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S.J.Res. 197 (99th): A joint resolution to designate the week of October 6, 1985 through October 13, 1985 as “National Housing Week”.

The text of the resolution below is as of Oct 16, 1985 (Passed Congress).

99 STAT. 518                       PUBLIC LAW 99-124—Oct. 16, 1985
                   Public Law 99-124
                   99th Congress
                                                Joint Resolution
  Oct. 16, 1985      To designate the week of October 6, 1985 through October 13, 1985 as "National
 [S.J. Res. 197]                                    Housing Week".

                   Whereas the combined commitment of the Federal Government
                     with the strength and ingenuity of private enterprise has brought
                     decent housing to an overwhelming majority of all Americans;
                   Whereas the opportunity to own a home and live on decent housing
                     strengthens the family, the community, and the Nation, giving
                     individual Americans a stake in the local community and stimu-
                     lating political involvement;
                   Whereas the housing industry has led the Nation to economic
                     recovery following every recession since World War II by creating
                     millions of productive jobs for the unemployed, generating billions
                     of dollars worth of tax revenue, and creating demand for goods
                     and services;
                   Whereas shelter is one of the basic needs for all individuals, and the
                     production of affordable housing is an important concern at all
                     levels of government; and
                   Whereas it is appropriate to reaffirm the national historical commit-
                     ment to housing and homeownership and to recognize the eco-
                     nomic opportunities created by the present housing recovery:
                     Now, therefore, be it
                     Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United
                   States of America in Congress assembled. That the week of Octo-
                   ber 6, 1985, through October 13, 1985, is designated as "National
                   Housing Week", and the President is authorized and requested to
                   issue a proclamation calling upon the people of the United States to
                   observe such week with appropriate ceremonies and activities.
                     Approved October 16, 1985.

                   LEGISLATIVE HISTORY—S.J. Res. 197:,
                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, Vol. 131 (1985):
                       Sept. 19, considered and passed Senate.
                       Oct. 9, considered and passed House.