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H.R. 15183 (89th): An Act to adjust the status of Cuban refugees to that of lawful permanent residents of the United States

The text of the bill below is as of Nov 2, 1966 (Passed Congress).

80 STAT. ]        PUBLIC LAW 89-732-NOV. 2, 1966                                                1161

Public Law 89-732
                                 AN A C T                                      November 2, 1966
                                                                                 TH R 151831
To adjust the status of Cuban refugees to that of lawful permanent residents      —     !       i
                 of the United States, and for other purposes.
   Be it enacted hy the Set\ate and Hou-ne of Rem-esientatives of the
 United States of America in Congress assemhled. That, notwithstand-            '^^^ustmlntl.T'
iiig the provisions of section 245(c) of the Immif^ration and Nation-          status.
ality Act, the status of any alien who is a native or citizen of Cuba            rus*c*i25^5.
and who has been inspected and admitted or paroled into the United
States subsequent to January 1, 1959 and has been physically present
in the United States for at least two years, may be adjusted by the
Attorney General, in his discretion and under such regulations as he
may prescribe, to that of an alien lawfully admitted for permanent
res.dence if the alien makes an application for such adjustment, and
the alien is eligible to receive an immigrant visa and is admissible to
tJte United States for permanent residence. I'pon approval of such
ait application for adjustment of status, the Attorney General shall
create a record of the alien's admission for permanent residence as of
a date thirty months prior to the filing of such an application or the
date of his last arrival into the United States, whichever date is later.
The provisions of this Act shall be applicable to the spouse and child
of any alien described in this subsection, regardless of their citizenship
and place of birth, who are residing with such alien in the United
   SEC. 2. In the case of any alien described in section 1 of this Act
who, prior to the effective date thereof, has been lawfully admitted
into the United States for permanent residence, the Attorney General
shall, upon application, record his admission for permanent residence
as of the date the alien originally arrived in the United States as a
nonimmigrant or as a parolee, or a date thirty months prior to the
date of enactment of this Act, whichever date is later.
   SEC. 3. Section 13 of the Act entitled "An Act to amend the Immi-
gration and Nationality Act, and for other purposes", approved Octo-
ber 3, 1965 (Public Law 89-236), is amended by adding at the end                8 use   1255.
thereof the following new subsection:
   "(c) Nothing contained in subsection (b) of this section shall be
construed to affect the validity of any application for adjustment
under section 245 filed with the Attorney General prior to December 1,
1965, which Avould have been valid on that date; but as to all such
applications the statutes or parts of statutes repealed or amended by
this Act are, unless otherwise specifically provided therein, continued
in force and effect."
   SEC. 4, Except as otherwise specifically provided in this Act, the
definitions contained in section 101 (a) and (b) of the Immigration             ^ "^^ ^^^''
and Nationality Act shall apply in the administration of this Act.
Nothing contained in this Act shall be held to repeal, amend, alter,
modify, affect, oi* I'estrict the ])owers, duties, funclions, or authority
of the Attorney (ieneral in the administration and enforcement of the
Inmiigration and Nationality Act or any other law relating to immi-
gration, nationality, or naturalization.
    Approved November 2, 1966.