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H.R. 8018 (96th): A bill to rename a reservoir and dam in the Little Miami River Basin, Ohio, as the “William H. Harsha Lake” and “William H. Harsha Dam”.

The text of the bill below is as of Oct 6, 1980 (Passed Congress).

94 STAT. 1526                     PUBLIC LAW 96-383—OCT 6, 1980

                  Public Law 96-383
                  96th Congress
                                                   An Act
  Oct. 6, 1980    To rename a reservoir and dam in the Little Miami River Basin, Ohio, as the
  [H.R. 8018]             "William H. Harsha Lake" and the "William H. Harsha Dam".

                    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the
William H.        United States of America in Congress assembled. That the reservoir
Harsha Lake       and dam in the Little Miami River Basin, Ohio, which—
and William H.
Harsha Dam.               (1) are known as "East Fork Lake" and "East Fork Dam",
Designation.           respectively; and
                          (2) were completed on site 44 of the general comprehensive
                       flood control plan of 1937 for the Ohio River Basin which was
                       submitted by the United States Army Corps of Engineers (de-
                       scribed in Flood Control Committee Document Numbered 1,
                       Seventy-fifth Congress, first session), and which is authorized
                       under the heading "Ohio River Basin" in section 4 of the Act of
                      June 28,1938 (Public Law 75-61; 52 Stat. 1217), commonly known
                       as the "Flood Control Act of 1938";
                  hereafter shall be known and designated as the "William H. Harsha
                  Lake" and the "William H. Harsha Dam", respectively.
                    SEC. 2. Any reference in any law, map, regulation, document,
                  record, or other paper of the United States to the reservoir or dam
                  specified in the first section of this Act hereby is deemed to be a
                  reference to the "William H. Harsha Lake" or the "William H.
                  Harsha Dam", as the case may be.
Effective date.     SEC. 3. This Act shall take effect on January 4,1981.
                    Approved October 6, 1980.

                  LEGISLATIVE HISTORY:
                  HOUSE REPORT No. 96-1334 (Comm. on Public Works and Transportation).
                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, Vol. 126 (1980):
                      Sept. 25, considered and passed House.
                      Sept. 26, considered and passed Senate.