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H.J.Res. 492 (98th): A joint resolution making an urgent supplemental appropriation for the fiscal year ending September 30, 1984, for the Department of Agriculture.

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The summary below was written by the Congressional Research Service, which is a nonpartisan division of the Library of Congress, and was published on Jun 25, 1984.

(Senate receded from one of its amendments, roll call #156 (88-1)) Makes supplemental appropriations for FY 1984 for the Department of Agriculture for: (1) the famine relief provisions of the Agricultural Trade Development and Assistance Act of 1954 which shall remain available through March 31, 1985, and requires that a specified amount shall be available through September 30, 1985, from the Commodity Credit Corporation inventory for sale or barter to African countries requiring emergency food assistance or any country for use in assisting in emergency food assistance to Africa; (2) child nutrition programs; and (3) the feeding program for women, infants, and children (WIC). Requires that from amounts previously made available from the Rural Housing Insurance Fund for FY 1984 a specified amount shall be available for low-income borrowers and a specified amount shall be made available for very low-income programs provided that up to a specified amount may be transferred from low income amounts to very low income amounts if the Secretary of Agriculture certifies that qualified applicants are available. Makes supplemental appropriations for FY 1984 to: (1) the U.S. Information Agency for reimbursement for activities carried out during the 1984 International Games for the Disabled; (2) the Civil Aeronautics Board for salaries and expenses for the period August 1, 1984, through September 30, 1984; and (3) the Department of the Army-Civil for certain non-structural flood control measures. Makes supplemental appropriations for FY 1984 to the President for: (1) economic assistance to El Salvador to protect key participants in the criminal proceedings against those charged with the murders of four American churchwomen; and (2) military assistance for El Salvador. Conditions the additional military assistance funds upon the President transmitting to Congress a report: (1) stating the President's determination that El Salvador has demonstrated progress toward free elections, freedom of association, the establishment of the rule of law and an effective judicial system, and the termination of death squad activities; (2) describing the progress made in the development of an effective medical evacuation and training system for El Salvador, the training of the Armed Forces of El Salvador, the quantification of the losses or expenditures in El Salvador of military equipment furnished by the United States, and the acquisition and support of tactical communications; and (3) setting forth the rate of usage by the armed forces of El Salvador of spare parts furnished by the United States. Requires the President to make such a report to Congress every 60 days. Makes supplemental appropriations for FY 1984 to the Department of State for migration and refugee assistance. Makes supplemental appropriations for FY 1984 to: (1) the Department of the Interior for reclamation grants for reclamation of the Colorado Tailings site in Montana; and (2) the Department of Labor for the summer youth and training programs, which shall be allotted to the States in a specified manner. Makes supplemental appropriations for FY 1984 to: (1) the Senate for the revolving fund of the Senate; and (2) the Department of the Treasury for the acquisition by the U.S. Customs Service of aircraft and other related equipment for drug interdiction purposes. Requires the Customs district headquartered in Bridgeport, Connecticut, to be maintained as a Customs district until October 1, 1984, covering the same territory as covered by such district on January 1, 1984. Prohibits making available to Panama any of the funds appropriated for military assistance programs or for international military education and training programs or made available under the Arms Export Control Act if the armed forces of Panama disrupt or cancel the general elections scheduled for May 6, 1984. Disapproves a specified proposal to defer funds for construction of the Cumberland Gap Tunnel. Directs the Secretary of Agriculture to: (1) expand the export of U.S. farm commodities through competitive sales, including shipping costs and credit terms, and donations as authorized by law; (2) assist in the financing of U.S. farm products, either through direct or guaranteed loans; and (3) make available, under the export credit program carried out by the Commodity Credit Corporation, short-term credit to finance export sales of U.S. farm commodities and to use such other authorities as necessary to regain the U.S. share of the world market. Directs the Secretary of Agriculture to make available for FY 1985 under the Export Credit Guarantee Program carried out by the Commodity Credit Corporation a specified minimum amount of credit guarantees in short-term credit extended to finance export sales of U.S. farm commodities. Directs the Secretary of Agriculture to ensure that any excess FY 1984 or 1985 credit guarantee authority under the Export Credit Guarantee Program shall be used to further assist in the development of international markets for U.S. farm commodities and products. Requires that priority shall be given, in allocating such guarantee authority, to credit guarantees that facilitate the financing of: (1) export sales to countries that have demonstrated the greatest repayment capability; or (2) export sales of commodities for which no blended credit will be made available. Directs the President to transmit to Congress, within 120 days of enactment of this Act, a classified and unclassified version of a report on the whereabouts of military equipment transferred since 1980 to El Salvador and the whereabouts of Salvadoran military personnel trained with U.S. military aid funds. Prohibits obligating or spending funds appropriated for El Salvador if the duly elected President of El Salvador is prevented from taking office or deposed by military force or decree, unless reappropriated by Congress. Expresses the finding of the Senate that U.S. policy should be to immediately provide additional military equipment to the armed forces of El Salvador to protect the Salvadoran people and ultimately to make possible the revival of economic activity with El Salvador. Requires organizations reporting to the Assistant Secretary of Interior for Fish and Wildlife and Parks to enter into contracts to comply with the Office of Management and Budget Circular A-76 only after: (1) the study supporting each contract is completed; (2) the organizations have had 30 days to review the contract bid results and to transmit recommendations to the appropriate congressional committees as to which activities should be contracted; and (3) 30 days have elapsed since that transmittal. Requires that all such recommendations shall be submitted by October 30, 1984. Prohibits the organizations from soliciting bids related to such reviews before January 30, 1985.