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H.R. 3382 (94th): A bill for the relief of Raymond Monroe.

The text of the bill below is as of Jul 7, 1975 (Passed Congress).

PRIVATE LAW 94-5—JULY 7, 1975                         89 STAT. 1167

Private Law 94-5
94th Congress
                              An Act
                  For the relief of Raymond Monroe.                       July 7, 1975
                                                                          [H.R. 3382]
  Be it enacted hy the Senate amd House of Representatwes of the
United States of America in Congress a^semhled^ That, on such terms Raymond
as it deems just, the United States Postal Service is authorized to com- Monroe,
promise, release, or discharge in whole or in part the liability of Ray-
mond Monroe of Overland Park, Kansas, to the United States in the
amount of $5,445, representing the loss resulting from his erroneous
setting of a postage meter on January 3, 1964, as a clerk for the Post
Office Department.
  Approved July 7, 1975.