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Motion to Invoke Cloture on Amdt. No. 4787

This was a vote on an amendment that would allow the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to issue administrative subpoenas, called National Security Letters (NSL), that would compel companies to turn over “electronic communications transactional records." NSLs don’t require court approval and often come with a gag order. For more see coverage by U.S. News & World Report.

The vote was on cloture, meaning to end date so that an up-or-down vote can be held. A yea vote is to end date and move forward with approving the amendment. A nay vote is to prolong debate or filibuster. Sen. McConnell, the majority leader, voted against in order to reserve the right to bring the matter to a vote again later on.

This vote was related to amendment S.Amdt. 4787 (114th) (John McCain) to H.R. 2578 (114th). The title of the amendment is S.Amdt. 4787 (McCain) to H.R. 2578: To amend section 2709 of title 18, United States Code, to clarify that the Government may obtain a specified set of electronic communication transactional records under that section, and to make permanent the authority.


All Votes R D I
Yea 58%
Nay 38%
Not Voting 4%

Date: Jun 22, 2016

Required: 3/5

Result: Cloture Motion Rejected


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