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H.R. 4327 (98th): Public Assistance Amendments of 1983-Part A

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11/8/1983--Introduced. Public Assistance Amendments of 1983 - Part A - Amends part A (Aid to Families with Dependent Children) of title IV of the Social Security Act to revise income disregards for purposes of determining need under the AFDC program by excluding from income: (1) the first $50 of monthly income; (2) the lesser of $175.00 or 20 percent of salary or net self-employment income; (3) one-third of the amount not already disregarded above; and (4) monthly child care expenses up to $160. Authorizes a State, if a parent is unemployed, to include the amounts specified in clauses three and four. Repeals a provision which prohibits AFDC eligibility for a family with income above 50 percent of the State's standard of need. Suspends, for the period beginning October 1, 1983, and ending September 30, 1985, sanctions imposed on States because of erroneous excess payments. Authorizes a State which does not now have a program for providing AFDC to families where the principal wage earner is unemployed to establish a temporary experimental program under which the State must meet the present requirements for such a program, except that the State may: (1) limit aid to six months; (2) impose stricter work requirements; or (3) take both of the above actions. Excludes from income, for AFDC purposes, any amount received as an earned income tax credit. Makes optional with a State the present requirements of: (1) a monthly report by each AFDC family; and (2) the determination of benefits based upon the previous month's income and resources. Provides Federal funding for State supplementary payments. Authorizes a State to provide aid to a pregnant woman, an unborn child, or both. Authorizes appropriations for FY 1984 in order to assist States to provide emergency shelter and related assistance to homeless individuals and families. Defines "homeless individuals and families" so as to include: (1) individuals and families who are without any form of regular shelter and who need emergency shelter and related assistance; and (2) individuals who have been battered or otherwise abused and as a result have found it necessary to leave their homes.