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On the Motion (Motion to Waive All Applicable Budgetary Discipline Re: Feinstein Amdt. No. 2910)

S.Amdt. 2910 was an amendment that would have prevented the sale of firearms to suspected terrorists, those on watch lists or under investigation by the FBI. The amendment was voted down, 45-54, on a largely party-line vote.

This vote was on a procedural motion to waive the requirement that the amendment be germane to the original bill. When the vote failed, the amendment was deeded not germane, killing the amendment.

S.Amdt. 2910, proposed by Sen. Feinstein, was an amendment to an amendment that turned H.R. 3762 into a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) and pause federal funding for Planned Parenthood. Had S.Amdt. 2910 been accepted, it would have turned H.R. 3762 into a standalone bill regarding firearms instead.

This vote was related to amendment S.Amdt. 2910 (114th) (Dianne Feinstein) to H.R. 3762 (114th). The title of the amendment is S.Amdt. 2910 (Feinstein) to H.R. 3762: To increase public safety by permitting the Attorney General to deny the transfer of firearms or the issuance of firearms and explosives licenses to known or suspected dangerous terrorists..

114th Congress
Dec 3, 2015
Motion Rejected

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Totals     Republican     Democrat     Independent
  Yea 45
1 42 2
  Nay 54
53 1 0
Not Voting 1
0 1 0
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