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S. 2938 (93rd): Indian Health Care Improvement Act

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The summary below was written by the Congressional Research Service, which is a nonpartisan division of the Library of Congress.

11/25/1974--Passed Senate amended. (LATEST SUMMARY) Indian Health Care Improvement Act - =Title I: Indian Health Manpower= - Directs the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare, acting through the Indian Health Service, to make grants to public or nonprofit private health or educational entities or Indian tribes to assist them in meeting the costs of identifying Indians with a potential for education or training in the health professions and encouraging and assisting them to enroll in health professions schools. Authorizes scholarship grants, for pre-professional schooling, to Indians who have completed high school and have demonstrated a capability to complete health professions courses. Authorizes scholarship grants to individuals enrolled in health professions schools who agree to provide their professional services to Indians for a period of years equal to the number of years during which he or she received such grants. Permits employment of such scholarship recipients in the Service during nonacademic periods of the year. Directs the Secretary to make grants through the Service to public and private agencies, educational institutions, and Indian tribes to train individuals to provide services to Indians in the areas of environmental health, health education, and nutrition. =Title II: Health Services= - Authorizes expenditures over a five-year period for the purpose of eliminating backlogs in Indian health care services and to supply unmet Indian health needs. Authorizes appropriations for such purposes, including patient care, field health, dental care, and mental health. =Title III: Health Facilities= - Authorizes appropriations for construction and renovation of Indian hospitals and other Indian health facilities. Authorizes appropriations for water and sanitary waste disposal facilities. Requires preference for Indian firms in contracting for the construction of facilities under this title. =Title IV: Access to Health Services= - Designates Public Health Service or tribal hospitals as hospitals eligible for reimbursement under medicare and medicaid provisions of the Social Security Act, provided such hospitals meet the standards applicable to other such eligible hospitals. =Title V: Health Services for Urban Indians= - Authorizes contracts with urban Indian organizations to provide Federal assistance to such organizations in establishing, administering and effectuaing health services for urban Indians. =Title VI: Miscellaneous= - Requires annual reports from the Secretary to the Congress on progress made pursuant to this Act. Sets forth a schedule for the Secretary to meet in establishing rules and regulations to implement this Act.