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S. 1160 (98th): A bill to authorize Douglas County of the State of Nevada to transfer certain land to a private owner.

The text of the bill below is as of Oct 30, 1984 (Passed Congress).

PUBLIC LAW 98-552—OCT. 30, 1984                                 98 STAT. 2823

Public Law 98-552
98th Congress
                                   An Act
To authorize Douglas County of the State of Nevada to transfer certain land to a     Oct. 30, 1984
                                private owner.                                         [S. 1160]
  Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the
United States of America in Congress assembled. That notwithstand-                 Real property.
ing the Act entitled "An Act to authorize acquisition or use of public
lands by States, counties, or municipalities for recreational pur-
poses", approved June 14, 1926 (43 U.S.C. 869 et seq.), or the
provisions of any patent granted pursuant to such Act by the United
States concerning the real property described in section 2, the
United States releases any reversionary interest in such real prop-
erty, and Douglsis County of the State of Nevada is authorized to
transfer such real property to any private person.
   SEC. 2. The real property authorized to be transferred in the first             Real property.
section is the lot, piece or parcel of land l3dng along and adjoining
the Virginia and Truckee Redlroad right-of-way in the Town of
Minden, Nevada, described as follows: Beginning at a point on the
northerly side of the State Highway right-of-way line, north 63
degrees 25 minutes west, 146 feet from the southeast comer of the
wool warehouse lot, said point of beginning further described as
bearing north 58 degrees 58 minutes 40 seconds west, 855.32 feet
from the established Town Monument of the said Town of Minden;
thence north 63 degrees 25 minutes west, along the Highway right-
of-way line 60 feet to a point; thence north 26 degrees 35 minutes
east, 55 feet, to a point; thence south 63 degrees 25 minutes east,
parallel with the railroad spur track, 60 feet to a point; thence south
26 degrees 35 minutes west, 55 feet, to the point of beginning; all
within section 29, township 13 north, range 20 east. Mount Diablo
Meridian, Nevada, containing 3,300 square feet.
   SEC. 3. The Secretary of the Interior, in connection with Federal               Water.
resource protection and the Federal administration of the use and                  Law
occupancy of lands and waters within a water resource development                  42 use
project under his jurisdiction, is authorized to cooperate with the                1962d-19.
regulatory and law enforcement officials of any State or political
subdivision thereof in the enforcement of the laws or ordinances of
such State or political subdivision. Such cooperation may include
the reimbursement of a State or its political subdivision for expendi-
tures incurred in connection with such resource protection and
administration. For purposes of complying with section 401 of the
Congressional Budget Act of 1974, the authorization provided under                 2 u s e 651.
this section is subject to the availability of appropriations.
   SEC. 4. The Secretary of Energy, acting through the Alaska Power                Eklutna Lake
Administration, is authorized and directed to enter into an agree-                 project, Alaska.
ment with respect to the Eklutna Lake hydropower project in                        Energy.
accordance with provisions of the Act of July 31, 1950, as £imended
(64 Stat. 382), the last sentence of the first paragraph of section 1 of           48 u s e 312.
which is amended to read as follows: "The water of Eklutna Lake
and its tributaries which are required for the operation of the

98 STAT. 2824 PUBLIC LAW 98-552—OCT. 30, 1984 Eklutna project are reserved for that purpose: Provided, That a portion of the waters so reserved may be diverted from Eklutna Lake for public water supply purposes, if compensation for reduced electric energy production due to such diversions is made as re- quired by the February 1984 agreement between the Municipality of Anchorage and the Alaska Power Administration.". Approved October 30, 1984. LEGISLATIVE HISTORY—S. 1160: SENATE REPORT No. 98-620 (Comm. on Energy and Natural Resources). CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, Vol. 130 (1984): Sept. 26, considered and passed Senate. Oct. 4, considered and passed House, amended. Oct. 10, Senate concurred in House amendment.