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H.R. 11088 (93rd): Emergency Security Assistance Act

The text of the bill below is as of Dec 26, 1973 (Passed Congress).

836                                    PUBLIC LAW 93-199-DEC. 26, 1973                      [87 STAT.

                    such offices in any primary or general election, unless the term of the
                    office which he so holds expires on or prior to the date on which he
                    would be eligible, if elected in such primary or general election, to
                    take the office with respect to which such election is held."

                                  DISTRICT C O U N C I L A U T H O R I T Y OVER ELECTIONS

                      SEC. 752. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Act or of
                    any other law, the Council shall have authority to enact any act or
                    resolution with respect to matters involving or relating to elections in
                    the District.
                                        PART F — R U L E S OF CONSTRUCTION


                       SEC. 761. To the extent that any provisions of this Act are incon-
                    sistent with the provisions of any other laws the provisions of this
                    Act shall prevail and shall be deemed to supersede the provisions of
                    such laws.
                                            PART G—^EFFECTIVE DATES

                                                   EFFECTIVE DATES

                       SEC. 771. (a) Titles I and V, and parts A and G, and section 722,
                    of title V I I shall take effect on the date of enactment of this Act.
                       (b) Title I I shall take effect on July 1, 1974, except that any pro-
                    vision thereof which in effect transfers authority to appoint any citi-
                    zen member of the National Capital Planning Commission or the
                    District of Columbia Redevelopment Land Agency shall take effect
                    on January 2, 1975.
                       (c) Titles I I I and I V shall take effect January 2, 1975, if title I V
                    is accepted by a majority of the registered qualified electors in the
                    District of Columbia voting on the charter issue in the charter
                        (d) Title V I and parts B , D, and F , and sections 721 and 723, of
                    title V I I shall take effect only if and upon the date that title I V
                    becomes effective.
                        (e) P a r t E of title V I I shall take effect on the date on which title I V
                    is accepted by a majority of the registered qualified electors in the
                    District voting on the charter issue in the charter referendum.
                        Approved December 24, 1973.

                    Public Law 93-199
December 26, 1973                                       AN   ACT
 [H. R. 11088]      IJIQ provide emergency security assistance authorizations for Israel and
                         Be it enacted hy the Senate and House of Representatives of the
_ Emergency            United States of America in Congress assembled^ That this Act may
a necurity
    c e Act ofssis - ^^ cltcd as the "Emergency Security Assistance Act of 1973".
                         SEC. 2. I n addition to such amounts as may be otherwise authorized
                      to be appropriated to the President for security assistance for the
                      fiscal year 1974, there are hereby authorized to be appropriated to the

87 STAT. ] PUBLIC LAW 93-199-DEC. 26, 1973 837 President not to exceed $2,200,000,000 for emergency military assist- ance or foreign military sales credits, or for both as the President may determine, for Israel, of which sum amounts in excess of $1,500,000,000 may be used pursuant to this section or section 4 of this Act only if the President (1) determines it to be important to our national interest that Israel receive assistance hereunder exceeding $1,500,000,000, and (2) reports to Congress each such determination (if more than one) at least twenty days prior to date on which funds are obligated or expended under this Act in excess of such $1,500,000,000 limitation. The twenty-day requirement contained in the preceding sentence shall not apply if hostilities are renewed in the Middle East. The President shall include in his report the amount of funds to be used pursuant to the determination, the terms of the addi- tional assistance under section 2 or section 4, and the justification for the determination. All information contained in the justification shall P u b l i c informa- tion. be public information except to the extent that the President concludes that publication would be incompatible with the security interests of the United States. SEC. 3. Military assistance furnished out of funds appropriated under section 2 of this Act shall be furnished in accordance with all of the provisions applicable to military assistance under the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 (75 Stat. 424; Public Law 87-195), as amended. 22 use 2151 Foreign military sales credits extended to Israel out of such funds shall b3 provided on such terms and conditions as the President may determine and without regard to the provisions of the Foreign Mili- tary Sales Act (82 Stat. 1320; Public Law 90-629), as amended. J.l^^^ ^^^^ SEC. 4. At any time prior to June 30, 1974, the President is hereby contractual authorized, within the limits of funds appropriated under section 2 ^^^^"5^'' °^ ^^'"^^i* of this Act for Israel, to release Israel from its contractual liability to pay for defense articles and defense services purchased or financed under the said Foreiijn Military Sales Act or under this Act during the period beginning October 6, 1973, and ending June 30, 1974, and such funds shall be used to reimburse current applicable appropria- tions, funds, and accounts of the Department of Defense for the value of such defense articles and defense services. SEC. 5. The Secretary of Defense shall conduct a study of the 1973 ^^^a Arab- Arab-Israeli conflict to ascertain the effectiveness of the foreign ^sYudy! conflict, military assistance program as it relates to the Middle East conflict, including weapons that the United States is providing to Israel through foreign assistance programs, and to compare them to the effectiveness of the weapons which the Soviet Union is providing to the Arab States. In conducting such study and submitting such report, the Secretary shall take care not to disclose, directly or indi- rectly, intelligence sources or methods or confidential information received from any other nation. A report of the conclusions of such Report to study shall be submitted to the Congress as soon as practical and in °"^'"^^^* any case not later than December 31, 1974. SEC. 6. Of the funds appropriated i^ursuant to section 2, the Presi- dent may use such sums as may be necessary from time to time for payment by the United States of its share of the expenses of the United Nations Emergency Force in the Middle East, as apportioned by the United Nations in accordance with article 17 of the L'nited Nations Charter. 59 stat. 1039. Approved December 26, 1973.