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H.R. 5978 (96th): A bill to provide for an epidemiological study of fluorosis in certain areas where fluoride occurs naturally in drinking water systems and to suspend the application of the fluoride standard in such areas under the Safe Drinking Water Act pending the completion of such study, and for other purposes.

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11/28/1979--Introduced. Directs the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency to conduct an epidemiological study of the occurrence of fluorosis in areas served by public water systems subject to the Safe Drinking Water Act in which fluoride from natural sources occurs in concentrations greater than the maximum contaminant level specified in regulations issued pursuant to such Act. Exempts from such regulations, until the date of submission of the required report, any drinking water system which serves an area described in this Act. Requires a report on the results of the study conducted pursuant to this Act to be submitted to Congress as promptly as possible.