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H.R. 2042: Ratepayer Protection Act of 2015

This was a vote to pass H.R. 2042 (114th) in the House.

The Ratepayer Protection Act of 2015 would reduce the power of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) over power plants and states. It would extend the compliance date of any EPA final rule on carbon emissions from electricity generating units. It would also empower states to refuse to implement carbon dioxide reducing plans from the EPA. The House Committee on Energy and Commerce issued a report on the bill on June 22. Two days later the bill was passed in the House with a vote of 247–180. Only eight Democrats voted for the bill and four Republicans voted against.

114th Congress
Jun 24, 2015
On Passage of the Bill in the House

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Totals     Republican     Democrat
  Aye 247
239 8
  No 180
4 176
Not Voting 6
2 4
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