Commish. Carlos Romero-Barceló

Former Resident Commissioner from Puerto Rico’s At-Large District, Democrat

Romero-Barceló, a Democrat, was the resident commissioner from Puerto Rico from 1993 to 2000.

Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States. Because it is not a state, it has no senators or representatives in Congress. Instead it sends a delegate to the House of Representatives, called the resident commissioner, with essentially no voting privileges. Delegates have a marginal role in Congress and their constituents are not represented in Congress in the same manner as most citizens.



Our unique analysis of the bills Romero-Barceló sponsored and cosponsored provides insight into his position in the House of Representatives.

Each dot in the chart below was a member of the House of Representatives in 2000. The dots are positioned horizontally according to our progressive—conservative ideology score and vertically according to our leadership score (leaders toward the top). Romero-Barceló is shown as a purple triangle. (analysis methodology)

Bills Sponsored

Issue Areas

Romero-Barceló sponsored bills primarily in these issue areas:

Government Operations and Politics (22%) Law (18%) Economics and Public Finance (13%) Social Welfare (11%) Environmental Protection (11%) Public Lands and Natural Resources (9%) Health (9%) Finance and Financial Sector (7%)

Recent Bills

Some of Romero-Barceló’s most recently sponsored bills include...

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Primary Sources

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