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H.Con.Res. 745 (94th): A concurrent resolution to make corrections in the enrollment of the Senate bill (S. 327).

The text of the bill below is as of Sep 14, 1976 (Passed Congress).

CONCURRENT RESOLUTIONS—AUG. 25, 1976                          90 STAT. 3039

        (2) In section 124 strike out "sections 121 and" and insert in             ^
    lieu thereof "section" and add at the end of section 124 the
    following: "The amendments made to section 8 of such Act by
    section 121 of this Act shall take effect on the first day of the
    first full month which begins after the date of enactment of this
        (3) In subsection (f)(1) of section 8 of the Emergency
    Petroleum Allocation Act of 1973 (as amended by section 122(5) 15 USC 757.
    of the bill), strike out "Energy Conservation and Policy Act"
     and insert in lieu thereof "Energy Conservation and Produc-
     tion Act".                                                        42 USC 6801
        (4) In the last sentence of subsection (d) of section 451 of °*'*®-
    the bill, strike out "Secretary" and insert in lieu thereof
  Passed August 10, 1976.

         WASHINGTON—ROCHAMBEAU HISTORIC ROUTE                            Aug. 25, 1976
Whereas, the Washington-Rochambeau Historic Route over which
  General Washington marched his combined French and American
  forces in August and September, 1781, has not been recognized                      t
  by the Congress of the United States; and
Whereas, that march, simultaneously with the arrival of the French
  fleet off the mouth of the Chesapeake, made the victory at York-
  town, Virginia, October 19,1781, possible; and
Whereas, that march and tnat victory at Yorktown in effect, ended
  Britisn hopes of continuing colonial rule here, and changed the
  Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776, from a magnificent
  and brave statement of revolting colonials, to the accepted basic
  charter of a new nation, free, independent, and sovereign; and
Whereas, Princeton and Brown Universities have jointly published
  two volumes which document the entire Washington-Rochambeau
  Historic Route so adequately by reproducing maps made in 1780,
  1781, 1782, and 1783 that each mile of the routes through eight of                     '
  the original thirteen States can be located on present-day maps;
  and                                                                                1
Whereas, recognition of this Washington-Rochambeau Historic Route
  by the Congress may well be one of the more useful and enduring
  educational patriotic accomplishments to come from the bicenten-
  nial of the American War for Independence, 1776-1783: Now,
  therefore, be it
  Resolved hy the Hov^e of Representatives {the Seimte coricurring),
That the routes identified by the Princeton and Brown University
volumes, "The American Ca"mpaigns of Rochambeau's Army, 1780,
1781, 1782,1783", copyrighted m 1972 by Princeton University Press
as the Washington-Rochambeau Route and used by the combined
French and American forces of General Washington to accomplish
the decisive victory that changed world history at Yorktown, Vir-
ginia, October 19, 1781, should be recognized by the Federal, State,
county, and local governments of this country as "The Washington-
Rochambeau Historic Route".
  Passed August 25, 1976.