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H.R. 13749 (94th): Broadened Stock Ownership Act

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5/12/1976--Introduced. Broadened Stock Ownership Act - Provides that for purposes of the Internal Revenue Code the term "broadened stock ownership plan" means a trust created or organized in the United States for the exclusive benefit of an individual or his beneficiaries which meets specified requirements, including: (1) contributions will not be accepted for the taxable year in excess of $1,500 on behalf of any individual; (2) the trust is designed to invest solely in common stock of domestic corporations; (3) contributions received by the trustee during a particular taxable year will be allocated to a separate class year account; and (4) the interest of an individual in each class year account may not be paid or distributed before the end of the seventh taxable year following that year in which such class year account was established, except in the case of death or disability. States that the term "broadened stock ownership annuity" means a contract for a variable annuity, issued by an insurance company which meets specified requirements similar to those of the stock ownership trust above. Provides that a trust created or organized in the United States by an employer for the exclusive benefit of his employees or their beneficiaries, or by an association of employees for the exclusive benefit of its members or their beneficiaries, shall be treated as a broadened stock ownership, but only if the trust meets the requirements of such a plan as stated above and also provides a separate accounting for the interest of each employee or member. Exempts broadened stock ownership plans from taxation. Provides that any amount paid by an employer to a broadened stock, ownership plan or annuity shall be included in an individuals gross income. Allows an individual to deduct from his gross income amounts paid in cash during the taxable year by or on behalf of such individual to a broadened stock ownership plan or annuity. Stipulates that no deduction shall be allowed for the two taxable years succeeding the taxable year in which a payment or distribution from such a plan or annuity which is taxable to the individual under this Act is made. Stipulates that the deduction allowable to an individual under this Act may not exceed an amount equal to 15 percent of the compensation included in his gross income for such taxable year, or $1,500, whichever is less, multiplied by a fraction, the denominator of which is $20,000 and the numerator of which is $20,000 minus the excess of such compensation over $20,000. Provides that any amount received from a class year account established more than seven years before the taxable year in which the amount is received, and any amount paid or distributed on account of the death of the individual for whose benefit the broadened stock ownership plan or annuity was created, shall be included in gross income in the year received and treated as a long term capital gain. Makes technical and conforming amendments to the Internal Revenue Code.