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House Committee on the Budget

The House Committee on the Budget is responsible for drafting a concurrent resolution on the budget for congressional action on spending, revenue, and debt-limit legislation. The Budget Resolution must be jointly agreed to by both the House and the Senate, but does not need to be signed by the President. The Committee is also responsible for enforcing the Budget Resolution by informing representatives of violations to the budget, and by working with other committees, such as the Committee on Appropriations, to prevent potential violations. (source)

The membership of this committee is not yet available.


There are 10 bills referred to this committee:

Press Statements

Committee press statements from ProPublica Represent:

Rep. John Yarmuth Reelected Chairman of House Budget Committee
    — Dec 3, 2020

Chairman Yarmuth: Biden-Harris Unmatched Economic Team Critical to Delivering Urgent Relief, Building A More Inclusive Economy
    — Nov 30, 2020

House Chairs Seek Accounting of Political Appointees Burrowing into Career Positions at Dozens of Agencies
    — Nov 25, 2020

House Budget Committee Investigation Exposes Trump Admins Systemic Abuse of Executive Spending Authority
    — Nov 20, 2020

OMB Documents Obtained by Chairs Yarmuth, Lowey, Maloney Show Trump Admin Withheld WHO Funds to Combat the Coronavirus Pandemic with Same Tactic Used in Illegal Ukraine Impoundment
    — Nov 20, 2020

NEW REPORT: Three Ways Republicans Distort Medicaid Data
    — Nov 17, 2020

NEW REPORT: COVID Recovery Remains Priority, But Govt Cannot Neglect Long-Term Challenges Facing Workers, Economy From AI
    — Nov 12, 2020

House Committee Chairs Send Dozens of Letters Directing White House and Federal Agencies to Preserve Documents
    — Nov 10, 2020

Chairman Yarmuth on Oct. Jobs Report: Administration & Their Enablers in Congress Deliberately & Irresponsibly Ignoring Connection Between These Crises
    — Nov 6, 2020

The GOP's debt boogieman is hurting families and derailing our recovery
    — Nov 2, 2020

NEW REPORT, Yarmuth Statement on Q3 GDP: Economy Remains in Massive Hole Due to Administrations Economic & COVID-19 Failures
    — Oct 29, 2020

Chairman Yarmuth: Economic experts across the ideological spectrum agree - we need more relief
    — Oct 15, 2020

Chairman Yarmuth on September Jobs Report: Were seeing a significant and troubling slowdown in our recovery
    — Oct 2, 2020

Chairman Yarmuth: We have two tax systems: one for working Americans and another for the wealthy to exploit
    — Oct 2, 2020

Chairman Yarmuth, Reps. Craig, Fletcher, & Wild: CBO Report Will Help Lay the Groundwork for Achieving Universal Health Coverage
    — Oct 1, 2020

House Democrats Introduce Landmark Reforms Package, the Protecting Our Democracy Act
    — Sep 23, 2020

Machines, Artificial Intelligence, & the Workforce: Recovering & Readying Our Economy for the Future (Virtual Hearing)
    — Sep 10, 2020

Chairman Yarmuth Opening Statement at Virtual Hearing on Impacts of Artificial Intelligence on the Workforce & Our Economic Recovery
    — Sep 10, 2020

Chairman Yarmuth: Americans cant afford to wait for decades-old IT systems to reboot
    — Sep 4, 2020

Chairman Yarmuth on August Jobs Report: Additional federal support needed to help millions of Americans still out of work
    — Sep 4, 2020