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S.J.Res. 111 (86th): Joint resolution providing for the designation of the third week of July as “Captive Nations Week”

The text of the resolution below is as of Jul 17, 1959 (Passed Congress).

212                                 PUBLIC LAW 86-90-JULY 17, 1969                 [73 S T A T .

                   Public Law 86-90
  July 17, 1959                                JOINT RESOLUTION
 [s. J.Res. Ill]   Providing for the designation of the third week of July as "Captive Nations
                  Whereas the greatness of the United States is in large part attribut-
                    able to its having been able, through the democratic process, to
                    achieve a harmonious national unity of its people, even though they
                    stem from the most diverse of racial, religious, and ethnic back-
                    grounds; and
                  Whereas this harmonious unification of the diverse elements of our
                    free society has led the people of the United States to possess a
                    warm understanding and sympathy for the aspirations of peoples
                    everyw^here and to recognize the natural interdependency of the
                    peoples and nations of the world; and
                  Whereas the enslavement of a substantial part of the world's popula-
                    tion by Communist imperialism makes a mockery of the idea of
                    peaceful coexistence between nations and constitutes a detriment
                    to the natural bonds of understanding between the people of the
                    United States and other peoples; and
                  Whereas since 1918 the imperialistic and aggressive policies of Russian
                    communism have resulted in the creation of a vast empire which
                    poses a dire threat to the security of the United States and of all
                    the free peoples of the w^orld; and
                  Whereas the imperialistic policies of Communist Russia have led,,
                    through direct and indirect aggression, to the subjugation of the
                    national independence of Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Ukraine,
                    Czechoslovakia, Latvia, Estonia, White Ruthenia, Rumania, East
                    Germany, Bulgaria, mainland China, Armenia, Azerbaijan,
                    Georgia, North Korea, Albania, Idel-Ural, Tibet, Cossackia, Turke-
                    stan, North Viet-Nam, and others; and
                  Whereas these submerged nations look to the United States, as the
                    citadel of human freedom, for leadership in bringing about their
                    liberation and independence and in restoring to them the enjoyment
                    of their Christian, Jewish, Moslem, Buddhist, or other religious
                    freedoms, and of their individual liberties; and
                  Whereas it is vital to the national security of the United States that
                    the desire for liberty and independence on the part of the peoples of
                    these conquered nations should be steadfastly kept alive; and
                  Whereas the desire for liberty and independence by the overwhelming
                    majority of the people of these submerged nations constitutes a
                    powerful deterrent to w^ar and one of the best hopes for a just and
                    lasting peace; and
                  Whereas it is fitting that we clearly manifest to such peoples through
                    an appropriate and official means the historic fact that the people
                    of the United States share with them their aspirations for the recov-
                    ery of their freedom and independence: Now, therefore, be it
                    Resolved by the Senate arid House of Representatives of the United
we^k"*^^* Nations States of America in Congress assembled, That the President of the
                  United States is authorized and requested to issue a proclamation des-
                  ignating the third week in July 1959 as "Captive Nations Week" and
                  inviting the people of the United States to observe such week with
                  appropriate ceremonies and activities. The President is further
                  authorized and requested to issue a similar proclamation each year
                  until such time as freedom and independence shall have been achieved
                  for all the captive nations of the world.
                    Approved July 17, 1959.