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S. 1618 (93rd): A bill to name the headquarters building in the Geological Survey National Center under construction in Reston, Va., as the “John Wesley Powell Federal Building.”

The text of the bill below is as of Dec 15, 1973 (Passed Congress).

87 STAT. ]        PUBLIC LAW 93-183-DEC. 15, 1973                                              709

   SEC. 4. (a) Tlie Secretary of Transportation shall, on or before g.fsT''"'° ''°"'
June 80, 197-1-, su])init an interim report, and on or before June 30,
1975, subniit a Hiuil report, to the Cong-ress on the operation and effects
of this Act. K'M-h such repoil sliall give particular attention to such
effects on tlie use of enei'<jy in the Ignited States, traffic safety, including
the safety of cliildren traveling to and from school, and the effect
on school hours. Each sucli repoi-t shall also include such recommenda-
tions for legislation or other action as the Secretary may determine.
The final repoit shall include any recommendations of the Secretary
with respe<'t to time zone limits.
    (b) The Secretary of Transportation shall consult with the depart-
ments, agencies, and insti-umentalities of the Ignited States having
information or expertise with respect to the operation and effects of
this Act. Eixrh sucli department, agency, and instrumentality shall
exercise its powers, duties, and functions in such numner as will assist
in carrying out the provisions of this section.
   SKO. 5. The autlioritv of the Secretary of Transportation, under the
first section of the Act of .March 19, 1918 (15 U.S.C 261), to modify go^stat^'iot^"'
the Hunts of anv time zone is suspended during the effectixe period
of this Act.
    SE(J. (). Notwithstanding any other law or any regulation issued
 under any such law, the Fedei'al Communication Commission shall,
consistent with any existing treaty or other agreement, make such
 adjustment by general rules, or by interim action pending such general
 rules, with respect to hours of operation of daytime standard ampli-
tude modulation broadcast stations, as may be consistent with the
 public interest, including the public's interest in receiving interference-
 free service. Such general rules, or interim action, may include
 variances with respect to operating power and other technical
operating characteristics. Subsequent to the adoption of such general
 rules, they may be varied with respect to particular stations and areas
because of the exigencies in each. case.
  ^ SEC. 7. This Act shall take effect at 2 o'clock antemeridian on the Effective date.
 fourth Sunday which occurs after the date of enactment of this Act
 and shall terminate at 2 o'clock antemeridian on the last Sundav of
 .\})ril 1975.
    Approved December 15, 1973.

Public Law 93-183
                                  AN A C T                                     December 15, 1973
To name the headquarters building in the Geological Survey National Center         ^^' ^^18]
  under construction in Reston, Virginia, as the "John Wesley Powell Federal

  Be it enacted hy the Senate and House of Repyesentatives of the
United States of America in Congress assembled, That the headquar- po^eii^ed^eTai
ters building in the Department of Interior's Geological Survey Building, va.
National Center now under construction in Reston, Virginia, shall Designation.
hereafter be known and designated as the "'John Wesley Powell Fed-
eral Building". Any reference in a law, map, regulation, document,
record, or other paper of the United States to such building shall be
held to be a reference to the "John Wesley Po\vell Federal Building".
   Approved December 15, 1973.