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S.J.Res. 254 (98th): A joint resolution to designate the month of October, 1984 as “National Down’s Syndrome Month”.

The text of the resolution below is as of Sep 28, 1984 (Passed Congress).

PUBLIC LAW 98-437—SEPT. 28, 1984                            98 STAT. 1683

Public Law 98-437
98th Congress
                          Joint Resolution
To designate the month of October 1984 as "National Down's Syndrome Month".   Sept. 28, 1984
                                                                              [S.J. Res. 254]
Whereas the past decade has brought a greater and more enhght-
 ened attitude in the care and training of the developmentally
Whereas one such condition which has undergone considerable
 reevaluation is that of Down's syndrome—a problem which, just a
 short time ago, was often stigmatized as a mentally retarded
 condition which relegated its victims to lives of passivity in insti-
 tutions and back rooms;
Whereas, through the efforts of concerned physicians, teachers and
 parent groups such as the National Down's Syndrome Congress,
 programs are being put in place to educate new parents of babies
 with Down's syndrome; to develop special education classes within
 mainstreamed programs in schools; the provision for vocational
 training in preparation for competitive employment in the work
 force and to prepare young adults with Down's syndrome for
 independent living in the community;
Whereas the cost of such services designed to help individuals with
 Down's syndrome move into their rightful place in our society is
 but a tiny fraction of the cost of institutionalization;
Whereas along with this improvement in educational opportunities
 for those with Down's syndrome is the advancement in medical
 science which is adding to a more brightened outlook for individ-
 uals born with this chromosomal configuration; and
Whereas public awareness and acceptance of the capabilities of
 children with Down's syndrome can greatly facilitate their being
 mainstreamed in our society: Now, therefore, be it

98 STAT. 1684 PUBLIC LAW 98-437—SEPT. 28, 1984 Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That October 1984 is designated "National Down's Syndrome Month" and that the President of the United States is authorized and requested to issue a proclamation calling upon the people of the United States to observe the designated month with appropriate programs, ceremonies and activities. Approved September 28, 1984. LEGISLATIVE HISTORY—S.J. Res. 254: CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, Vol. 130 (1984): May 22, considered and passed Senate. Sept. 12, considered and passed House.