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Title 33 > Chapter 11 > Subchapter II: Alteration of Bridges

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  • Section 511: Definitions
  • Section 512: Obstruction of navigation
  • Section 513: Notice, hearings, and findings
  • Section 514: Submission and approval of general plans and specifications
  • Section 515: Contracts for project; guaranty of cost
  • Section 516: Apportionment of cost
  • Section 517: Payment of share of United States
  • Section 518: Authorization of appropriations
  • Section 519: Noncompliance with orders; penalties; removal of bridge
  • Section 520: Review of findings and orders
  • Section 521: Regulations and orders
  • Section 522: Existing provisions of law
  • Section 523: Relocation of bridges
  • Section 524: Applicability of administrative procedure provisions

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