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H.R. 8196 (117th): Protecting Mothers and Babies from Terrorism Act

The text of the bill below is as of Jun 23, 2022 (Introduced). The bill was not enacted into law.

Summary of this bill

Marjorie Taylor Greene singles out two groups, “Ruth Sent Us” and “Jane’s Revenge,” which she apparently hates just as much as she loves the two groups Anglos and Saxons.


In his immediate remarks two hours after June’s Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade was released, President Joe Biden called on Americans “to keep all protests peaceful. Peaceful, peaceful, peaceful.” And overwhelmingly, they were. No person died, or was even seriously hurt, nationwide.

Pro-choice people have protested nationwide for the past two months — starting after Politico leaked a draft Supreme Court opinion that would overturn the abortion case Roe v. Wade in May, then continuing after the …



2d Session

H. R. 8196


June 23, 2022

(for herself, Mr. Harris, and Mrs. Miller of Illinois) introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary


To deem certain conduct of members of the groups Jane’s Revenge and Ruth Sent Us as domestic terrorism, and for other purposes.


Short title

This Act may be cited as the Protecting Mothers and Babies from Terrorism Act.



Congress finds the following:


On May 8, 2022, the headquarters of Wisconsin Family Action, a pregnancy center in Madison, Wisconsin, was set on fire and left with graffiti saying, If abortions aren’t safe then you aren’t either, with Jane’s Revenge claiming responsibility for the attack and for several other similar attacks across the country.


On May 25, 2022, Next Step Pregnancy Center in Lynnwood, Washington, was vandalized and graffitied.


On May 22, 2022, St. Michael’s Parish in Olympia, Washington, was vandalized with the words Abort the church spray-painted on the wall, with Jane’s Revenge claiming responsibility.


In May 2022, graffiti saying, Not a Clinic and From Jane was found at Dove Medical Clinic in Eugene, Oregon.


In May 2022, the offices of Oregon Right to Life in Keizer, Oregon, were set on fire.


In May 2022, the windows of Southeast Portland Pregnancy Resource Center in Portland, Oregon, were smashed and a hateful message was spray-painted on the wall.


On June 10, 2022, a fire was set to Gresham Pregnancy Resource Center in Gresham, Oregon.


In June 2022, graffiti saying, Jane’s Revenge was found on the walls of Options360 Women’s Clinic in Vancouver, Washington.


On June 2, 2022, vandalism occurred at Community Pregnancy Center in Anchorage, Alaska.


On May 3, 2022, Sacred Heart of Mary Parish in Boulder, Colorado, was attacked with graffiti and windows were smashed.


On May 7, 2022, St. John XXIII Parish in Fort Collins, Colorado, was attacked with graffiti and windows were smashed.


On the weekend of May 7, 2022, Woman to Woman Resource Center and Loreto House in Denton, Texas, were vandalized and graffitied.


On May 3, 2022, Trotter House, a pregnancy center in Austin, Texas, was attacked and vandalized.


In May 2022, Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Houston, Texas, was graffitied.


In May 2022, South Broward Pregnancy Center in Hollywood, Florida, was sprayed with graffiti including, Janes revenge with an anarchist symbol.


In June 2022, Mountain Area Pregnancy Services in Asheville, North Carolina, had its windows smashed in with graffiti spray-painted on the walls.


In June 2022, CompassCare, a pregnancy center in Amherst, New York, sustained major fire damage, broken windows, and graffiti saying, Jane was here.


On June 11, 2022, Hope Pregnancy Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, sustained smashed glass doors and windows and vandalism.


On June 3, 2022, Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center in Washington, DC, was vandalized with graffiti saying, Jane says revenge.


In May 2022, a far-left extremist damaged and urinated on the office of Concerned Women for America in Alexandria, Virginia.


On May 7, 2022, First Care Women’s Health in Manassas, Virginia, was vandalized with spray paint.



The conduct of members of the groups Jane’s Revenge and Ruth Sent Us described in section 2 is deemed to be domestic terrorism (as such term is defined in section 2331 of title 18, United States Code).