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H.R. 2898: Western Water and American Food Security Act of 2015

Jul 16, 2015 at 12:39 p.m. ET. On Passage of the Bill in the House.

This was a vote to pass H.R. 2898 (114th) in the House.

The Western Water and American Food Security Act is a policy response to the current droughts in the west coast area. It would reduce federal regulations over water policy in a number of ways, while providing more flexibility for federal response to emergency drought situations. It would expedite the federal permitting process for non-federal water storage facilities. It would also prohibit the federal government from requiring certain agencies give up their water rights to use public lands and from asserting jurisdiction over groundwater withdrawals or impacts on groundwater resources. Rep. Kevin Cramer (R-ND0) issued this press release to explain and support the bill. The bill was passed by a partisan vote of 245–176 in the House. Almost all Republicans voted for the bill while almost all Democrats voted against.

H.Amdt. 670 allows contractors of federal waters projects to participate in Endangered Species Act consultations. Rep. Doug LaMalfa (R-CA1) mentioned the amendment in his press release on the bill. It was accepted by a partisan vote of 246–172, with Republicans voting in favor and Democrats voting against.

H.Amdt. 666 would have had a fish screen be installed at the Delta Cross Channel Gates. It was rejected by a partisan vote of 182–236, with Democrats voting in favor and Republicans voting against.

H.Amdt. 671 would have funded water reclamation and reuse programs. It was rejected by a partisan vote of 179–241, with Democrats voting in favor and Republicans voting against.


All Votes R D
Aye 58%
No 42%
Not Voting

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