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H.J.Res. 52 (93rd): Joint resolution authorizing the President to proclaim August 26, 1973, as “Women’s Equality Day”.

The text of the resolution below is as of Aug 16, 1973 (Passed Congress).

350                                          PUBLIC LAW 93-105-AUG. 16, 1973                        [87 STAT.

                          Public Law 93-105
  August 16, 1973                                           JOINT RESOLUTION
  [H. J. Res. 52]         Atithoriziiiiii: rlie I'lvsid^nt to proclaim August 2«, 11)78. JJS "Woineii's Kqimlitv

                             Resolred by the Senate and House of Representtitlres of the United
   Women's Equal-         States of Amerka hi- Congress assemhled^ That August 26, 1973, is
ity Day.
   Designation au-        designated as "Wouien's Equality Day-', and the President is authoi-
thorization.              ized and lequested to issue a proclamation in commemoi-ation of that
                          day in 19*2() on Avliicli tlie women of Ameiica were first guaranteed
                          the right to vote.
                             Approved August 16, 1973.

                          Public Law 93-106
 August 16, 1973                                                AN ACT
  [H. R. 5649]            To extend until November 1. 1978, tlie existing exemption of the steaniboat
                                             Delta Queen from certain ve.ssel laws.

                             Be It mwcted by the Senate and Houae of Rept'esentatires of the.
    Delta    Queen.
    Certain v e s s e l
                          United States of America in (Jonyress assemMed, That the primary
l a w s , exemption.      purpose of the amendment nuide by section 2 of this Act is to assure
                          the continuity of operation of the overnight riverboat, the steamboat
                          Delta Queen, by extending her existing exemption from the safety-
                          at-sea laws. A new overnight passengei- riverboat will be constructed
                          by the owners of the Delta Queen and, in order to assure the preserva-
                          tion of this historic and traditional piece of American folklore and
                          life, such amendment will provide for the continued operation of the
                          present steamboat Delta Queen while the new riverboat is being
                             SK(\ 2. The penultimate sentence of section 5(b) of the Act of
  84 Stat. 1835.          May 27, 1936 (49 Stat. 1384, 46 U.S.C. 369(b)), as amended, is
                          amended by striking out "November 1, 1973," and inserting in lieu
                          thereof "November 1. 1978.''.
                             Approved August 16, 1973.

                                                                                      I •
                          Public Law 93-107
September 14, 1973                                             AN    ACT
       [S.1841]           To amend tlie Communications Act of 1934 with regard to the broadcasting of
                                            certain professional sports clubs' games.

                              Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the
  Certain profes-         United States of America in Congress assembled.. That part I of title
sional sports
clubs' games.             I I I of the Communications Act of 1934 is amended by adding at the
  Broadcasting.           end thereof the following new section:
  76 Stat. 151.
  47 u s e 330.
                                    ;(BROADCAST    OF GAMES OF PROFESSIOXAL SPORTS CLUBS

                            "SEC. 331. (a) If any game of a professional sports club is to be
                          broadcast by means of television pursuant to a league television con-
                          tract and all tickets of admission for seats at such game which were
                          available for purchase by the general public one hundred and twenty
                          hours or more before the scheduled beginning time of such game have
                          been purchased seventy-two hours or more before such time, no agree-
                          ment which would prevent the broadcasting by means of television
                          of such game at the same time and in the area in which such game is