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H.Res. 58 (117th): Memorializing the unborn by lowering the United States flag to half-staff on the 22d day of January each year.

The text of the resolution below is as of Jan 21, 2021 (Introduced). The resolution was not adopted.

Summary of this resolution

Should Roe mean the flag is flown low?


When the American flag is flown at half-staff, it signifies respect for a person’s memory. Only the president can order the American flag to be flown at half-staff nationwide, which federal law says they can declare “upon the death of principal figures of the United States Government.”

A few such instances are mandated in federal law. For example, the flag must be flown at half-staff for 30 days following the death of a former president. So, hypothetically, Joe Biden couldn’t overrule that law and unilaterally declare the flag to continue to fly normally upon, for example, the death of a former …



1st Session

H. RES. 58


January 21, 2021

(for himself, Mr. Bacon, Mr. Biggs, Mr. Budd, Mr. Duncan, Mr. Gaetz, Mr. Gibbs, Mr. Gohmert, Mr. Grothman, Mr. Guthrie, Mr. Hern, Mr. Kelly of Pennsylvania, Mr. LaMalfa, Mr. Latta, Mr. Long, Mr. Massie, Mr. Mast, Mr. Mooney, Mr. Norman, Mr. Weber of Texas, Mr. Williams of Texas, Mr. Aderholt, Mr. Clyde, Mr. Kelly of Mississippi, Mr. LaTurner, Mr. McKinley, Mrs. Miller of Illinois, Mr. Moore of Alabama, Mr. Mullin, Mr. Rice of South Carolina, Mr. Wilson of South Carolina, Mr. Schweikert, Mr. Allen, Mr. Babin, Mr. Rose, Mr. Carl, Mr. Palazzo, Mr. Estes, Mr. Rutherford, Ms. Herrell, Mr. Cline, Mr. Banks, Mr. Womack, and Mr. Jackson) submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the Committee on Oversight and Reform


Memorializing the unborn by lowering the United States flag to half-staff on the 22d day of January each year.

Whereas, on January 22, 1973, the majority of the members of the Supreme Court ruled that abortion was a right secured by the Constitution; and

Whereas since that fateful day, over 60 million unborn children have perished: Now, therefore, be it

That the House of Representatives supports the recognition of the Day of Tears in the United States of America and that the citizens therein be encouraged to lower their flags to half-staff to mourn and honor the innocents who have lost their lives to abortion.