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H.R. 4496 (97th): Texas Band of Kickapoo Act

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12/21/1982--Passed Senate amended. (Measure passed Senate, amended) Texas Band of Kickapoo Act - Declares that it is appropriate to: (1) grant Federal recognition to the Texas Band of Kickapoo Indians (a subgroup of the Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma); (2) clarify the right of the members of the band to cross the United States-Mexico border; (3) authorize the provision of Federal services; and (4) provide for the establishment of trust lands for the members of the Band. Directs the Secretary of the Interior, within one year after enactment of this Act and after consultation with the Tribe, to compile a roll of those members of the Tribe who possess Kickapoo blood and who are also members of the Band. Directs the Secretary, when the roll is complete, to: (1) immediately publish notice of its completion in the Federal Register; and (2) ensure that such roll is maintained and is current. Directs the Secretary to report to Congress if such roll is not compiled within the prescribed period. Permits, for a five-year period after publication of the Federal Register notice, any member of the Band whose name appears on such roll to opt to apply for, and to be granted, U.S. citizenship by the Immigration and Naturalization Service. Entitles all members of the Band, notwithstanding the Immigration and Nationality Act, to freely pass and repass the borders of the United States and to live and work in the United States. Makes the Indian Reorganization Act applicable to the Band, but limits the exercise of the Secretary's authority to acquire lands for the Band pursuant to specified land acquisition provisions of such Act to lands located in Maverick County, Texas. Directs the Secretary to accept no more than one hundred acres of land in Maverick County, Texas, which shall be offered for the benefit of the Band with the approval of the Tribe. Declares that this requirement shall not be construed as limiting the Secretary's authority under specified land acquisition provisions of the Indian Reorganization Act. Grants the State of Texas jurisdiction over civil causes of action and criminal offenses arising on the Band's trust lands, in accordance with specified Federal laws and with the option of returning such jurisdiction to the United States and the Band. Makes the Band and its members in Maverick County, Texas, eligible for all Federal Indian programs and services, without regard to: (1) the existence of a reservation; (2) Band members' residence on or near a reservation; or (3) the compilation of the roll required under this Act. Directs the Secretary and head of each department and agency administering programs for the benefit of Indians to consult and cooperate with appropriate Mexican officials so that provision of such services shall meet the special tricultural needs of the Band and its members. Allows such consultation and cooperation to include, whenever practicable, joint funding agreements.