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S. 268 (94th): A bill to designate the Eagles Nest Wilderness, Arapaho, and White River National Forests, in the State of Colorado.

The text of the bill below is as of Jul 12, 1976 (Passed Congress).

90 STAT. 870                         PUBLIC LAW 94-352—JULY 12, 1976

                    Public Law 94-352
                    94th Congress
                                                      An Act
 July 12, 1976      To designate the Eagles Nest Wilderness, Arapaho and Wliite River National
    [S. 268]                              Forests, in the State of Colorado.

                      Be it enacted ty the Senate and House of Representatives of the
Eagles Nest          United States of ATuerica in Congress assenibled^ That, in accordance
Wilderness, Colo.   with subsection 3(b) of the Wilderness Act (78 Stat. 891; 16 U.S.C.
Designation.        1132(b)), the area classified as the Gore Range-Eagles Nest Primitive
16 u s e 1132       Area, with the proposed additions thereto and deletions therefrom, as
                    generally depicted on a map entitled "Eagles Nest Wilderness—Pro-
                    posed", dated June 1976, which is on file and available for public
                    inspection in the office of the Chief, Forest Service, Department of
                    Agriculture, is hereby designated as the "Eagles Nest Wilderness"
                    within and as part of the Arapaho and White River National Forests
                    comprising an area of approximately one hundred thirty-three thou-
                    sand nine hundred ten acres.
Map and                SEC. 2. As soon as practicable after this Act takes effect, the Secre-
description, filing tary of Agriculture shall file a map and a legal description of the
with                Eagles Nest Wilderness with the Committees on Interior and Insular
congressional       Affairs of the United States Senate and House of Representatives, and
committees.         such map and description shall have the same force and effect as if
16 u s e 1132
                    included in this Act: Provided^ hoicever, That correction of clerical
                    and typographical errors in such map and description may be made.
Administration.       SEC. 3. The Eagles Nest Wilderness shall be administered by the
16 u s e 1132       Secretary of Agriculture in accordance with the provisions of the
note.               Wilderness Act governing areas designated by that Act as wilderness
16 u s e 1131
                    areas, except that any reference in such provisions to the effective date
                    of the Wilderness Act shall be deemed to be a reference to the effective
16 u s e 1132       date of this Act.
note.                 SEC. 4. The previous classification of the Gore Range-Eagles Nest
                    Primitive Area is hereby abolished.
                       Approved July 12, 1976.

                    LEGISLATIVE HISTORY:
                    HOUSE REPORTS: No. 94-939 accompanying H.R. 3863 (Gomm. on Interior and
                                      Insular Affairs) and No. 94-1308 (eomm. of eonference).
                    SENATE REPORT No. 94-172 (eomm. on Interior and Insular Affairs).
                    eONGRESSIONAL REeORD:
                         Vol. 121 (1975): June 5, considered and passed Senate.
                         Vol. 122 (1976): Apr. 6, considered and passed House, amended, in lieu of
                                            H.R. 3863.
                         ;     ...        June 29, House agreed to conference report.         ,
                                          June 30, Senate agreed to conference report.