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S.J.Res. 256 (99th): A bill designating August 12, 1986, as “National Neighborhood Crime Watch Day”.

The text of the resolution below is as of Aug 13, 1986 (Passed Congress).

100 STAT. 808                     PUBLIC LAW 99-379—AUG. 13, 1986
                   Public Law 99-379
                   99th Congress
                                               Joint Resolution
r s / R e s 2561       Designating August 12,1986, as "National Neighborhood Crime Watch Day".

                    Whereas neighborhood crime is of continuing concern to the Amer-
                      ican people;
                   Whereas the fight against neighborhood crime requires people to
                      work together in cooperation with law enforcement officials;
                   Whereas neighborhood crime watch organizations are effective at
                      promoting awareness about, and the participation of volunteers
                      in, crime prevention activities at the local level; and
                   Whereas citizens across America will soon take part in a "National
                      Night Out", a unique crime prevention event which will dem-
                     onstrate the importance and effectiveness of community partici-
                     pation in crime prevention efforts by having people spend the
                     period from 8 to 9 o'clock postmeridian on August 12, 1986, with
                     their neighbors in front of their homes: Now, therefore, be it
                     Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United
                   States of America in Congress assembled. That August 12, 1986, is
                   designated as "National Neighborhood Crime Watch Day", and the
                   President is authorized and requested to issue a proclamation call-
                   ing upon the people of the United States to observe such day with
                   appropriate programs, ceremonies, and activities.
                      Approved August 13,1986.

                   LEGISLATIVE HISTORY—S.J. Res. 256:
                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, Vol. 132 (1986):
                       June 20, considered and passed Senate.
                       Aug. 8, considered and passed House.