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H.R. 111 (95th): A bill to authorize the establishment of the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area in the State of Georgia.

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1/4/1977--Introduced. Establishes the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area composed of a 48-mile segment of the Chattahoochee River and adjoining lands in the State of Georgia from Buford Dam downstream to Peachtree Creek. Authorizes the Secretary of the Interior to acquire lands, waters, and interests therein by donation, purchase or exchange. Reserves a right to retain use and occupancy of noncommercial residential property for specified owners. Authorizes the Secretary to administer, protect, and develop the recreation area in cooperation with the State or its political subdivisions. Prevents the Federal Power Commission from licensing the construction of any dam, water conduit, reservoir, or other project works on or directly affecting the recreation area. Prohibits any department or agency of the United States from recommending authorization of any water resources project that would have a direct and adverse effect on the values for which such area is established. Authorizes such funds as are necessary to carry out the provisions of this Act. Requires that within three years of the effective date of this Act the Secretary shall, after consulting with the Governor of the State of Georgia, develop a general management plan for the use and development of the recreation area.