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H.R. 8601 (86th): An Act to enforce constitutional rights, and for other purposes

About the bill

Source: Wikipedia

The Civil Rights Act of 1960 (Pub.L. 86–449, 74 Stat. 89, enacted May 6, 1960) is a United States federal law that established federal inspection of local voter registration polls and introduced penalties for anyone who obstructed someone's attempt to register to vote. It was designed to deal with discriminatory laws and practices in the segregated South, by which blacks and Mexican Texans had been effectively disfranchised since the late 19th and start of the 20th century. It extended the life of the Civil Rights Commission, previously ...

Sponsor and status


86th Congress (1959–1960)


Enacted on May 6, 1960


Pub.L. 86-449


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