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S.J.Res. 250 (98th): A joint resolution declaring the week of May 7 through 13, 1984, as “National Photo Week”.

The text of the resolution below is as of Mar 27, 1984 (Passed Congress).

PUBLIC LAW 98-246—MAR. 27, 1984                                 98 STAT. 113

Public Law 98-246
98th Congress
                           Joint Resolution
                                                                               Mar. 27, 1984
Declaring the week of May 7 through May 13, 1984, as "National Photo Week".
                                                                               [S.J. Res. 250]
Whereas photography is the prime visual recorder of human events
  of any dimension, preserving memories, emotion, and sentiment
  for virtually all the American people;
Whereas photography is an established and growing art form com-
  municating the beauty and diversity of America and its people
  both within the land and abroad;
Whereas photography is an important contributor to communica-
  tion, meteorology, justice, medicine, geographic exploration,
  astronomy, agriculture, and many other fields of science, tech-
  nology, and inquiry; and
Whereas photography is, and has long been, an indispensible tool in
  preserving the history of the Nation and the changing panorama
  of American landscape and culture: Now, therefore, be it
  Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the
United States of America in Congress assembled. That May 7
through May 13, 1984, be declared to be the first annual "National
Photo Week". The President is authorized, since "National Photo
Week" is to be a time dedicated to increasing the American public's
appreciation and understanding of photography and to improving
individual skill in photography so that the benefits thereof may be
appreciated and used on the broadest possible scale, for the greatest
number of people, to issue a proclamation to aid in the celebration of
said week.
  Approved March 27, 1984.

    Mar. 22, considered and passed Senate and House.

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