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S. 1344: Pullman National Historical Park Act

The text of the bill below is as of Apr 22, 2021 (Introduced).



1st Session

S. 1344


April 22, 2021

(for himself and Ms. Duckworth) introduced the following bill; which was read twice and referred to the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources


To redesignate the Pullman National Monument in the State of Illinois as the Pullman National Historical Park, and for other purposes.


Short title

This Act may be cited as the Pullman National Historical Park Act.



In this Act:


Historical park

The term historical park means the Pullman National Historical Park.



The term map means the map entitled Pullman National Historical Park, Chicago, Illinois, Boundary, numbered ____, and dated _____.



The term Secretary means the Secretary of the Interior.


Redesignation of Pullman National Monument


In general

The Pullman National Monument, established by Proclamation Number 9233, dated February 19, 2015, is redesignated as the Pullman National Historical Park..


Availability of funds

Any funds available for purposes of the Pullman National Monument shall be available for purposes of the historical park.



Any references in a law, regulation, document, record, map, or other paper of the United States to the Pullman National Monument shall be considered to be a reference to the historical park.



Proclamation Number 9233, dated February 19, 2015, shall have no force or effect.



The purposes of the historical park are to preserve, protect, and interpret Pullman’s nationally significant cultural and historical resources associated with—


the Nation’s labor history and creation of a national Labor Day holiday;


the first planned industrial community in the United States;


the architecture and landscape design of the planned community;


the pivotal role of the Pullman porter in the rise of the African-American middle class; and


the entirety of history, culture, and historic figures embodied in Presidential Proclamation Number 9233.



The Secretary shall administer the land within the boundary of the historical park in accordance with—


this Act; and


the laws generally applicable to units of the National Park System, including—


section 100101(a), chapter 1003, and sections 100751(a), 100752, 100753 and 102101 of title 54, United States Code; and


chapter 3201 of title 54, United States Code.


Cooperative agreements

To further the purposes of this subsection and notwithstanding chapter 63 of title 31, United States Code, the Secretary may enter into cooperative agreements with the State, other public and non-profit entities, and other interested parties—


to support collaborative interpretive and educational programs at non-Federal historic properties within the boundaries of the historical park; and


to identify, interpret, and provide assistance for the preservation of non-Federal land within the boundaries of the historical park and at sites in close proximity to the historical park, but located outside the boundaries of the historical park, including providing for placement of directional and interpretive signage, exhibits, and technology-based interpretive devices; and


Use of funds

The Secretary may use appropriated funds to mark, interpret, improve, restore, and provide technical assistance with respect to the preservation and interpretation of the properties. Any payment made by the Secretary under this clause shall be subject to an agreement that the conversion, use, or disposal of the project for purposes that are inconsistent with the purposes of this subsection, as determined by the Secretary, shall result in a right of the United States to reimbursement of the greater of—


the amount provided by the Secretary to the project; or


an amount equal to the increase in the value of the project that is attributable to the funds, as determined by the Secretary at the time of the conversion, use, or disposal. Any cooperative agreement entered into under this subparagraph shall provide for reasonable public access to the resources covered by the cooperative agreement.


Acquisition of land

The Secretary may acquire for inclusion in the historical park any land (including interests in land), buildings, or structures owned by the State, or any other political, private, or nonprofit entity by donation, transfer, exchange, or purchase from a willing seller.


Management plan

Not later than 3 fiscal years after the date on which funds are first made available to carry out this Act, the Secretary shall complete a general management plan for the historical park.