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H.J.Res. 492 (98th): A joint resolution making an urgent supplemental appropriation for the fiscal year ending September 30, 1984, for the Department of Agriculture.

The text of the resolution below is as of Jul 2, 1984 (Passed Congress).

PUBLIC LAW 98-332—JULY 2, 1984                                     98 STAT. 283
Public Law 98-332
98th Congress
                             Joint Resolution
Making an urgent supplemental appropriation for the fiscal year ending September     July 2, 1984
                  30, 1984, for the Department of Agriculture.                      [H.J. Res. 492]

  Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United
States of America in Congress assembled. That the following sums
are appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise
appropriated, for the fiscal year ending September 30, 1984; namely:

                               PuBuc LAW 480

  For an additional amount for "Public Law 480", for commodities 7 USC 1691 note.
supplied in connection with dispositions abroad, pursuant to title II
of the Agricultural Trade Development and Assistance Act of 1954, 7 use I72i.
as amended, $60,000,000, of which $60,000,000 is hereby appropri-
ated and made available through March 31, 1985; and in addition
not to exceed $90,000,000, shall be available through September 30,
1985, from Commodity Credit Corporation inventory for sale on a
competitive bid basis or barter to the African countries requiring
emergency food assistance, or any country for use in assisting in
emergency food assistance to Africa. In the event Commodity Credit
Corporation stocks are not available, the Corporation may purchase
commodities to meet emergency requirements.

                      FOOD AND NUTRITION SERVICE

                        CHILD NUTRITION PROGRAMS

  For an additional amount for "Child Nutrition Programs",
$545,544,000.                                                                               *

  For an additional amount for the "Feeding Program for Women,
Infants, and Children (WIC)", $300,000,000.


  Notwithstanding section 502(d) of the Housing Act of 1949, from 97 Stat. 1240.
amounts previously made available from the Rural Housing Insur- ^^ use 1472.
ance Fund, in Public Law 98-151, for fiscal year 1984, $1,610,000,000 97 Stat. 964.
shall be made available for low-income borrowers and $690,000,000
shall be made available for very low-income borrowers: Provided,
That up to $230,000,000 may be transferred from low income

98 STAT. 284 PUBLIC LAW 98-332—JULY 2, 1984 amounts to very low income amounts if the Secretary certifies that qualified applicants are available. UNITED STATES INFORMATION AGENCY EDUCATIONAL AND CULTURAL EXCHANGE PROGRAMS Handicapped For an additional amount for "Educational and Cultural Ex- persons. change Programs", $850,000 for reimbursement for activities carried out during the 1984 International Games for the Disabled. CIVIL AERONAUTICS BOARD SALARIES AND EXPENSES For an additional amount for "Salaries and expenses", $2,000,000, for the period August 1,1984, through September 30,1984: Provided, That any unobligated amounts already appropriated under Public 97 Stat. 468. L a ^ 98-78 shall remain available until September 30,1984. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE—CIVIL DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS—CIVIL Flood control. Notwithstanding current administrative procedures, the Secre- tary of the Army, acting through the Chief of Engineers, is directed to implement immediately nonstructural flood control measures such as relocation sites, flood proofing and flood plain acquisition and evacuation as described in the General Plan for Section 202 Program Implementation prepared by the Ohio River Division in 94 Stat. 1339. April 1982 and as authorized by section 202 of Public Law 96-367: Provided, That there is hereby appropriated $21,000,000 to remain available until expended for the purposes of this paragraph. BILATERAL ECONOMIC ASSISTANCE FUNDS APPROPRIATED TO THE PRESIDENT ECONOMIC SUPPORT FUND El Salvador. Notwithstanding section 660 of the Foreign Assistance Act of 22 use 2420. 1961, for an additional amount for necessary expenses for assistance to the Government of El Salvador to protect jurors and other key participants in the criminal proceedings against those charged with the murders of four American churchwomen, during and subse- quent to such proceedings, $500,000. MILITARY ASSISTANCE FUNDS APPROPRIATED TO THE PRESIDENT MIUTARY ASSISTANCE El Salvador. For an additional amount for necessary expenses to carry out the 22 use 2311. provisions of section 503 of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, $61,750,000: Provided, That this sum shall be available only for
PUBLIC LAW 98-332—JULY 2, 1984 98 STAT. 285 assistance for El Salvador, notwithstanding the limitations and restrictions on such assistance contained in section 101(b) of Public Law 98-151: Provided further, That none of the funds appropriated 97 Stat. 964. under this heading may be available for obligation or expenditure President of U.S. until the President prepares and transmits to the Congress a report— (1) stating his determination that the Government of El Sal- vador has demonstrated progress toward land reform, free elec- tions, freedom of association, the establishment of the rule of law and an effective judicial system, and the termination of the activities of the so-called death squads, including vigorous action against members of such squads who are guilty of crimes and prosecution to the extent possible of such members who are past offenders; (2) describing the progress made in— (A) the development of an effective medical evacuation and training system for El Salvador; (B) the training of the Armed Forces of El Salvador; (C) the quantification of the losses or expenditures in El Salvador of munitions, weaponry, and combat support equipment which has been furnished by the United States; and (D) the acquisition and support of tactical communica- tions and the upgrading and modification of the national strategic communications network; and (3) setting forth the rate of usage by the Armed Forces of El Salvador of spare parts furnished by the United States: Provided further. That 60 days after the date of enactment of this Report. joint resolution and at intervals of 60 days thereafter the President shall prepare and transmit to the Congress a report on the progress made during the preceding 60 days in achieving the objectives described in the preceding proviso. DEPARTMENT OF STATE MIGRATION AND REFUGEE ASSISTANCE For an additional amount for "Migration and refugee assistance", El Salvador. $7,000,000: Provided, That such sum shall be available only for assistance to displaced persons in El Salvador. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR OFFICE OF SURFACE MINING RECLAMATION AND ENFORCEMENT ABANDONED MINE RECLAMATION FUND Notwithstanding any other provision of law, within the amounts provided under this head in the Department of the Interior and Related Agencies Appropriation Act, 1984 (Public Law 98-146), 97 Stat. 928. $1,000,000 shall be made available to the State of Montana for
98 STAT. 286 PUBLIC LAW 98-332—JULY 2, 1984 30 use 1232. reclamation grants pursuant to section 402(gX2) of Public Law 95-87 for reclamation of the Colorado Tailings site in Montana. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR EMPLOYMENT AND TRAINING ADMINISTRATION TRAINING AND EMPLOYMENT SERVICES Children and For an additional amount for "Training and employment serv- youth. ices", $100,000,000, for the summer youth employment and training program: Provided, That the amount appropriated hereunder shall be allocated to States so that each service delivery area composed (in whole or in part) of a geographic area served by a prime sponsor 29 u s e 801 et under the Comprehensive Emplo)mient and Training Act receives, seq. as nearly as possible, an amount equal to at least 90 per centum of the amount received for the comparable geographic area for the summer youth program under such Act for the summer of 1983. SENATE CONTINGENT EXPENSES OF THE SENATE STATIONERY (REVOLVING FUND) To provide additional capital for the revolving fund established by the last paragraph under the heading "CONTINGENT EXPENSES OF THE SENATE" appearing under the heading "SENATE" in chapter XI of the Third Supplemental Appropriation Act, 1957 (2 U.S.C. 46a-l), $61,000. DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY UNITED STATES CUSTOMS SERVICE OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE, AIR INTERDICTION PROGRAM For an additional amount for the acquisition (purchase of up to eight) of high-performance, interceptor/tracker aircraft and other related equipment for drug interdiction purposes, $25,000,000, to remsdn available until expended: Provided, That such aircraft be purchased through an open, competitive procurement. SALARIES AND EXPENSES Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the Customs district headquartered at Bridgeport, Connecticut, shall be maintained as a Customs district until October 1, 1984, covering the same territory as covered by such district on January 1,1984. GENERAL PROVISIONS Panama. SEC. 101, None of the funds appropriated for the fiscal year 1984 to carry out chapter 2 or 5 of part II of the Foreign Assistance Act of 22 u s e 2311, 1961 or made available under the Arms Export Control Act may be 2347. available for Panama on or after any date of disruption or cancella- 22 u s e 2751 note. tion by the Armed Forces of Panama of the general elections scheduled for May 6,1984.
PUBLIC LAW 98-332—JULY 2, 1984 98 STAT. 287 SEC. 104. Deferral No. D84-50, submitted to the Congress on Cumberland Gap February 22, 1984, to defer $14,000,000 in funds provided in Public J^"gJ|[ ^^g Law 98-146 for construction of the Cumberland Gap Tunnel and related activities, is hereby disapproved. COMMODITY CREDIT CORPORATION EXPORT CREDIT GUARANTEES SEC. 106. (a) The Secretary of Agriculture shall utilize the authori- ties provided in the Charter of the Commodity Credit Corporation to expand the export of United States agricultural commodities through competitive sales, including shipping costs and credit terms, and donations as authorized by law. In carrying out the authorities and responsibilities imposed by the Charter, the Secretary shall assist in the financing of export sales of United States agricultural products, either through direct or guaranteed loans. The Secretary shall use the Commodity Credit Corporation, a revolving fund cap- italized at $25,000,000,000, to make available under the export credit program carried out by the Corporation short-term credit to finance export sales of United States agricultural commodities, and shall also use such other authorities as necessary to regain the rightful share of world markets for United States agricultural commodities. (b) For the fiscal year ending September 30,1985, the Secretary of Agriculture shall make available under the Export Credit Guaran- tee Program (GSM-102) carried out by the Commodity Credit Corporation credit guarantees for not less than $5,000,000,000 in short-term credit extended to finance export sales of United States agricultural commodities. (c) The Secretary shall ensure that any guarantee authority made available, in the fiscal years ending September 30, 1984, and Sep- tember 30, 1985, for credit guarantees under the Export Credit Guarantee Program (GSM-102) carried out by the Commodity Credit Corporation in excess of— (1) the $4,000,000,000 of guarantee authority available for fiscal year ending September 30,1984, and (2) the level of guarantee authority contained in the Presi- dent's budget for the fiscal year ending September 30, 1985. is used to further assist in the development, maintenance, and expansion of international markets for United States agricultural commodities and products, including natural fiber textiles and yarns. Priority in the allocation of such guarantee authority shall be given to credit guarantees that facilitate the financing of (i) export sales to countries that have demonstrated the greatest repayment capability under the export credit programs carried out by the Commodity Credit Corporation or (ii) export sales of commodities for which no blended credit (under which a combination of export credit guarantees under the GSM-102 program and direct export credits under the GSM-5 program is provided) will be made available. SEC. 108. Within 120 days of the enactment of this legislation, the El Salvador. President shall transmit to Congress a classified and unclassified President of U.S., report. version of a report on the whereabouts of military equipment trans- ferred since 1980 from the United States to the Government of El Salvador, and the whereabouts of Salvadoran military personnel trained with United States military aid funds. SEC. 109. If at any time following the appropriation of funds El Salvador. herein the duly elected President of El Salvador should be prevented from taking office by military force or military decree or after taking office shall be deposed by military force or military decree.
98 STAT. 288 PUBLIC LAW 98-332—JULY 2, 1984 all funds appropriated herein for El Salvador and not theretofore obligated or expended shall not thereafter be available for obligation or expenditure unless reappropriated by Congress. El Salvador. SEC. 110. On Sunday, March 25, 1984, a remarkable exercise in democracy in the conduct of a free and honest election within the Republic of El Salvador took place, with approximately 70 percent participation by eligible voters despite intense guerrilla efforts to intimidate and to sabotage the election. Since the success of the Government of El Salvador in the conduct of this election against the guerrilla efforts to disrupt and invalidate it depended both upon the courage, good spirits and determination of the Salvadoran people to freely choose their President and Vice President, and upon the ability of Salvadoran armed forces to safeguard voters and election officials against the guerrillas. Since within 30 days of certification of the results of the March 25 election a runoff election is required under the Salvadoran Constitu- tion and election law, since no candidate won a majority of the vote at the March 25 election. Since the armed forces of El Salvador, unless immediately resup- plied by the United States with equipment arms and ammunition which are in critically short supply, are threatened with being unable to provide the same needed protection for the runoff election, and with suffering generally a dangerously reduced capacity to safeguard the Salvadoran people Eigainst the terrorism of the guerrillas. Therefore, the Senate finds that the policy of the United States should be to immediately provide such additional equipment, arms, and ammunition £is will allow the armed forces of El Salvador to provide needed protection to the Salvadoran people both at the runoff election and in their daily lives; and ultimately to so suppress guerrilla terrorism as to make possible the revival of economic activity with El Salvador. Contracts with SEC. 113. (a) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, organiza- U.S. Government tions reporting to the Assistant Secretary of Interior for Fish and organization and Wildlife and Parks shall enter into contracts which result in releas- employees. ing or transferring any Federal employees or liquidating any equip- ment or materials as a result of complying with the Office of Management and Budget Circular A-76 for the 62 activities sched- uled for review by the National Park Service by March 30,1984, and the 94 activities scheduled for review by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service by September 30, 1984, only after the following conditions have been met: (1) the study supporting each contract required by the Office of Management and Budget Circular A-76 is completed, includ- ing the bidding process and review of bids; (2) the organizations have had 30 days to review the bid results and to transmit recommendations to the appropriate House and Senate Committees as to which activities should be contracted; and
PUBLIC LAW 98-332—JULY 2, 1984 98 STAT. 289 (3) 30 days have elapsed since the transmittal required by paragraph (2). (b) All recommendations to be submitted shall be submitted by October 30,1984. (c) The organizations shall not solicit bids related to other Circular A-76 reviews before January 30,1985. u Approved July 2, 1984. LEGISLATIVE HISTORY—H.J. Res. 492: HOUSE REPORTS: No. 98-604 (Comm. on Appropriations) and No. 98-792 (Comm. of SENATE REPORT No. 98-365 (Comm. on Appropriations). CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, Vol. 130 (1984): Mar. 6, considered and passed House. Mar. 22, 26-30, Apr. 2-5, considered and passed Senate, amended. May 24, House agreed to conference report, and concurred in certain Senate amendments and in others with amendments. June 25, Senate agreed to conference report, concurred in House amendments, and tabled Senate amendment no. 14. June 26, House concurred in Senate action.