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S.Con.Res. 128 (94th): Concurrent resolution directing the Secretary of the Senate to make corrections in the enrollment of S. 811.

The text of the resolution below is as of Jun 30, 1976 (Passed Congress).

CONCURRENT RESOLUTIONS—MAY 20, 1976                       90 STAT. 3031

            (A) New budget authority, $3,600,000,000.
            (B) Outlays, $3,500,000,000.
       (14) Revenue Sharing and General Purpose Fiscal
     Assistance (850) :
            (A) New budget authority, $7,350,000,000.
            (B) Outlays, $7,350,000,000.
       (15) Interest (900) :
            (A) New budget authority, $40,400,000,000.
            (B) Outlays, $40,400,000,000.
       (16) Allowances:
            (A) New budget authority, $2,850,000,000.
            (B) Outlays, $1,150,000,000.
       (17) Undistributed Offsetting Receipts (950) :
            (A) New budget authority,-$17,400,000,000.
            (B) Outlays, -$17,400,000,000.
  SEC. 3. The Congress hereby determines and declares, in the manner
provided in section 310(a) of the Congressional Budget Act of 1974, 31 USC 1331.
that for the transition quarter beginning on July 1,1976—
       (1) the recommended level of Federal revenues is
       (2) the appropriate level of total new budget authority is
       (3) the appropriate level of total budget outlays is
        (4) the amount of the deficit in the budget which is appro-
     priate in the light of economic conditions and all other relevant
     factors is $16,200,000^000; and
        (5) the appropriate level of the public debt is $647,200,000,000
     and the amount by which the temporary statutory limit on such
     debt should accordingly be increased is $20,200,000,000.
  Agreed to May 13, 1976.

             CORRECTIONS OF ENROLLED BILL S. 2498                     May 20, 1976
   Resolved hy the Mouse of Rej)rese7itative8 {the Semite concurring)^
That in the enrollment of the bill (S. 2498), to amend the Small Busi- Ante, p. 663.
ness Act to transfer certain disaster relief functions of the Small 15 USC 631 note.
Business Administration to other Federal agencies, to establish a
National Commission on Small Business in America, and for other
purposes, the Secretary of the Senate shall make the following correc-
tions : In the proposed section 404(b) (1) of the Small Business Invest-
ment Act of 1958 (as contained in section 102 of the bill) insert Ante, p. 663.
immediately after the word "property" the following: "may be issued
when such property is acquired by the use of".
   In the fifth sentence of proposed section 405 of the Small Business
Investment Act of 1958 (in section 102 of the bill), insert "the" before
"Treasury as miscellaneous receipts".
   At the end of section 104 (b) of the bill, strike o u t " ; and" and insert
in lieu thereof a period.
  At the end of section 104(c) (1) of the bill, insert "and".
   In section 106(a) of the bill, strike out "clause 7" and insert in lieu
thereof "clause (7)".
   In section 106(f) (1) of the bill, immediately after "shareholders"
insert close quote.
   In section 206 of the bill, strike "section 204" and insert in lieu
thereof "section 202".
  Passed May 20, 1976.