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House Committee on House Administration

The Committee on House Administration has legislative jurisdiction over the federal elections and the day-to-day operations of the House. The Committee's jurisdiction over federal elections requires it to consider proposals to amend federal election law and to monitor congressional elections across the United States. The Committee also sets budget authorizations for expenses of other House committees and members of Congress. It also oversees several federal organizations such as the Library of Congress and Smithsonian Institution. (source)

Rep. Gregg Harper [R-MS3]
Ranking Member:
Rep. Robert Brady [D-PA1]

The chair is always selected from the majority party and the ranking member is the most senior member of the minority party. The majority party ensures it has a majority on every committee.


Portrait of Gregg Harper
Portrait of Robert Brady
Ranking Member
Portrait of Barbara Comstock
Portrait of Rodney Davis
Portrait of Zoe Lofgren
Portrait of Barry Loudermilk
Portrait of Jamie Raskin
Portrait of Adrian Smith
Portrait of Mark Walker


There are 218 bills referred to this committee. Below find the top 100:


Date PDF Bill
Mar 15, 2017 PDF H.Res. 173: Providing for the expenses of certain committees of the House of Representatives in the One Hundred Fifteenth Congress.
Nov 29, 2016 PDF H.Res. 933 (114th): Providing amounts for further expenses of the Committee on Energy and Commerce in the One Hundred Fourteenth Congress.
Jul 25, 2016 PDF H.R. 4092 (114th): To reauthorize the sound recording and film preservation programs of the Library of Congress, and for other purposes.
Jul 25, 2016 PDF H.R. 5227 (114th): Library of Congress Modernization Act of 2016
Jul 5, 2016 PDF H.R. 4511 (114th): Gold Star Families Voices Act
Jul 5, 2016 PDF H.R. 4733 (114th): To permit the United States Capitol Police to accept certain property from other Federal agencies and to dispose of certain property in its possession.
Jul 5, 2016 PDF H.R. 4734 (114th): To amend the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 to permit candidates for election for Federal office to designate an individual who will be authorized to disburse funds of the authorized campaign committees of the candidate in the e
Jun 16, 2016 PDF H.R. 5160 (114th): To amend title 40, United States Code, to include as part of the buildings and grounds of the National Gallery of Art any buildings and other areas within the boundaries of any real estate or other property interests acquired by the Na
Feb 1, 2016 PDF H.R. 1670 (114th): National POW/MIA Remembrance Act of 2015
Dec 3, 2015 PDF H.R. 195 (114th): Election Assistance Commission Termination Act
Dec 3, 2015 PDF H.R. 412 (114th): To reduce Federal spending and the deficit by terminating taxpayer financing of presidential election campaigns.
Mar 16, 2015 PDF H.Res. 132 (114th): Providing for the expenses of certain committees of the House of Representatives in the One Hundred Fourteenth Congress.