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H.R. 7217 (96th): Native Hawaiians Study Commission Act

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12/4/1980--Passed Senate amended. (Measure passed Senate, amended) =Title I:= - Establishes the Kalaupapa National Historical Park in Hawaii in order to preserve and interpret the Kalaupapa settlement for the education and inspiration of present and future generations. Authorizes the Secretary of the Interior to acquire, by exchange or donation, those lands owned by the State of Hawaii or any political subdivision thereof only with the consent of the owner. Authorizes the Secretary to acquire privately owned lands within the boundary of the park by donation, purchase with donated or appropriated funds, or exchange. Authorizes the Secretary to acquire, by any method except condemnation, lands, waters, and interests therein outside the boundary of the park and any other unit of the National Park System but within the State of Hawaii and to convey the same to the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands in exchange for lands, waters, and interests therein within the preserve owned by the Department. Allows the Secretary, with the approval of the owner, to undertake critical or emergency stabilization of utilities and historic structures, develop and occupy temporary office space, and conduct interim interpretive and visitor services on non-Federal property within the park. Allows the Secretary to enter into cooperative agreements with the owner or owners of property within the park pursuant to which the Secretary may preserve resources of historic, natural, architectural, and cultural significance. Sets forth provisions with respect to the special needs of the leprosy patients residing in the Kalaupapa settlement within the park. Provides for employment and training for such patients and Native Hawaiians. Establishes the Kalaupapa National Historical Park Advisory Commission to consult with the Secretary with respect to the development and operation of the park including training and research programs. =Title II:= - Authorizes the Secretary of the Interior to provide financial assistance for the operation, maintenance and protection of the historic sailing ship Falls of Clyde, located in Honolulu Harbor, Hawaii. Terminates such authorization at such time as the Falls of Clyde is no longer located in the State of Hawaii. Declares that the authority to enter into contracts or cooperative agreements, to incur obligations or to make payments under this Act shall be effective only to the extent, and in such amounts, as are provided in advance in appropriation Acts. =Title III:= - Native Hawaiians Study Commission Act - Establishes the Native Hawaiians Study Commission to conduct a study of the culture, needs and concerns of the Native Hawaiians. Directs the Commission, within one year after the date of its first meeting, to publish a draft report of the findings of the study and to distribute copies of the draft report to appropriate Federal and State agencies, to Native Hawaiian organizations, and, upon request, to members of the public. Directs the Commission to solicit written comments from the organizations and individuals to whom copies of such report are distributed. Requires the Commission, after taking into consideration such comments, to issue a final report of the results of its study within nine months after the publication of its draft report. Directs the Commission to submit copies of the final report and copies of all written comments on the draft to the President and to specified Congressional committees. States that the Commission shall make recommendations to the Congress based on its findings and conclusions. Terminates such Commission upon the expiration of the 60-day period following the submission of the final report required by this Act. Authorizes appropriations through fiscal year 1983 to carry out the provisions of this Act.