImprovementsSpringfieldMO3,000,000
780Hydraulic Study for causeway north of WashingtonWashingtonMO240,000
781I–44: Bridge rehabilitation over Gasconade overflow. Project involves bridge L0753Laclede CountyMO331,200
782I–70: Bridge improvements over Chouteau Creek. Project involves bridge A5118 and A5119Cooper CountyMO246,400
783Improve bridge conditions at Rt. C in Audrain CountyAudrain CountyMO548,800
784Improve pavement condition Rt. BB Randolph CountyRandolph CountyMO600,800
785Improve pavement condition Rt. K Randolph CountyRandolph CountyMO763,200
786Interstate 35 and 19th Street Interchange KearneyMO5,500,000
787Jazz District Pedestrian Plaza at 18th & VineKansas CityMO6,000,000
788Kansas City Regional Zero Emission Electric Bus ProgramKansas CityMO10,500,000
789Little Blue Trace—Rock Island Trail ConnectorKansas CityMO500,000
790MM Highway Expansion from I–44 to US 60RepublicMO3,200,000
791MO 100: Bridge improvements over Cedar Creek Project involves A1848Osage CountyMO917,600
792MO 100: Upgrade pedestrian facilities to comply with ADA Transition Plan and pavement resurfacing from Rte. 61 to Big Bend Blvd, bridge replacement over Black Creek, signal replacementSt. LouisMO2,500,000
793MO 127: Bridge rehabilitation over Basin Fork Creek 0.6 mile south of Dove Road and 0.7 mile north of Chaney Road. Project involves bridge X0439Pettis CountyMO786,400
794MO 13: Add turn lanes at the intersection of Rte. EJohnson CountyMO425,600
795MO 13: Pavement improvements on the southbound lanes from SE 1100 Road to NE 201 RoadSt. Clair CountyMO748,800
796MO 19: I–70 to Hermann add shouldersMontgomery CountyMO880,000
797MO 23: Add turn lanes at the intersection of Rte. DJohnson CountyMO395,200
798MO 254: Pavement improvements from Route 64 to Route 54 in Hermitage.HermitageMO440,000
799MO 38: Pavement resurfacing from Rte. J to west of Rte. CC. Webster CountyMO676,800
800MO 47: Engineering for pavement improvements from H to A. Troy and Hawk PointMO925,600
801MO 7: Bridge Rehabilitation over Truman Lake. Project involves bridge A3465Benton CountyMO96,000
802MO 89: Pavement improvements from Rte. 50 to Rte. ERte. 50 to Rte. E in Osage CountyMO2,833,600
803MO94 Bridge over Treloar Creek BridgeWarren CountyMO640,800
804North Baltimore (Business 63) ImprovementsKirksvilleMO955,294
805OR 70: Bridge replacement over Little Cedar Creek. Project involves bridge N0974Boone CountyMO852,800
806Pavement improvements and add rumblestripes from I–44 outer road to end of state maintenance, Rte. W from Rte. 7 to end of state maintenance, and Rte. O from Rte. 28 to end of state maintenance.Pulaski CountyMO2,656,000
807Payment to St. Robert to add sidewalks and upgrade signalized intersection at St. Robert Boulevard in St. RobertSt. RobertMO547,200
808Raum Road Bridge ReplacementLawsonMO3,128,000
809Riverway Boulevard ReconstructionRiversideMO3,200,000
810RT 18: Pavement improvements from Rte. Y to I–49 in Adrian and on Loop 49 from Passaic to Rte. 52 in Butler.AdrianMO1,586,400
811RT A: Bridge replacement over Enon Creek. Project involves bridge K0851Moniteau CountyMO1,091,200
812RT A: Bridge replacement over Moreau Creek. Project involves R0235Cole CountyMO545,600
813RT J: Bridge rehabilitation over Young Branch, 0.1 mile south of 217th Street and 0.4 mile northeast of Branic Drive in Peculiar. Project involves bridge A2331PeculiarMO555,200
814RT J: Bridge removal over the Niangua River. Project involves bridge S0391Camden CountyMO204,800
815RT K: Pavement improvements from I–49 to County Road 1800 near Nevada.NevadaMO448,000
816RT PP: Pavement improvements from Route C in Roseland to Route 7 in TightwadRoselandMO453,600
817RT T: Pavement improvements and add rumblestripes from Rte. 52 to Rte. 135 and from Rte. 135 to the end of state maintenanceMorgan CountyMO3,020,000
818RT. K bridge replacement over Dry Fork Creek BridgeMontgomery CountyMO965,600
819Study to determine base stability and flood resiliency near McKitrickMcKittrickMO80,000
820Updated study for RR overpass near High HillHigh HillMO1,600,000
821Upgrade pedestrian facilities to comply with the ADA Transition Plan on Rte. 2 from Chisman Street to Rte. 52 in Windsor and on Rte. Y from Rte. 52 to Wall Street in WindsorWindsorMO140,800
822US 160: Pavement improvements from I–49 in Lamar Heights to County Road 30th Lane east of Lamar.LamarMO609,600
823US 50: Reconstruct concrete pavement from Rte. EE to Independence Rd.Rte. EE to Independence Road in Franklin CountyMO2,800,000
824US 50: Reconstruct pavement from Rte. Y to Rte. CRte. Y to Rte. C in Franklin CountyMO2,640,000
825US 54: Study for updated scope & estimate for shared 4–lane from Mexico to LouisianaLouisiana MO800,000
826US60 and Route 125 InterchangeRogersvilleMO5,250,000
827US65: Pavement improvements from the Osage River in Warsaw to 0.4 mile south of Rte. MM.WarsawMO1,049,600
828West Florissant Avenue Great StreetsFerguson, Dellwood, and Jennings MO10,000,000
829A/E Design for the Fixed Route Bus StopsSaipanMP300,000
830Construction of Bus Transfer Stations at the Northern Marianas College, Paseo De Marianas and KagmanSaipanMP900,000
831Construction of the Commonwealth Office of Transit Authority Covered Bus Parking FacilitySaipanMP3,000,000
832Design and Construction of the Rota Transit Maintenance FacilityRotaMP520,000
833Design and Construction of Tinian Transit Maintenance FacilityTinianMP520,000
834Procurement of Four (4) Rolling Stocks for Rota and Tinian Demand Responsive ServicesRota and TinianMP480,000
835Route 10 Drainage Improvements and Road OverlayRotaMP2,000,000
836Route 205 Road and Drainage ImprovementsTinianMP2,000,000
837Route 30 (Chalan Pale Arnold) Safety ImprovementsSaipanMP2,000,000
838Route 302 (Naftan Road) ImprovementsSaipanMP2,000,000
839Supply and Installation of 187 Bus Stop SheltersSaipanMP4,500,000
840Supply of Maintenance Equipment & Tools for the COTA Maintenance FacilitySaipanMP400,000
841Bulldog Way Extended ImprovementsStarkvilleMS3,360,000
842Jackson Point Road BridgeWilkinson CountyMS4,000,000
843Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians Multi-Road Overlay ProjectChoctawMS2,653,195
844Morgantown Road Safety ImprovementsNatchezMS2,400,000
845Bozeman Segment One—Reunion Access Network MadisonMS 4,000,000
846Airport Boulevard SidewalkMorrisvilleNC208,000
847Atlantic & Yadkin Greenway, Phase 2GreensboroNC6,400,000
848Avent Ferry Road RealignmentHolly SpringsNC1,000,000
849B–5871 Replace Bridge no. 628 Over Lake Lure 5250. Dam and Broad River Lake LureNC8,000,000
850Black Creek GreenwayCaryNC4,984,800
851Bryant Bridge North/Goose Creek West Trail DurhamNC2,320,000
852Bus Replacement Funding for Triangle Transit SystemsChapel HillNC8,000,000
853CATS Battery Electric Bus Fleet TransitionCharlotteNC8,000,000
854Downtown Pedestrian BridgeRocky MountNC4,000,000
855Duke Beltline TrailDurham NC7,726,000
856EB–5753 Baldwin Avenue Sidewalk Project Marion NC349,600
857Electric buses and charging infrastructure, City of GreensboroGreensboroNC2,759,000
858Festival StreetCorneliusNC2,200,000
859Fuquay-Varina Townwide ITS/Signal SystemFuquay-VarinaNC2,560,000
860GoRaleigh/GoWake Coordinated ADA Paratransit FacilityRaleighNC9,000,000
861Greenville Bridge Repair and ReplacementGreenvilleNC2,851,200
862Hanging Dog BridgeMurphy NC1,676,000
863High Point Heritage Greenway—Phase 1High PointNC4,000,000
864Jonathan Creek Safety ProjectMaggie ValleyNC160,000
865Military Cutoff Road (US 17)/Eastwood Road (US 74) Interchange (Drysdale Drive Extension)WilmingtonNC3,840,000
866N. Fork Coweeta Creek Bridge ReplacementOtta NC452,000
867Pender Street Pedestrian Improvement, Infrastructure Repair, and ResurfacingWilsonNC8,400,000
868RIDE- Rural MicrotransitWilsonNC2,000,000
869Silas Creek Parkway SidewalkWinston-SalemNC4,533,600
870South Tar River GreenwayGreenvilleNC1,775,000
871Streetlighting on High Injury NetworkCharlotteNC8,000,000
872Transit Bus Stop ImprovementsChapel HillNC900,000
873US 19/129 Road ImprovementsMurphyNC3,851,000
874US 74/NC 108 Interchange ColumbusNC1,000,000
875Heartland Expressway Phase IIIMinatareNE10,000,000
876Signal System Master Plan Accelerated ImplementationOmahaNE20,000,000
877US–275 Norfolk to WisnerNorfolk to WisnerNE20,000,000
878Ashuelot-Trail Cheshire Trail (42511)SwanzeyNH1,200,000
879Bedford 40664—U.S. 3 Widening from Hawthorne Drive North to Manchester Airport Access RoadBedfordNH4,980,000
880Claremont Intersection Improvements (13428)ClaremontNH1,000,000
881Conway Phase II PathwayConwayNH1,656,000
882Derry Rail Trail (Folsom Rd to Londonderry town line)DerryNH792,000
883George Street Bridge (40653)KeeneNH729,191
884Gorham Sidewalk (Route 2 (Lancaster Rd))GorhamNH898,196
885Heritage Rail Trail EastNashuaNH1,200,000
886Littleton Sidewalk Project (41362) LittletonNH710,159
887Loudon Intersection Improvements (40632)LoudonNH2,347,256
888Malboro Street Cheshire Rail Trail (42515)KeeneNH681,123
889Maplewood Avenue Complete StreetsPortsmouthNH2,804,300
890Merrimack River GreenwayConcordNH1,584,800
891Multi-use Path Connecting Warner Village to Exit 9 Business AreaWarnerNH920,000
892NH 128 and Sherburne Road and Mammoth and 111APelhamNH1,240,000
893Pedestrian Bridge Crossing Granite StreetManchesterNH3,360,000
894Plymouth Sidewalk ProjectPlymouthNH414,000
895Reconstruct Mechanic St / High St / Mascoma St Intersection (4094)LebanonNH2,400,000
896Rt 11 Safety and Capacity ImprovementsRochesterNH5,664,000
897Spruce Street ConnectorNashuaNH1,000,000
898Trestle Bridge—Mill City Park TrailFranklinNH1,200,000
899Waterville Valley Pedestrian Improvements Waterville ValleyNH948,110
900Whitefield Sidewalk ProjectWhitefieldNH396,704
901Berkshire Valley Road Truck Circulation ProjectKenvil (Roxbury Township)NJ2,000,000
902Bloomfield Avenue Roadway Improvements & Traffic Signal ModernizationWest Caldwell, Caldwell, North Caldwell, Verona, Montclair, Glen Ridge, Bloomfield, and NewarkNJ10,000,000
903Bloomfield Station Rehabilitation ProjectBloomfieldNJ2,000,000
904Carteret Ferry Terminal ProjectCarteretNJ5,625,000
905City of Passaic Pedestrian Greenway ProjectPassaicNJ883,432
906Construction of Pedestrian Bridge on Columbia Trail (Relocation of Openaki Bridge Truss)Long Valley (Washington Township)NJ1,000,000
907Cranford Station Rehabilitation ProjectCranfordNJ1,120,000
908Dennisville Petersburg Road (CR 610) Resurfacing ImprovementsDennis TownshipNJ1,640,000
909Dunellen Bikeway and Pedestrian Safety ImprovementsDunellenNJ475,723
910East Orange Train StationEast OrangeNJ800,000
911Enhanced Laydown Area for Offshore Wind Industry, Paulsboro Marine TerminalPaulsboroNJ4,750,000
912Freehold’s Parking Improvement project Freehold BoroughNJ557,716
913Great Falls Gateway Phase IIPatersonNJ972,000
914Hackettstown Mobility ImprovementHackettstownNJ4,712,000
915Hamilton Street Plaza ProjectBound BrookNJ1,760,000
916Hand Avenue (CR–658) Bridge Over Skeeter Island CreekMiddle TownshipNJ1,310,000
917Highlands Rail Trail Phase IIWanaqueNJ800,000
918Hudson County’s County Avenue ReconstructionSecaucusNJ1,400,000
919Irvington Avenue Sidewalks and Streetscape ImprovementsSouth OrangeNJ2,750,000
920Jackson Avenue/Riverside Avenue Improvements ProjectRutherfordNJ250,000
921Kingsland Avenue Bridge Replacement ProjectLyndhurst and NutleyNJ5,000,000
922Koleda Park Improvement ProjectMiddletownNJ800,000
923Lackawanna Cut-off Culvert RelocationByramNJ1,600,000
924Lincoln Avenue Drainage Improvements ProjectElizabethNJ2,080,000
925Long Branch Intermodal Station ProjectLong BranchNJ13,000,000
926McBride Avenue Roundabout ProjectWoodland ParkNJ960,000
927Mercer County Bus PurchaseWest TrentonNJ732,000
928Mercer County Electric Vehicles and Electric Vehicle Charging Stations TrentonNJ454,500
929Mercer County Roadway Safety ImprovementsMercer CountyNJ640,000
930Newark Broad Street Signal OptimizationNewarkNJ1,650,000
931North Broad Street Redevelopment ProjectNewarkNJ1,200,000
932Ocean Drive (CR621) Upgrades and Bridge ImprovementsLower TownshipNJ7,000,000
933Parkside Neighborhood School and Pedestrian Traffic SafetyCamdenNJ6,000,000
934Passaic Bus Terminal CanopyPassaicNJ1,600,000
935Patriots Way Bridge Superstructure ReplacementOaklandNJ4,184,830
936Pedestrian Bridge at the Great Falls National Historical ParkPatersonNJ1,000,000
937Pedestrian Improvement for Metro ParkTownship of WoodbridgeNJ1,250,000
938Permanent Ferry Terminal Peninsula Project BayonneNJ4,321,600
939Pleasant Avenue & Park Avenue / Pedestrian & Vehicular Safety Improvements & Restoration Project WeehawkenNJ7,520,000
940Point Pleasant Beach Channel Drive ADA Compliance Upgrade and Surface Revitalization project Point Pleasant Beach BoroughNJ1,399,785
941Pompton River Rail Bridge (Pequannock Valley Pedestrian Trail) Substructure Repair Township of Pequannock, Morris County, and Township of Wayne, Passaic CountyNJ1,500,000
942Reconstruction of Pedestrian Bridges over Cole Drive (Bridgewater Train Station)BridgewaterNJ1,280,000
943Replacement of Morris County Bridge 1400–433 on Bloomfield Avenue over a Tributary to Passaic River in the Township of Montville, Morris CountyMontville/Pine BrookeNJ2,000,000
944Replacement of Morris County Bridge 1400–935 on Lenape Island Road over Indian Lake in the Township of Denville, Morris CountyDenvilleNJ1,000,000
945River Road Overpass West New YorkNJ5,200,000
946River Road Subsurface Soil Stabilization EdgewaterNJ1,760,000
947Roadway Rehabilitation East Atlantic Avenue CR727Somerdale, Hi-Nella, StratfordNJ1,500,000
948Roadway Rehabilitation Evesham Road, CR 544Lawnside, Magnolia, Somerdale, Cherry Hill, VoorheesNJ2,500,000
949Roadway Rehabilitation Haddon Ave. CR561Haddon Township, CollingswoodNJ3,000,000
950Roadway Rehabilitation Red Bank Avenue CR644WoodburyNJ1,765,000
951Route 202, First Avenue Intersection Improvements – Right of Way AcquisitionsRaritanNJ3,340,685
952Route 29 Tunnel Ventilation SystemTrentonNJ2,400,000
953Route 33 Bridge Over Millstone RiverMillstone TownshipNJ3,640,000
954Route 35 Bridge Over the North Branch of Wreck Pond WallNJ3,736,000
955Route 55/Route 47 InterchangeMillvilleNJ9,250,000
956Seaside Heights Boardwalk ReplacementSeaside HeightsNJ400,000
957Shaler Boulevard Streetscape ProjectRidgefield NJ250,000
958Skyline Drive Bicycle and Pedestrian BridgeRingwoodNJ800,000
959South Orange Avenue Streetscape Improvement ProjectNewark NJ4,000,000
960Study & Engineering Design for the Rehabilitation or Replacement of Sussex County Bridge K-03 in the Borough of Hopatcong HopatcongNJ2,360,000
961Sussex County Guide Rail Upgrade ProgramFrankford and WantageNJ1,000,000
962Sussex County Skylands Ride Capital ProjectHamburgNJ400,000
963Teaneck Pedestrian Overpass ReplacementTeaneckNJ4,000,000
964Tenafly Roadway Resurface & ImprovementsBorough of TenaflyNJ1,545,000
965The County Road 539 Overpass Project PlumsteadNJ8,000,000
966Traffic Signal Optimization/Adaptive Signals Along McCarter Highway (Route 21)NewarkNJ1,600,000
967U.S. Route 130/Delaware Avenue/Florence Columbus Road Intersection ImprovementsFlorence TownshipNJ17,320,000
968Union County Structurally Deficient Bridge Initiative – Allen Ave. Bridge, Township of UnionUnion TownshipNJ400,000
969Union County Structurally Deficient Bridge Initiative – Faitoute Ave. Bridge, KenilworthKenilworthNJ600,000
970Union County Structurally Deficient Bridge Initiative—High Street BridgeSummitNJ600,000
971Union County Structurally Deficient Bridge Initiative – Oakland Place BridgeSummitNJ760,000
972Union County Structurally Deficient Bridge Initiative – Pine Grove Avenue BridgeSummitNJ800,000
973Union County Structurally Deficient Bridge Initiative – Shunpike Road BridgeSummitNJ600,000
974Union County Structurally Deficient Bridge Initiative—Spring Garden Bridge, CranfordCranfordNJ800,000
975West County Drive (CR 646) ExtensionTownship of BranchburgNJ6,493,600
976West Milford Bikeway Connector ProjectWest MilfordNJ536,000
977Willingboro EV Charging StationsWillingboroNJ800,000
978Woodbine Bikeway and Trailhead ImprovementsBorough of WoodbineNJ800,000
979Arroyo De Los Chamisos CrossingSanta FeNM4,900,000
980Coal Avenue Commons “Event Street”GallupNM3,500,000
981County Road 43—Superman Canyon BridgesMcKinley County—Churchrock ChapterNM4,500,000
982Foothills Drive Enhancement Phase IIIFarmingtonNM1,324,800
983Kilgore Street ImprovementsPortalesNM2,079,000
984Rio Lucero Road Improvement ProjectTaos PuebloNM3,048,910
985Wild Rose Road (Route #670) and Pedestrian Improvement ProjectSanta Clara PuebloNM618,000
986Arlington Avenue Bridges ProjectRenoNV6,000,000
987Charleston Boulevard UnderpassLas VegasNV7,000,000
988Charleston Park Avenue Reconstruction ProjectPahrumpNV1,552,079
989Coleman Road ExpansionFallonNV5,000,000
990Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus and Fuel Site ProjectRenoNV5,240,000
991I–15 South Package 2—Sloan to Blue DiamondLas VegasNV5,000,000
992Maryland Parkway Bus Rapid Transit Zero Emission FleetLas Vegas NV5,000,000
993North Las Vegas Street Light ConversionNorth Las VegasNV12,000,000
994Rancho Drive Complete Streets ImprovementsLas VegasNV3,000,000
995SR28 Central Corridor Sand Harbor to Spooner—Secret Harbor to Skunk Harbor Trail, Parking and Safety ImprovementsCarson CityNV1,760,000
996William Street Complete Streets ProjectCarson CityNV2,000,000
997ADA: Classon Ave / Crosstown Line (G Train)BrooklynNY5,000,000
998ADA: Forest Hills Platform Extensions & ElevatorsQueensNY16,910,000
999ADA: Parkchester-E.177 St / Pelham Line (6 Train)BronxNY15,000,000
1000Asharoken AvenueNorthportNY800,000
1001Bannister Creek Bridge RehabilitationLawrenceNY4,940,000
1002Basher Pedestrian Bridge RehabilitationTarrytownNY494,400
1003Bayville Bridge Bayville NY14,489,446
1004Bridge Repair/Safety Assurance, Westchester CountyTarrytownNY1,096,395
1005Bridge Replacement of CR46 (William Floyd Parkway) over Narrow BayBrookhavenNY7,200,000
1006Broadway Junction Improvements Phase 1, Brooklyn, NY, 8th Congressional DistrictBrooklynNY8,000,000
1007City of Poughkeepsie Market Street Connectivity ProjectPoughkeepsieNY2,400,000
1008Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation I–495BrookhavenNY7,998,048
1009County Route 7&8—RTE 299 Roadway RepavingTowns of New Paltz and GardinerNY3,600,000
1010Craig Street Corridor Project SchenectadyNY2,700,000
1011Del Valle Square/Crames Square Traffic, Safety, and Plaza ImprovementsBronxNY4,870,000
1012DL&W StationBuffaloNY5,000,000
1013Electric Bus Charging Facility RochesterNY800,000
1014Elmwood Avenue Multiuse Corridor ImprovementRochesterNY8,596,000
1015Griswold Road over Murder Creek Bridge Replacement DarienNY1,203,200
1016Half Moon Bay Bridge Reconstruction ProjectCroton-on-HudsonNY1,500,000
1017Heritage Trail Extension: Hartley Road to Downtown Middletown (Segment 2)Town of GoshenNY500,000
1018High Line Connections—Hudson River Park / Javits Center ConnectionNew YorkNY5,000,000
1019Highland Avenue over Wallace StreetOtisvilleNY1,250,000
1020Highway and Pedestrian Safety Infrastructure ImprovementsKiryas JoelNY1,380,000
1021Highway Improvements to the Interval Avenue Area, FarmingdaleOyster BayNY1,000,000
1022Hudson Highlands Fjord TrailBeaconNY4,350,000
1023Hudson Line TunnelsPeekskillNY4,550,000
1024I–84/Route 9D Connectivity (Beacon-Fishkill)Beacon and Town of FishkillNY400,000
1025Improvements to East Lincoln Avenue, Riverdale Avnenue and Pirates Cove, MassapequaOyster BayNY1,000,000
1026Inner Loop North Transformation ProjectRochesterNY4,000,000
1027Lake St. Bridge ProjectNewburghNY1,750,000
1028Lake to Lake Road Bridge ReplacementTown of GorhamNY1,464,000
1029Level 2 EV Charging Network in NYCDOT Municipal Parking FacilitiesQueensNY734,400
1030Little Bay Park Promenade BaysideNY1,000,000
1031Long Beach Road Improvements, South Hempstead, NYRockville CentreNY4,780,000
1032Multi-Modal Phase I/Pedestrian Connector ProjectAmsterdamNY4,500,000
1033Newburgh Ferry Landing PierNewburghNY4,000,000
1034Northport Flooding on Main St. NorthportNY1,392,000
1035Northwest Bronx School Safety Improvement ProjectBronxNY2,331,000
1036NY 146 and NY146A Bicycle & Pedestrian Access ImprovementsClifton ParkNY1,055,000
1037NYS Route 133 Bike LaneOssiningNY1,500,000
1038Onondaga Lake Canalways Trail—Salina Extension ProjectSyracuseNY8,000,000
1039Orange-Dutchess Transportation Access and Mobility StudyGoshenNY400,000
1040Outer Harbor Multi-Use TrailsBuffaloNY2,000,000
1041Park Ave—Ingersoll Houses Safety ImprovementsBrooklynNY1,942,000
1042Perry Road (CR 64) Highway RehabilitationMt. MorrisNY1,440,000
1043Phase 1 of the New York State Route 38 – State Street Pavement Preservation ProjectAuburnNY2,778,400
1044Preventative Maintenance Pavement from Route 67/Route 10 Ephratah to Johnstown City LineTown of Johnstown & EphratahNY3,394,752
1045Purchase of Eight Electric Buses for Use in Emerging Markets – Montgomery CountyAlbanyNY6,000,000
1046Putnam County's Donald B. Smith Transit HubCarmelNY1,500,000
1047Rapids Road Highway ImprovementsLockportNY4,000,000
1048Reconstruction of Osborne StreetAuburn