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S. 2572: Click to Quit Act

To paraphrase MC Hammer, the bill’s sponsor says no website or app should be 2 Legit 2 Quit.


Have you ever wanted to delete an account with a website or app but couldn’t figure out how? Here’s a list from PCMag with directions for how to delete an account on some of the most popular websites and apps, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google/Gmail, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Snapchat, Yahoo, Reddit, Pinterest, Netflix, Spotify, and Tinder.

GovTrack allows users to create an account, which allows you to track the voting records and bills introduced of any Congress members you choose, track the status of any pending legislation you choose, and add your reaction to bills. However, there is currently no way to delete a GovTrack account automatically. (If you email GovTrack through the contact page and ask to delete your account, someone at GovTrack will do so manually.)

What the bill does

The Click to Quit Act would require that all online platforms allow users to delete an account, and make it easy to do as determined by the Federal Trade Commission. Specifically, the deletion option must be “in the form of a tab, link, button, or other easy-to-use process; in easily understandable, concise, accurate, and clear language; and located in a conspicuous position.”

It was introduced in the Senate on July 30 as S. 2572, by Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA).

What supporters say

Supporters argue the bill would help millions of internet users do something they may have wanted to do but couldn’t, or at least couldn’t figure out how.

“Quitting a social media account or a web app shouldn’t require a trip through a maze of tabs or legalese,” Sen. Kennedy said in a press release. “Online platforms often make it confusing or hard for users to cut ties, and the [bill] would give users a quick, easy and sure way to delete their accounts.”

GovTrack Insider was unable to locate any explicit statements of opposition, although some prominent websites and companies including Wikipedia, WordPress, Starbucks, and Walmart don’t allow users to delete their accounts.

Odds of passage

The bill has not yet attracted any cosponsors. It awaits a potential vote in the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee.

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