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S.J.Res. 173 (99th): A joint resolution to designate the Month of September 1985 as “National Sewing Month”.

The text of the resolution below is as of Sep 26, 1985 (Passed Congress).

PUBLIC LAW 99-99—SEPT. 26, 1985                              99 STAT. 467
Public Law 99-99
99th Congress
                           Joint Resolution
                                                                             Sept. 26, 1985
     To designate the month of September 1985 as "National Sewing Month".
                                                                             [S.J. Res. 173]
Whereas the sewing industry annually honors the approximately
  fifty miUion people who sew at home and the approximately forty
  miUion people who sew at least part of their wardrobe;
Whereas the home sewing industry generates over $3,500,000,000
  annually for the economy of the United States; and
Whereas innumerable careers in fashion, retail merchandising,
  design, patternmaking, and textiles have had their genesis in the
  home and in elementary school home economics classes: Now,
  therefore, be it
  Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United
States of America in Congress assembled. That the month of Septem-
ber 1985 is designated "National Sewing Month". The President is
requested to issue a proclamation calling upon the people of the
United States to observe that month with appropriate ceremonies
and activities.
  Approved September 26, 1985.

    Sept. 13, considered and passed Senate.
    Sept. 19, considered and passed House.