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Title 33 > Chapter 19: Saint Lawrence Seaway

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  • Section 981: Creation of Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation
  • Section 982: Management of Corporation; appointment of Administrator; terms; vacancy; Advisory Board; establishment; membership; meetings; duties; compensation and expenses
  • Section 983: Functions of Corporation
  • Section 984: General powers of Corporation
  • Section 985: Bonds; issuance; maturity; redemption; interest; purchase of obligations by Secretary of the Treasury
  • Section 985a: Cancellation of bonds issued under section 985
  • Section 986: Payments to States and local governments in lieu of taxes; tax exemption of Corporation
  • Section 987: Services and facilities of other agencies
  • Section 988: Rates of charges or tolls
  • Section 988a: Waiver of collection of charges or tolls
  • Section 989: Special reports
  • Section 990: Offenses and penalties

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